Tips on breastfeeding?

Hey guys!! I have 2 kids and a little girl on the way! My husband and I decided we are going to try breastfeeding this time around and I would love all your tips and what to buy! What did y’all buy that you loved and what’s not really needed! Thank you!


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Find a great lactation consultant and utilize them until you’re comfortable!!

I used lots of fenugreek, flaxseed meal and pumping to help my supply.


Get a haaka. It will help with let down when baby is on one boob your other boob will leak and you don’t wanna lose any of that precious milk. You can save it for.later or bag it and freeze it.


You don’t need much to breast feed. Nursing pads to catch leakage and a pump to help keep supply up if you’re away from baby.


Don’t make the same mistake as me and buy a hand pump and keep it in your car or purse…I had to have a random fellow mom help me hand express myself into a sandwich bag once :sweat_smile:

Take a breastfeeding class and talk to a lactation consultant too!

a big must for me was Hot and cold packs to help with clogged milk ducts, lanolin nipple cream helps soothe sore cracked nipples… also buy body armour drinks that really helped my milk supply go up ! The first 3 weeks are the hardest and I promise it gets easier :heart::heart: good luck mama!

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Feed on demand, as much as you can, try to do it evenly on both sides otherwise one will produce more than the other


A boppy in the early weeks/months really helped me. A double electric pump if you wanna give baby bottles, bags, nipple butter; nursing bras/tanks. You could also get a haaka and or a hand pump- medela one I used. Preemie/slow flow nipples should be used so baby doesn’t prefer bottles over you. I would look into pace feeding too!


You mean YOU will try breast feeding? Lol I just pumped but I did it every 3 hours. I used nipple balm and saline spray RELIGIOUSLY.


Just relax and let it happen. It may take a few times to get it right. Keep in mind, sometimes it just doesn’t work. Quietly, by yourself and let nature take over. Take all advice in and go with YOUR heart​:blush::blush:. Congrats and good luck

Don’t let your husband try. You breastfeed. LOL.


Disposable breast pads. Never ever forget to use them.

Pads for your bed so you don’t end up in puddles (this caught me by surprise).

A thin shawl if you’re bashful about feeding in public.

Boppy pillow, nursing pads you will need them. I nursed both mine neither ever took bottle.

Following…mom of three and expecting in November. Never breastfed, but I want to try with my last one!!

Breast pads, a Hakka, a breast pump that is very convenient, body armors because water gets old very quick hydration is key feed on demand your body will make what that baby needs don’t feel discouraged after a week it can take over a week to get your milk in but make sure you get a great lactation consultant to have. Lansinoh makes compresses that can be hot or cold and keep them on hand

Nipple cream (is a lifesaver, trust me!!), pads for inside the bras, a good pump, and mothers milk will help increase production :heart: I used to use my breast milk to make my daughters food (cheaper and healthier too!l

My biggest tip is to remember that breastfeeding is hard! Both physically and mentally. It takes a lot and do not be discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away.
I would definitely utilize the lactation consultant’s they have at the hospital and see if they have one at your pediatricians office.

Get a really good and supportive nursing bra

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The book " The womanly Art of Breastfeeding" was the best thing I bought. I learned so much

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Definitely a really good pump, one that you can travel with (battery powered) is ideal. Wait on pads, I never leaked. Lactation consultant is a must, and be prepared for needing some formula as well as breastfeeding to supplement. A great pillow for nursing baby on too, it’s all about having a great home set up where you’re both comfortable. Bring baby to breast, not you to baby (it’ll kill your back).

Download the yuka app…also… Don’t eat any bio engineered ingredients … what you eat your baby ingest and majority of the lactation cookies and things have deadly chemicals in them. Best wishes to you and yours and a happy successful life! :heart:

Check with your insurance to see if breast pump and supplies are covered. Will save you a lot of money if so.

I 100% recommend a nipple shield!! It makes breast feeding a breeze (no chapped and bleeding nipples)! You can ask the hospital for a couple!!

I needed a realistic expectation that it hurts!!! They tell you it’s not supposed to hurt, it’s a lie. There’s only varying degrees of this is uncomfortable and I think my nipples are going to fall off. But it’s worth it.

A good breast pump, nursing pads for leaks and pure lanolin nipple ointment. Bottles too for Dad to feed and get involved and to get baby used to them for when you’re at work or out. I was like a damn cow so I froze a lot so good freezer breast milk bags.
Be patient and give it some time if baby doesn’t take to it right away but don’t stress over it. It you find it’s not working then by all means stop.

Definitely a haakaa, breast pads, and a breast pump

A boppy pillow! The arm hurts after holding and breastfeeding for so long. Stay hydrated! Your nipples will get sore, express breastmilk, rub it around your nipple and let it dry before feeding.

I used carefree unscented panty liners for nursing pads…saved a ton lol. Lots of high protein snacks and often. Plenty of hydration(limit caffeine as it dries you up) and fennel tea

Nah mama.

Men have no part or say in breastfeeding!
No advice as i didnt breastfeed any of my 3 babies lol

Just came to set the record straight :heart::heart_eyes::pray::raised_hands:

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Tips it isn’t supposed to hurt. I was told repeating that it is suppose to hurt so I never got anything looked into. Come to find out my son had a lip tie. Once we got it fixed no more pain. If you want to join a breastfeeding support group you can PM me and I will tell you where to find it at.

Nipple shields they are cheap and great for in the beginning when baby’s learning to latch and also with tenderness. A back massager :sweat_smile:. Breast milk storage bags. Also check out The Breastmilk Queen - Amy McGlade she sells all natural things that help build your milk supply and also good for libido! Buy a big reusable water bottle and make sure you’re always next to a table and have things to snack on! Good luck!!! :heart:

I nursed all 4 of my daughters, I nursed my second daughter till she was 14 months old… The first few weeks are the hardest. But don’t give up, a good fitting nursing bra is very helpful. Make sure to get enough of your areola in the baby’s mouth, it’s a lot easier on your nipples when you do.

It can be hard for your partner to not have any part in feeding but they were not meant to feed the baby. He’ll just have to get used to it. You need baby to breast as much as she wants to establish supply. On demand feeding and you can’t over feed a breast fed baby. Be careful of bottles, soothers and any other nipple confusion. Use supports around you, it’s going to hurt, no lie. But push through it and you’ll be so happy you did, just gotta toughen up those nipples!

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Breast pump, storage bags and bottles, haakaa, breast pads, and boppy pillow were my main essentials while breastfeeding with all three of my girls.

The nipple soothing cream and I wouldn’t have breastfed without the help of the nipple sheild… AMAZING… But also remember that if bubs doesn’t latch on or your supply is low, lease don’t stress, it will take time getting used to and for your supply to be in…

Join Milky Mommas (Breastfeeding / Lactation / Human Milk Feeding Support)

Breastfeeding pillow, nipple cream, nipple shield (in case), definitely lactation consultant as soon as you give birth. I thought I knew what I was doing and my baby was sucking on the tip of my nipple (wrong) instead of latching properly. A good breast pump. If you have problems with milk coming in, Guiness beer helps for some reason. Lots of water and healthy snacks. Side by side nursing saved me. I was on WIC and they helped me with nursing pads, a breast pump and breast milk bags.

husband must be very supportive

Get the cream they give you for your nipples at hospital and ask for an extra one, a boppy to help prop baby up and a double breast pump, one will work but the other leaks if your only pumping one, also pads for leaking or you can use a milk catch. My son I made it 6 months thought I wasn’t producing my daughter we were exclusive and went over a year. What you produce is what the baby needs and just hang with it, it is painful in the beginning and when they start gumming you but it eases up and becomes less painful. Def get storage bags too!

I loved tops that looked like a vest and top but were actually bits you could move aside to breastfeed. A pump is also useful. Breast pads are a must for the first month or so. Don’t give up. A breastfeeding pillow helped me a great deal. Make sure their nose isn’t pressed into your boob…pull them back gently if it is so their chin is pushing in instead. Don’t be afraid to use a hold similar to a football under the arm if they feed better that way!

Read up on cluster feeding


Fenugreek tea for milk production. A good nursing pillow with several washable covers. Is a real shoulder saver and helps with ease of transfer from you to bed.
Nipple Butter for soothing cracked nipples (smoothing your own breastmilk is the most natural) and excellent breast pump w/ accessories.
You come ready, set with all the rest!

It will hurt, and you will cry and the baby will cry, and you will question your whole existence. But push past those first two weeks and it’s an incredible bonding experience between mother and child. :heart: I recommend boppys at newborn stage while on couches, in bed, a haakaa for let downs while feeding to save milk. If you can, pump all your colostrum, it is literally liquid gold a cure all. Lanolin cream is good. And nipple shields can be a lifesaver! Get a couple from different brands. My hospital gave me the Medela brand and it was not helpful for us!

The first child your boobs will hurt. For a little while . Don’t panic
Let them feed how ever long they want even for hrs I have been breastfeeding for the past 7 yrs lol I have 2,4,5,7 yr Olds :rofl:

A really good water bottle that you plan on packing everywhere you go :warning::raised_hands:t2::ok_hand:t2: seriously this ans eating constantly are the two keep elements to lots of breast milk :relaxed:

I have several mom of two:
My first was formula fed due to lip and tongue tie that they told me she didnt have. My son i pump and bottle feed due to lip tie that he didnt have. Moral here: look up lip and tongue now so you know what to look for and if they tell you baby doesnt have one but you still have issues a couple weeks in ask for a referral for ent or pediatric dentist- they are the specialist who deal with this.

See lactation consultant’s after you leave the hospital get a referral most insurance pays for a couple visits. They will fit you for your flanges and nipple shields and help you with latching and holds to breast feed.
Their are some great lactation consultant’s on youtube- sarah lavonne, bridget teyler they helped me learn to breastfeed.

Breast feeding is work and it doesnt come easily to most of us this doesnt mean you are a bad mom.

Pumping what you get isnt an indicator of what you make- babies latch and suckle will always be superior- and of course you cant measure it :disappointed:.

Also lactation is there to guide and support you- that being said some of what they say may not work for you. With my son my nipples scabbed over day 1 of me being home so i used nipple shields- due to his shallow latch and just popping off my boob, when that stopped working i started pumping. I had to switch to bottles to measure how much he was getting because he lost a lot of weight with jaundice then he got thrush so bottles it is.

Jaudice is normal the more baby eats and poops the quicker it goes away it happens often and did to me. Thrush lots of babies get it its an overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth - not sure if formula babies get it often like breastfed- maybe you knew this already having kids but I didn’t.
Pumping cart was like $30 amazon. Best thing ever bought. i put my pump, drinks, snavks, diapers, wipes, remotes the works on it.

Find a local LC for help. Try different positions. A haaka pump was my favorite buy my 2nd time around and an adjustable carrier.
I didn’t think I was going to make it 2 weeks but ended my journey 7 years and 2 kids later.
It is a second and third job. But so worth it.

mommy milk tea helped lots with my milk production you can buy it on Amazon

Be patient with yourself an baby! Lots of skin to skin an don’t be afraid to ask for help! Good luck!

I nursed all four of my kids. Back in 1979, it wasn’t popular to breastfeed so I had nothing to go by. My mom tried with my oldest brother but her milk let down before she could get to him so after that, the last 8 were bottle feed. I learned the hard way to toughen up your nipples. Take a washcloth and rub it up and down on them when you shower. Get your husband to nurse on them, anything you can do to toughen them up will make all the difference when you start nursing, I hated nursing with my first one because my nipples were so sore plus I had a head cold on top of all of that. I had my milk come in the day I came home from the hospital and had plenty right up to the day I quit nursing when she was 15 mths. The other three were easier because I knew what to expect. Don’t stress out if it;s meant to be it will be.

Haakaa was amazing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in the hospital if your finding it hard to latch or for any other reason. Even better if you can find a lactation consultant for your whole breastfeeding journey. I had questions all the way to the end

Be patient!!! Some people do it absolutely no problem. But honestly it’s a learning experience. My best advise is to just be patient.

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Get the lactate cookies they are yum and helps anyone relactate their milk

Prepare yourself. Breastfeeding is great, but it can be draining and time consuming. No matter what items you buy. Good things on hand is a water bottle that tells you how much you are intaking, hydration is VERY important. Keep snacks by a comfy seat so you can have them on hand (you’ll need more calories to keep your milk up), breast pads help not soak through shirts unless you can afford to get the breast pump cup milk saver things they have out now. Try not to stress. Buy a pump earlier so you have it in case you need it, never hurts to have on hand. Try to keep a “baby kit” close by (think of a tray or small box of a CPL diapers, wipes, snacks, and such) so that way you don’t have to go too far. Keep watch for issues like ties, engorgement, and mastitis. That is important. When breastfeeding, when you wash your nipples don’t use soap, it will further dry them out just basically rinse with fresh clean water. Try to pat dry or air dry breasts when possible. Avoid mint!


My sister swears on Nipple Shields, the baby can still drink straight from the Boob but it SAVES your nipples!

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The lactation consultant/specialist were my best friends by the end of both stays with both my boys. And for a long time after as well!

Invest in nipple shields target Walmart online usually your best place to find them they help babies latch they was the best for me

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When baby is first born and after you have breastfed, pump for 15 minutes each side (best if you can pump both at the same time) this boosts your supply.

Help at home with your other two.

At my hospital there was a lactation nurse that helped me so much with tips and advice. Also the WIC office/health office had someone available. Plus they call them lactation cookies or breast milk cookies. Google the recipe and make several batches and freeze the dough raw. I would eat them right before you are due to boost your milk in the beginning. They are wonderful and there’s lots of other foods that do the same. Good luck! And congratulations

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Storage bags, breast pads and a dual electric medula pump!!!

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Look for an IBCLC in your area, they will be there every step of the way to help with any potential issues, problems, questions, or concerns.

Education is so important with breastfeeding. So I’m going to drop some tips below.

Breastfeeding may be natural but it can come with challenges. Don’t be scared to ask for help.

Do the golden hour in the hospital. Skin to skin. Latch baby as soon as possible and as much as possible. Watch YouTube videos on to latch/ the breast crawl. Check for tongue/lip ties as they can cause painful latches and interfere with milk flow. (Pediatricians are not trained for ties. See an IBCLC to check for ties.)

The baby’s stomach is as tiny as a cherry when born. They need the colostrum.

The first 6 weeks are the hardest as you Both are adjusting. Babe will go through several Growth spurts. Feeling like baby is always attached to your boob. (No worries-they are but they are regulating your milk supply.) Coconut oil is your best friend.

It does get easier. Don’t stress about it.

Don’t watch the clock. Watch your baby’s hunger cues. Crying is the LAST hunger cue. As long as baby is peeing/pooping, you’re producing enough.

Make sure to take care of yourself as well. You need to stay hydrated. Drink at least half your bottle weight (in ounces) of water.

Don’t pump before 6 weeks as that can create an oversupply, and associate risks with that. (Clogged ducts, mastitis, etc.) what you pump is not an indication of supply-babe is so much more efficient than a pump and some woman don’t react to one. Definitely get a Haaka! It can catch your letdown from the other boob, without telling your body to produce more.

Make sure to research pace feeding when giving a bottle. This is crucial so that babe doesn’t prefer bottle over breast. They only need 1-1.5 ounces per hour while gone. This never changes as the components of breastmilk changes to meet the baby’s specific needs.

Breastmilk is not made from your stomach contents. Despite false info, what you eat does not effect babe. Milk allergies are actually rare.

Babe will go through growth spurts, sleep regressions, leaps, and will clusterfeed during all that. And that’s okay!

Also remember that babies don’t just nurse for food. They nurse for comfort, sickness, tired, hurt, cranky, sleepy, missing mom, etc. When in doubt, whip it out.

Breastfeeding is supply and demand. The more you nurse/pump, the more you make. Fenugreek is commonly suggested to up your supply but it is known to drastically decrease your supply. I advise never to take it.

Your insurance should pay for a pump. I recommend the Spectra! (Research closed vs open systems when picking a pump.)

Contact InfantRisk if you have any questions about medications and breastfeeding. Doctors and pharmacists are not properly trained in breastfeeding. They will tell you to pump and dump to save their butts. It’s actually rare for the need.

