Tips on dealing with terrible 2's?

How do I put up with the terrible twos? I’m having a tough time with my daughter who is mostly an angel but lately been extremely aggressive…


Seems like a good time to learn about the time out spot!

Time out, take away her toys and or bust her ass. Let her know her behavior won’t be tolerated

Time out always works. It worked for me when my twins were born

I’ve kids from age 2 up to 26…youngest has been put in the corner since he could walk…I do put him there when he goes to far but what I will say is cut her a little slack,there so small and it’s so hard for them to regulate emotions…sometimes empathise on why there angry ect,or if she’s just over tired and needs a hug :heartbeat:They grow out if it really quick xx


Ahh, the terrible twos. If there’s no way you can control the terrible twos now, Well, God help you when those terrible teens arrive.


Best of luck
You cant properly handle them anymore because everyone and their mother got an opinion.
Try time outs. Try taking away toys. Try getting on her level-- as in height wise, get right face to face level with her and sternly tell her NO THANK YOU.
As best as a toddler can understand, it’s ok to be upset. Its NOT ok to spazz out.


You be the grown up. Don’t allow her to be aggressive .She has learned that behavior from someone that’s she seen. They only know what they see and hear. That’s how Childern learn. Time will pass also. Nip it in the butt now.

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This is a stage that will pass it seems no matter how many it.just.gets worse dont.give in to her fussy fits ignore it if you respond they know they got you but be consistent if she acts up after you told her not too especially at a store dont warn her just do shell get the ain’t.joking good luck

Ok. I remember my best friend telling me all about her daughter making her crazy. The attitudes, the screaming fits, climbing the walls. What I wouldn’t give to have such dilemmas!!! My baby passed away and I wanted all those blessings. But couldn’t. And here she was COMPLAINING about all these things. Trust me it could be worse!!! I wanted and wish i was chasing my child up the walls. Treasure all the things that come with a living child…please.

What till she hits threenager


LOTS of wine, Jesus and patience. Lmao


What works really well for my daughter when she starts being mean is pushing her away from me and telling her not to be by me if she’s going to be mean. Than I make her say sorry


Good luck 2s are rough they are trying to see whoes boss best thing is stick to the rules stay consistent

Seriously :point_up_2:Or the fuck you fours…

Exchange for a new one before you get too attached.

Jk, be firm and consistent, let her know her behavior is inappropriate and set age appropriate boundaries. At 2, time out for two minutes is a good option.

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Give her a tap and sit her ass down in time out.

I have a 2 year old son. It’s so hard and so frustrating for sure. I try hard not to acknowledge his bad behavior (screaming unnecessarily, talking back, etc.) But obviously do time out when he is real bad

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I have a 2 year old too. Smoke weed. It helps.


What I do with our two year old is that I do not acknowledge or reward bad behaviour… I know that he’s fed, changed etc so when he is packing a tanty I check his surroundings to ensure he is safe and then I make sure I can still see him, ie) I’m in the lounge and he’s in my hallway, and I just wait until he realises that he gets no attention from me whatsoever… Gauranteed to work as he comes right in about 5 mins and wants cuddles…

I used to step over my kids if they were having a tanty. But if they bit someone…id bite back. Hit someone they get a smack on the wrist…its tit for tat sure but its also this is how it feels so dont do it. ALWAYS check their bad behavior…or they will think it is ok


Children need consistent schedules

My son is also 2 (i also have a 6 year old) today he was playing with me and got a little rough. I told him “that hurts mommy” and i picked him up off my lap and sat him on the floor and wouldn’t let him back up for few minutes.
When he has a tantrum i try to distract him first then i ignore it.

Call the birth center and ask about their return policy and :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


2 is just a warm up to 3. Hang on


Something you just have to go through, honestly. And there will be more “terribles” in store. It doesn’t stop at 2. They are learning how to be a human, and don’t know any better. We just have to deal with it​:heart::heart:

they are usually the younger version of you ! haha…you just have to deal with it like i do :joy:

Just wait until she hits preteen age. Have lots of wine handy.

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Ask questions about behavior when they’re calm and/or being good: what is the best thing to do when something doesn’t work right? What is a good thing to do when you are angry? What is the best way to handle another child who is being mean to you? Discuss positive solutions in a way they understand & praise them for good answers.

When you get mad/frustrated/people behaving badly, explain to them how you cope (unless it’s through alcohol or drugs, but no judgement here!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

Also be sure they have plenty of opportunities for physical activity. It helps with anger and frustration when they don’t always have the maturity or words to express themselves.

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Just patience and cuddles is what i find works with my daughter. When she yells or anything i go sit down and tell her when shes done to let me know.

She is just learning that she can be independent! Give her options. That way she can feel like she is making her own choices, let her help do things around the house

Every child responds differently. But most understand they have done something wrong when it’s explained to them. At this age. They are trying to still figure life out. Let them know that what they did is bad. And if it’s done again. It’s time out. There’s mostly a reason for why they are acting out. It’s all trail an error

This will pass, just stick to your rules. Consistency

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I noticed when we tell them “no I’ll do it for you” they’re getting frustrated because they want to do it. So I let my girl get messy and make mistakes, she learns better doing things by herself anyways

I’ve never had to deal with this thing called terrible twos. On my third kid so there’s still a chance I experience is

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Just when you think the terrible twos are over, you hit the damn threenagers, lol. Good luck!

She is learning to be independent.

Make sure all her basic needs are met. Rest, food, bathroom.

Give her choices. Just two choices. If she throws a tantrum. Tell her she can stay in her room. When she is done with her tantrum, she can join you and the rest of the family. Dont give her anymore attention. The tantrum will cease.


Tell them to use their words. Sometimes they have a tantrum because we can’t understand what they want.

Speak to them. Repeat words. Cup, blue cup. Red pants. Do you want your hat? Say hat.

Valium :joy: for you not her cos once ya have one in you a tantrum is a breeze :rofl:
(I’m joking before anyone bites my head off)


Time outs helped in my house a lot. He HATES them but they work

Chelsea Richardson see! Is everyone! Unless you submitted this. Lol

Ohhh 2s are nothin yet :joy:

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Patience and breath, and a glass of wine per day lol

Time… then terrible 3s its a never ending problem

Oh my…that’s a hard one. I’ve been really lucky. My now 3y 2m old son has really only had a handful of full blown screaming and kicking absolute catastrophic tantrums…which were at about age 21/2…and usually when he was over tired after daycare. He was a chill baby…but OMG he knew how to throw it down!! He now occasionally pulls a mini tanty-but with redirecting, it’s really short lived. My now 10 month old-I’m predicting will be a total tantrum toddler…it’s already there in his personality. Best advice I can give is stay calm…don’t be embarrassed if it happens in public-plenty of parents will be giving you sympathy smiles…and if you need to leave a trolley full of groceries while you carry out a screaming, kicking toddler under one arm like a surfboard…DO IT and wear it with pride

I sent my daughter to her room, come out when you done having melt down