Tips on getting 2-year-old to take medicine?

My little one just turned two and has a double ear infection. He has been prescribing an antibiotic. I asked for a flavor to be added to the pharmacy, which they did. He used to be SO good at taking medicine, but now he spits it all over the place. I know how to properly inject it on the side of his cheek away from his tongue so he doesn’t taste it and can just swallow it…but he still spits it everywhere. I have also tried: -Mixing in a small amount of milk for him to drink. -In applesauce, pudding, and ice cream (which semi-worked…but if he doesn’t finish the whole thing, I’m afraid he’s not getting the full dose). -Took his toy away and explained to him that when he took him the medicine, he could have his toy back. I just don’t know what to do anymore. And tips that work for you guys??


Try putting the medicine on the back of his tounge or give him a sucker and try putting it in while he’s eating it

Make a mix if your own medicine and take it the same time he does. Or use the syringe and let him push it himself. I got my grandson to do medicine shot. I would make a game out of it. I would put it in a medicine cup and say okay one, two, three drink it worked for him I would yell yay! You win afterwards

put the medicine in a small cup behind a soda can, put the straw in the small cup, before they know it they will suck it down.

Is there a shot he can get instead?

I had to put my daughter’s in a shot glass, act like I was taking it, then she would, or I’ve been known to to mix it with a soda in a shot glass, she was happy to get a shot of sprite or coke! The THINGS we gotta do!

Do that on the side of the inject it in his cheek but while doing it hold the children nose and wen the child open up its mouth then just but it in there I hand this problem and it worked and but the child on its back while doing it. This was the only way to get my children to take the meds


Have someone else do it

No advice here but I do understand. When my daughter was 2 she refused to take liquid medicine. It was always a struggle. She learned how to take pills early on because she hated the liquid.

I added chocolate syrup straight to the medicine

Maybe the flavor isnt strong enough. Try adding some jello powder to it to flavor it more. Worked for us.

Girl i gotta grad them cheeks cock his head back an make mine take it. He has no option with a double ear infection

Put in a spoonful of yogurt or pudding

Sounds weird but blow in his face sometimes that helps cuz they have swallow what’s in their mouth and get a breath

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Let him drink it out of a shot glass…

Id blow in my sons face it would make him swallow

I just sat down with thd kid in my lap, paper towels at the ready, held them down with one arm with their heads hanging off my leg and I’d shoot it in their cheeks. Don’t let them get up until they swallow.


My daughter had to take a heart medication that was awful tasting and you can’t flavor it because it’s a compound medicine. We would have to use the cheek trick but blow in her face to make her swallow it. It’s was harsh to do but she had to hAve that medication.

I have a infant health kit that came with a cup the has a nipple lid so they can drink it like a mini bottle

I grab my son’s cheeks , insert the medicine to the left almost to the back of his mouth, then I tilt his head back slightly. Be firm & get it over with!

I give my 2 year old the syringe and let him give it to himself. He thinks he is being a big boy. I supervise of course but it works for us


Put the syringe in the back of the throat so they can’t taste it

I bribe my kids with suckers lol or if that doesn’t work I just force it down and hope it doesn’t come back up :woman_shrugging:


Shot glass worked for my daughter and then a glass of watee

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Put A straw in in won’t taste it as much. Than follow up with a bit of pop, Coke.

A little bit at a time to the cheek or the roof of the mouth. Also communicate with him. Let him know he needs this medicine and you will keep giving it to him untill he swallows it.

When my son was little (he is 8 now) I would lay him flat on the kitchen floor. Hold his nose and shoot it in the back of his throat. Sometimes we have no choice. Sometimes I had to hold his arms now with my knees. I never hurt him but you have to be firm.


I added her medicine to chocolate milk. Like so much freaking chocolate you would think that’s too much chocolate

Never had to force it.

You just gotta wrestle him like an alligator and make him take it. Lol.

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the only way I could get mine to take meds at that age was to put it in the syringe sit in the middle of the floor with them in a head lock stick it in his mouth with his head tilted back squirt it in hold his nose and rub his throat. Quick & dirty but it worked. I always asked first do you want to take your medicine nice or are we doing it mommy’s way. With one of mine EVERY DAMN TIME it was mommy’s way.

