Tips on dealing with gym insecurty?

I am trying to get back into working out at the gym! I’ve just been walking on the treadmill, basically because of my own insecurities. Right now, I am just finishing up a workout, and I was able to run and do other machines I used to do but without people in the gym. Does anyone else have this gym insecurity? Any tips? I feel terrible that I’m petting people influence me so greatly I just had a killer workout only because I was alone.


Gotta say “fuck it” and just get it

I’m a member of the Gym owned by a hospital that has cardiac rehab. They also have silver sneakers in the am. That’s when I go, but you better believe some of those “silver sneakers” be busting it out

People tend to think that other people are watching and judging them all the time. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized this is not the case. You know it’s only your own insecurities holding you back. Do your workout, do you. Those people are there to do them. Just think about it this way: ever cried in your car and somehow convinced yourself that all the passing motorists were watching you? They weren’t, and you know this. Let go of that shit girl. Get pumped, get ripped. Do You!

A lot of people have it…I go to the gym at 11pm so less people are there, not because people are looking at me but because they are just around. Working out is hard enough, but just believe that every other person in the gym is or has overcome things themselves. Chin up

Totally normal!! The gym is also intimidating. Are you open to doing Fitness classes. Most are.dropping. well rounded workout. I dont find people watching me.

I look pretty fucking amazing and I’m still terrified. Mostly because the last time I tried I had men try to correct me but I took two years of weight lifting in high school, doubt they have that. But I hate telling boi’s to STFU .

Try hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions.