Tips on helping my toddler get over their cold/cough?

What are the best tips and tricks to get rid of a cough/cold in a toddler?? We use a humidifier, and we just discovered honey, which works well, but it’s still not gone. He just turned three and attended preschool and playgroups daily, so he’s definitely always around germs. Obviously, there’s no way to stay away from germs but wondering if anyone has any tips That they use with there littles when they get sick! Thanks


A vaporizer at night, use bulb syringe to clear nose as much as child will tolerate…also, I’ve been researching lately because my 4 yr old has stayed sick it seems since he started preschool in August. I assumed it to be the same thing as the OP, germ increase. I’ve learned now though that it may be mold exposure in our home or possibly radon exposure. We are still researching both ideas to see. Both cause significant sickness and allergy type symptoms especially in young kids that often go misdiagnosed as everything else under the sun. So just some ideas to ponder there.

Warm bath and baby vicks

I change the bedding and Lysol a lot. Coughing on it then breathing it back in. Teaching kids to keep their hands out of their mouth and covering using the crook of the elbow … Washing often …

See if you can do mucinex cold and flu… helped my daughter get rid of it quick… or you can try dimetap cold and flu if possible

My daughter had a new cold every week in preschool. It’s a rough year for school germs. Rough!! Lots of rest. Disinfecting. Changing bedding. Washing when getting home from school.

Teach importance of hand washing. :grin:

Vicks and probiotics. 80% of illness starts in the gut. If it gets worse make sure its not bronchitis or pnemonia or rsv

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Vicks on bottom of feet covered with socks,sitting in steam and probiotics and a little antibiotic ointment under the nose…


Keep up with the honey and Vick’s his chest, back and feet. Works great with my 4 year old son. Oh and saline drops for his nose. Hope he feels better soon! Nothing worse than your little one being sick.

Talk to a doctor :woman_shrugging:

Has he seen his dr for a preventative medicine

Cool mist humidifier, baby Vick’s, nose frida, cuddles and elderberry. Hylands cough syrup works amazing too!

Humidifier. Vicks on the feet with socks at bedtime. Multivitamin. And extra sleep for bodies to recover.
I also know that some parents are against medicines, but I give extra meds to help them feel better quicker. When they’re a little older then I’ll back off and let their bodies fight more and more, but with flu season being harsh and sickness rampant in schools…medicine.

Rest and elderberry! That helps my girl!


Rub a pea amount of Vick’s on child’s feet also chest. Really helps caugh.

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Elderberry gummies and probiotics!

Elderberry syrup. Otherwise sounds like ur doing the best u can. Lots of fluids too!

Vitamin C, Elderberry, honey tea


Super high doses of vitamin c. Elderberry. Warm honey water.

No milk/dairy after lunch. Seems to make to cough/mucus worse


Childrens RobutussinDM. My daughter is two but her doctor said it was ok just do 2-2.5ml to help with cough. I’ve only used it twice at night for her but it does help alot! Drinking lots of water throughout the day and hand washing like crazy

Pectin is a great cough suppressant so is honey raw honey is antiinflammatories which means that it kills germs lemon juice works great elder berrys are great there is vitamin c and d work great together maybe eucalyptus oil in your humidifier or diluted in some grapeseed oil or olive oil and rubbed on their chest

Elderberry and vitamin D

Watch out…RSV is a dangerous infection that presents itself as a lingering cold. Almost lost both my kids to it. If the meds stop working, or it lingers on, dont wait to get him seen. It’s a simple test your doctor can do to check and RSV is rampant this year.

Vitamin c riched foods. Along with elderberry to build immunity. A multi vitamin and zarbees cough and cold relief (it also has elderberry in it) try a warm bath with episom salt and some essential oils for colds and cough(they have at Walmart)

Elderberry every day for an immune booster. Pineapple juice for a cough. Vick’s on the bottom of feet with socks over at bedtime for the cough also.

I got a dosage for cough syrup from the pharmacy.

Neti pot! Show him a video of a kid using one, then hold his head in place and help him pour.

Peach syrup. Spoon full every half hour. Also cranberry juice and grape. Lots of water. Crackers and any kind of light soups or stews.