Put it all the way at the back of the mouth. They wont be able to spit it out

Try pretending like his favorite toys take it

I found that if you let them hold it, and feel like they are in control they are better about taking it and they dont spit it out as much

I tell my son that he’ll have to go to the hospital if he doesn’t take his medicine. Ill tell him to take it really really fast, give him water after, and give him high fives and hugs. Hes usually good with taking medicine just doesn’t like cough medicine

We found that orange juice worked! Put it in his sippy cup and it hides the medicine taste better than milk probably does. About a 1/4 of the way full so you know he will drink it all, that’s how we had to do it lol. That or bribing with m&ms worked for us too :joy:

I told mine that it was fairy magic to make them feel better, and then handed them the syringe and let them put it to their mouth, I asked if they wanted me to push it or help and if they did I helped or they did it themselves. Then they got praised for being big boy and girl and taking it without spitting it out

I had to really quickly squirt it in my daughters mouth and then blow on her face to make her swallow it. Never again have I had that issue and she just turned 2 m, 2 days ago

I must be old fashioned in I won’t fight with them. If necessary I will do the pin down/block the nose while injecting medicine into the back of the mouth

But I may be mean In that but also if they need the medicine then it’s not an option. Will try a little bribery but they will take it🤷‍♀️

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My children have received some medication that taste horrible. There were a few times that I called the doctor and asked if there was a different medication that they could prescribe that taste better. Each time the doctor called a different one in.

Shoot it towards the side/back and blow in his face…at least that worked for my kids. Good luck momma, you got this


Stronger tasting juices, like orange or grape.

Tell him he will have to get a shot if he don’t.

after getting in mouth blow in face should swallow


So this sounds mean…
pin him down. Squirt it in his mouth and then blow in his face. The blowing forced the inhale/swallow instinct.


Fix his favorite drink…then tell him if he swallowed his medicine, he can have his favorite drink to wash it down. They understand more than you realize

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My son is 14 months - I am just really quick. Don’t let him see what I’m doing getting it ready. Then I grab him, lay him flat on the floor, squirt it in his mouth and then pick him up and say “okay! All done!” He never spits any out, I think it just happens so fast he doesn’t even think and just swallows it.

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I tell my son it’s candy. He fought me for a while but then got excited to take it. He will be 2 in 2 days. He had a sore throat last week and wouldn’t eat and I had to force feed pedialyte every 10 mins for an hour. That he didn’t like but he didn’t fight me too bad. Just an idea on what I did. :woman_shrugging:

Hold him down and squirt it in the back of his mouth and blow in his mouth it forces them to swallow. Had to do it with my girls. My son is now getting to where he doesnt wanna take meds too and I see me having to use the same method with him. Eventually my girls got use to it and started taking meds really well without having to be held down. They still complain but they do it.

I tell my son its nummies. He thinks its a special treat. Or i put it in his cup mix it with sone juice.

Yes as others said put it in his mouth then blow in his face they loose their breathe for a sec and swallow the meds. After a few times of that the little one usually will stop resisting

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Mix it in a LITTLE apple sauce. So he’ll eat it all. Like two or three spoon fulls


I would not fight my boys, and now I have grandbabies. I know this may seem mean, but we aren’t talking about eating your vegetables. We are talking about something that, if isn’t treated properly will return or could lead to a hospital stay. I usually held mine between my legs if they didn’t want to take it…held their heads back, squirted it into the back of their mouths, and they couldn’t move until they swallowed. I would have juice ready and usually a piece of their favorite candy. They learned very quickly it was easier to just swallow their medicine than fight over it. Even my grandson now, takes his medicine very easily for me, but will fight his mom/dad.


Inject it into the straw hole of a juice box!

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I sweet talk my kid it usually helps
I tell em itll make em feel better and that brother and sister take meds too

My son is big on chocolate milk (and has always been horrific at taking medicine) so I make a small cup of chocolate milk and put the meds in it and he drinks it all up.

I buy strawberry milk and make some “medicine” for myself and take it with my daughter. We have a contest about making the worst faces ever. Then we go to McD’s.


BRIBERY WORKS get some mini melt popsicles or the little snack bags of cheetos maybe a pack of balloons

try to mix the medicine with his drinks. such as juice. that’s what we do with our 1 year old because he hates taking medicine!