Less than 5% of woman worldwide cannot physically breastfeed. Lack of knowledge and support are the reasons woman quit. Don’t give up if YOU want to do it! :heart:


Hukkah. To collect from boob bubs isn’t on. Bags for excess. I personally find pumping better for peace of mind. You know exactly how much they’re getting & less likely to be cluster feeders that wanna hang off ya every 1.5hrs. My week old sleeps 4hrs between night feeds already. I have a portable little “Spectra” pump to fit in my handbag

Relax, it will all come together… …

Learn your correct nipple size. Not all nipples are the same, this is #3 for me and I wish I had learned this a lot sooner. Most pump flanges are 24 or 28mm, I had to get measured and order the appropriate flange inserts for better effective pumping and nursing. Stationary pump I use the spectra 2, which I feel is a lot better than the hospital medelas. Nursing pads, good nursing bra(I recommend hofish off of Amazon personally). Nipple cream, culturelle prebiotic drops and vitamin d drops for baby. My girl was 5 weeks early so vitamin d was a big thing for us. Oh! And a personal massager/lactation massager to help with letdown and clogged ducts

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I had a special blanket that I used to breast feed with I used it to get the latched then I lowered the blanket I nursed only no bottles as my children hated them I nursed for over a year

Not so much what to buy but more so what to expect. Be ready to know and understand your supply may not come in right away. For my first pregnancy it took over 2 weeks with my second it took a week for it to finally come in. Be patient and don’t be hard on yourself. Try out pumping but if you find it is more stressful for you then there’s no shame in stopping. Pumping is not for everyone. I do recommend to stay as hydrated as you can because that is one of the main causes for your supply decreasing.

Have a special spot. Like a rocking chair. Wherever that is, make sure you have a snack drawer full of your favorites and lots of waters!!! Breastfeeding makes you hungry, thirsty and tired all at once.

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KellyMom Breastfeeding Support is the best resource I’ve seen!

Definitely a boppy pillow and take the help from the lactation consultant at the hospital. She was extremely helpful. All the best. :heart:

Stimulating the breasts is important. The more stimulation the more breast milk. If your breasts are full and feel hard place a warm towel over them. That will help soften them and milk flow

You need to decide if you’re going to strictly breastfeed or pump and breastfeed. You’ll need to get a pump, storage bags and be sure to make times to pump after feeding from the breast. Make sure to have lanolin cream and breast pads. Try to get your latch down pat at the hospital so it won’t be harder. You will get sore, even if you are a champ or not lol I breastfed all my babies and I was still a little sore breastfeeding my 5th newborn. Let your nipples get air if you do get sore or cracked nipples and then apply lanolin cream when done and in the meantime. It’s hard but if you can push through the first couple weeks you’ll be fine :slightly_smiling_face: good luck!

I never pumped, just fed on-demand. I would recommend exclusively breast- feeding for the first 6 weeks, because, in my experience, it seems like feeding on-demand for the first 6 weeks, is the best path to successful breastfeeding.

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Full fresh heads of green Cabbage keep clean and cold on your fridge. This will aide in painful swollen breasts and keep them from being so engorged. The first few weeks you’ll go through at least 3 a week. Then it slows down to 1 a wk by the 2 mo. I live by this and have seen and give this information to my patients.
I’ve used it personally as well.
But you use good judgment if you have any redness fever or believe you have mastitis or a clogged duct. As this can help with pain and swelling you will still need a prescription for antibiotics and to be evaluated by your OB or PCP. This information is not to replace instructions by a Healthcare provider in any way!

Be prepared it will hurt at first but while I was in the hospital the nurses showed me a neat little trick they’ve got these things called nipple guards and it is a covering for your nipples for a little while when you first start feeding your child this helps your nipples to get adjusted to the action of breastfeeding and it will help desensitize you ,you’re going to want to start removing these soon though because you don’t want to become reliant on them and eventually the joy of breastfeeding will be so overwhelming that you will be thankful that you didn’t do this any other way the bond of just looking into your child’s eyes when they are looking up at you, girl there is nothing like it in the world there are also a little leak pads that you can get to put in your bra I recommend those too because you’re going to have some breakthroughs it’s just natural it happens but honestly other than that there’s really not much more to it ,make sure you keep your breasts clean and they could get kind of dry and cracky there is ointments that you can get to put on your nipples to make sure that that doesn’t happen but honestly this is the most natural thing you can do congratulations on your choice I hope you have a wonderful time breastfeeding your baby, God bless you and your family

It is HARD at first. Don’t give up, it is so special and rewarding! Definitely need a boppy pillow and lanolin nipple cream! It is a life saver!

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First like 3 weeks are AWFUL…. Don’t give up but don’t make yourself miserable either. IT IS OKAY! Lots of water. Proper positioning of your baby helps a lot with soreness. Get a good nipple cream & ice gel packs. Good luck!!

Let us know how it worked out for your husband. See if his breast milk tastes the same as yours.


Pumping bra and car connector for the pump helped me so much

Ruth Petrov. How can you help this lady?

-If you can, speak with a lactation consultant at the hospital after delivery
-Remember milk doesn’t come in until day 3-4
-Remember colostrum is very nutrient dense so baby will only need about 1 teaspoon per feeding. Newborn’s stomachs are tiny; about the size of a marble.
-If baby isn’t interested in feeding squeeze some milk onto their lips
-Use a spoon if baby has latch problems. Don’t give up!
-Unswaddle baby or remove clothing if baby keeps falling asleep during feedings.
-Use warm compress, if necessary, to encourage milk flow

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You need patience! If at first you don’t succeed, don’t give up! It’s a demanding but rewarding experience. If there’s a bad latch and it is painful, get a nipple shield to protect yourself from the pain. It’s imperative that you stay well hydrated and eat well (don’t over indulge in dairy products, or gassy causing foods e.g. broccoli, Brussel sprouts, processed foods). Keep nursing pads (let down). Pump if you’re not exclusively nursing and want/need to supplement. Also, invest in a milk saver of some sort! (While baby is on one side, your other breast will more than likely be flowing and that’s a lot of precious milk wasted).


A great pillow like a boppy one, lanolin to soothe sore nips, organic cotton breast pads, 3 good breastfeeding bras, a light cover if you need one ( totally not necessary), the yellow breast pump (can’t remember the name) and one to catch let down. Oh and freezer bags to store whatever milk you can .

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the Haka was supper cool. both breasts let down even though only one breast is being used. so the Haka collected on the non feeding boob

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Well just gather as much information as you can and know that about 2% will apply to you :roll_eyes: I’m kidding, but all bf journeys are different. I can’t pump, so I literally need no supplies. I did use a boppy when baby was tiny because I had a c section and they’re awkward AF to hold at first lol. My best advice is to push through the first few weeks if you can. With my last 2 babies, nursing hurt for a couple weeks till they got used to it. Good luck. Now Is a great time to give bf a try lol

1 Like is an excellent source of information. Do your research and educate yourself. Many hospitals offer classes. Dont time yourself. No one tells you or times when you had your last drink or meal. Feed on demand. Its only been 30min but baby acts hungry. Throw em back on the boob. Cluster feeding is extremely normal in the first few weeks. Output is the best indicator on how much baby is getting. Dont give up on a bad day. Establish a relationship with an IBCLC.

Nipple cream was my best friend and one of those boppy pillows

Think about wearing a loose tshirt, braless each day for an hour. Toughens up those babies.

Comfy nursing bras and I wore them to bed too… basically 24/7 along with lanolin nipple cream!!! If I didn’t wear the nursing bra they would get so sore.

Also ensure baby drinks out of each boob at each feeding if you can!

Smart decision with all the formula shortages.


Lots of nursing bras. I got wire free, sports, and ones with wire to wear out. Nursing shirts. I thought I did need them and ended up buying some. And no one told me to feed from each side bc sometimes one side will run out and baby will still be hungry. I was alternating sides for each feed. No. Feed from both each time. :sweat_smile: haaka. I got a different brand from Walmart that has a suction cup bottom and like it more than the haaka brand. Boppy pillow. Milk collectors instead of the pads that go in bra. Lactation snacks. Nipple cream.

I would suggest a comfy pillow or something to rest your arm on. Also, for the first few weeks maybe months it will hurt at first. That doesn’t mean your doing anything wrong. Good luck :heart:

Look into local breastfeeding groups! They can help a lot. I don’t really have any advice. I dried up too quickly. Best of luck momma

The haaka has been the single most useful thing I purchased! Everything else I bought has just sat unused :joy:

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as a M/B RN & Breastfeeding consulting I would wait & see how it goes, Talk to the Lactation person who will be there to help you, as the RN’s on the floor. Don’t think too much about it, Just let it happen

The first few weeks were hard I developed mastitis but I didn’t quit or give up I still nursed through the pain when they were/are sore a hot shower helps

My best advice ( I’ve been breastfeeding for 5 years in June, 3 babies) is to push through the first 3 weeks. Have patience with & trust yourself, your baby & your body.

Know that it take 3-5… sometimes longer… days for your milk to come in and your baby is not starving in the meantime. Colostrum is efficient. You are enough.