Tips on being a single parent?

Hi does anyone have any tips on being a single parent? The father of my child and I just broke up last night and I’m a total mess right now and just needs some advice and tips


Focus on you, find your strength and love yourself. It will be tough but it does get easier and you find your groove.

Did you just become a single parent or a single woman?

Focus on you and that baby. Time will fix the rest.

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Give yourself grace. But. It’s better to be in a single parent home than a toxic home. You got this!

Do the best u can, with a bad situation. Yr now, a mother, and a father, and u got this!
Stay confident and don’t let anything keep u from doing what needs to b done.
I’ve been a single parent, since day 1, and I raised a beautiful baby girl, with the right tools, to become the best woman, and mother, to her own children and best friend to them as well!
Stay positive going forward!!

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1st step is child support unless yall have come to an agreement on how much a month he’s going to send and you trust that he’s going to send it. Yall should also agree on visitation with his child. Just because yall broke up doesn’t mean he can’t/won’t spend time with his child. That will help you get a break and take care of things. Decision making can come at ease when being a single parent because that parent knows they are all they’ve got. It’ll be tough at first but you’ll get the hang of it. I’ve been a single parent going on 13 years. I was made to do this. So are you. :muscle:

Go to court and get everything on paper. Support, custody, access. Be fair.
It’s hard emotionally and takes a toll but once it’s done, you’ll have that framework to depend on and it will save future arguments.
After that, my best advice is mind your business when it comes to his life (particularly future relationships) because if you’re not together, you don’t get a say. If you allow yourself to be jealous and petty, it will only negatively affect your child.
Depend on others that offer help (family and best friends). Create a village and be sure to be a part of that village.
And remember on the bad days that this too shall pass. You will be happy even of things are tough today.


You got this, I know your feeling down and scared, go to court file custody , even if it’s joint with visitation,. Be fair , never use child as a pawn, just because you two no longer chose to be together. I’m sure you both love the child, let the child have 2 parents , it’s called co parenting as you live in separate homes, try to remain civil to each other on some level , for the child. Child support/ visitation , thru courts . That way everything is documented, it will be hard at first but you got this, let the anger and hurt go focus on you and baby , and your life.

Never put your ex down call names anywhere your kids can hear

You can do it!!! Coming from someone who did this! It feels like you can’t right now but I promise you can! Hugs

You just do what you gotta do for yourself and child(dren). Sometimes you have to just put those big girl/boy panties on. Don’t count on anyone but you.