Tips on losing 15 pounds?

I really need to lose 15 lbs. I need healthy snack ideas, preferably little to no effort to “make”. Basically if I can just get it off the shelf, even better. I’m literally a chocoholic so anything to curve my sweet tooth.


Intermittent fasting. I eat between the hours of 11 am and 7pm. I cut out all caffeine and drink 85oz of water a day. I haven’t cut any food out, I just watch my portions. I had my baby in march and I’ve lost 38lbs. I’ve never lost this much so quick after having a baby, so it’s definitely working!


Tomatoes, cucumber, raspberries, strawberries. Also invest in low calorie drinking chocolate. Eat whole oranges rather than drinking juice. Don’t do fad diets.

I’m the same way. I lost 20lbs in just a couple months. I kicked the sugar out of my diet & also drank a ton of water a day. Only eat like once or twice a day in small portions (I still ate what I wanted just very small portions not enough to get full) didn’t eat anything after 6. Also walk.

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No sugar go get u sugar free candy taste the same,kick the soda complete hydroxy cute is good

It’s hard! No sugar, no carbs. You’ll drop weight quick. I lost 15lbs in a month losing just those two things!

Probably need to prepare snacks after shopping. Cutting fruit and veggies. Having them ready to go will make your temptation less.

Remember while at home. if you don’t buy it… You won’t eat it.

Easy to drop 15 giving up pop/sweet drinks and other junk. The pounds will begin to fall off. I’ve done it before
Try fruit to curve your sweet tooth.

Sounds simple but walk. Walk everyday for 30-60 minutes. Moderate your eating habits and try not to over eat… I didnt diet or restrict anything and just walked everyday and lost 20lbs.

I am a bariatric patient. I had the gastric sleeve in 2018. As part of my pre-op, I had a pre-op diet that I had to do.

The diet was -
8am - protein shake (you can mix with coffee if you’re a coffee drinker - no cream or sugar)
10am - 1 cup of fruit
12pm- protein shake
2pm - Greek yogurt
4pm - protein shake
6pm - 3-6oz lean meat and 1 cup non starch vegetables

If I was hungry before bed, another protein shake and only water to drink.

I did this diet for 2 weeks, pre-op, and lost 22lbs in that 2 week period.