My 2 yr old now likes doing it himself. Either with the syringe or the cup try letting him do it. Seemed to work for us🤷🏻‍♀️

Put a straw in the dose cup and hold a juice in front of it. They think they’re getting juice instead

International coffee creamer. My grans prefer the Reece’s peanut butter cup flavor and they can’t taste the medicine

Tell him it’s a treat. Like candy.

Yes, you can hold him down and use a syringe to squirt the meds in his mouth, just be sure to aim for the back corner of the cheek!! Obviously you don’t want to shove the whole syringe in his mouth, but this will ensure he doesn’t choke while swallowing. This helped me with my son who would fight me when he had to take antibiotics for the 7-10 day stretch. Especially when he would lockjaw his teeth shut to avoid taking the meds :roll_eyes: With my daughter… different story!!! She’s quit to hit the medicine cup out of my hands! I have to trick her and use a straw so she thinks it’s something yummy or mine. Works every time!

When my little guy was young the one thing I knew I could mix some medicine in, that he would actually drink is with some 7-Up or ginger ale, just enough so they drink it all but most kids like the bubbly feeling and we’ll drink it. I would never give pop to two-year-old but a little bit to get him to drink medicine won’t hurt.

My 1 year old is amazing at taking medicine… my 3 almost 4 year old however, is not. I literally have had to hold her down. She’s gotten to the point, it’s easier to just swallow… I usually have a drink of water or juice ready for her afterwards to chase it. Best of luck Mama.

Play with the syringe. Put water or juice in it and have him take some then have him give you some. So when you put the medicine in it he won’t freak out as much.

Popsicle soup. Crush up some popsicle in a cup and mix with the medicine and then have him eat it with a spoon.

Saw this not too long ago my kids are older now but this would have been amazing to know few years ago!

Just mix it with Juice! They don’t know the difference. I have a two year old boy and I just mix the cough syrup with a tropical fruit juice like mango; he drinks it no problem

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I know this sounds awful, but I would use the syringe to put it to the back of there throat and blow on there face so they are forced to swallow


Spoon the med in the mouth then blow lightly into the face it should cause them the reflex to swallow.

Ask your friendly pharmacist. Bonus points if the pharmacist is a parent of young children too (many are). They will know all the amazing ideas for masking any medication flavor or texture that a child may object to (and pharmacies have flavoring/sweetening stuff they can add to kid’s meds).

There is a tool at Wal-Mart you could buy its in the baby ile its fpr helping lids take meds and the way its made they cant spit it out its like the nose frida but its for hwlping kids to take meds

Put it in a sip of a sugary drink. Its just a sip.

Try Crystal light we do that with our daughter. Also try to mask it in juice so if he is getting 5ml of meds do five ml of juice. Also try getting the little plastic shot glasses they use to work with my daughter. It makes them feel like a big kid.

Hold him down and shoot it to the back corner of his mouth and don’t let him up till he swallows it, blowing in their face helps to make them swallow

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I used to have to lay them on the floor and sit over them to pin them down. Then open their mouths and shoot it in and hold on til they had no choice but to swallow. Of course I tried other ways first.


I would put it in his milk for sure

I tell mine I know it’s nasty get some juice or milk so as soon as you take it you can wash it out with your drink but they gotta take it so they feel better and I haven’t really been given to much trouble…

A nurse taught me this trick: Lay him down on a bath towel, have him cross his arms in front and wrap the towel around him tight (like a swaddle) and shoot it in his mouth - this worked with my oldest (but not my youngest…lol) good luck!

We just use the Pacidose.

Cut open a juice box but the cup of medicine in it to where he can’t see it & put the straw in the cup & tell him to drink super fast & he’ll turn into super man

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Blow in his face and he will inhale it

I had to give it to my boys and immediately after blow in their face it made them swallow

How old. My kids switched to pills at very young age for the spitting issues and funny thing they will not take it with liquids. Grandchildren too some pills are very big. They were under 18 months.

When this happened to me as a kid, I wound up being allergic to the medicine in question.

Yes, lay her back and tell her u the ticker bug and she will laugh and just get it to her.

Maybe it is the flavor put in it? That would be my thought. So yes needs to be disguised with a juice he likes. Don’t let him see, give him a straw like one of those kids straws. Pop would work too in small quantity so he drink all of it.

Be the damn parent and don’t let him go till it’s all down his throat. Easy peasy

Use a syringe or mix it with juice & make sure they finish the cup. :blush: