Tips on leaving baby for the first time?

My daughter is 10 months and I just recently get a job any good tips for leaving my baby


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It’s such a milestone and a hard time to adjust to. Doesn’t mention if she’s going to daycare or family. If daycare do as many visits and plays as you can fit in.
Also for the person who’s minding her? Have a communication diary.
What her night was like. What she likes,
What she doesn’t like
What settles her
Favourite songs
Routine etc.
her sleep requirements.
You’ll find the better they can complement your routine the more settling this time will be.

Where ever she is going for care: or being with… give her lots of time with them while you’re there. If it’s family, even have some trial runs, where you go do the groceries or something, do little bits of time.
The more familiar the setting/ peoole/ change is the more it will help you and her.
She may cry on separation for a while, but children normally settle quite well once you leave and after about 6 weeks it should be well settled. (Early years learning educator x19 years xx ) good luck mumma…