Tips on camping with kids?

We are taking our very first camping trip as a blended family in July. Our kiddos are going to 7, 7, 2, & 1. Any suggestions or tips to make it more fun and run smoothly?


There will be stress, there will be fits, you just gotta go with the flow. Take plenty of prepared snacks: boil eggs, cut up fruit/veggies, cheese, crackers etc. Sometimes I cook eggs and bacon over the fire for breakfast but a lot of the time I make or buy muffins ahead of time so they can eat as soon as they wake up if they want. Download shows/movies onto a device before you go, you will regret it if you don’t. Have each kid pack a small bag with a few toys and coloring stuff. If the roads in the campgrounds are paved then take scooters or bikes if you have room. Bubbles and a ball to throw around are always a must for us. I’ll add more if I can think of anything else. Don’t forget the s’mores and have fun!!!

Camping is hell with a tiny child. They get bored so quickly.

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It was hell when I took my two when they were little. What I learned was to get a sight that has electricity and take fans, take them swimming, take your own grill,/griddle to cook food on, buy a tent that sleeps at least 14 so there’s plenty of room. You can also make a sand pit for the 1 & 2 yr old to play in with a child’s tent for added fun. :woman_shrugging:

Toilet paper in a folgers can. Lots of bug spray and sunscreen. Snacks that are prepackaged (either original packaging or zip locs).
And…I cannot stress this enough…go with the flow.

If you have one that is potty training take a potty chair.

God bless you. You will never go camping again

Make sure you bring charged tablets lol! I camped with my 1 year old she did great. Onlt cried 3 times

Camping with little kids is not fun maybe if you have a nice air conditioned RV it takes a full day to pack and another full day to unpack and wash everything

Take a pak-n-play for the littles incase you build a bonfire so they stay away. Lots of games and coloring activities for all of them. And lots of snacks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Outdoor and indoor activities. Something fun and active for when outside. Coloring books, plain paper, etc for inside in case they want to relax or something. I have outdoor picnic blankets from Walmart that I lay on the ground next to the camping chairs as well.

I’ve learned with kids, when you try to make a schedule or plan things…it never goes the way you want it to. Lol. Just bring everything you need and go with the flow!

We camp every year with 4 boys ages 10,10,7 and 5 three with special needs
1:Pack an outfit for each day in a zip lock bag underwear bottoms tshirts jumper socks it saves on space and makes it easier when dressing bring 2 spares sets try use old enough clothes as they get destroyed
2:bring crocs
3:bring fluffy socks and wellies
4:have a pop up basket or rubber bin at the door for mucky or wet footwear saves the tent
5:bring colouring books and colours aswel as board games books incase it’s a rainy day
6:bring hot water bottles
7:if you can fit Scooters in bring them as they use around the park
Enjoy ye will have loads of fun for us it’s the most relaxed holiday


Do a test run in your yard one night.

Glow sticks- Lots and lots of them :grimacing:

Following :sweat_smile: cause all I’ve got so far is a separate kiddie tent

I’ve been camping with my kids since my oldest (10) was born. Something saved me was a baby gate type of thing! It looks like this throw some toys or anything in there while you need to do something. Also, socks LOTS of socks. (Also not a good picture so I will put the link in a comment below!)