Tips on moving states?

Hey mamas! Me and my family got an opportunity to move to Iowa from Michigan, does anyone have any tips on moving out of state? What’s Iowa like? Best towns? Worst towns? I want it all please! I just need to calm my nerves. Thank you in advance!


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Wht part in iowa? Have family that live in a small town a couple hours away from Des Moines . Des Moines is not a big city either!

I would definitely take that opportunity. I lived in Spencer Iowa. Pretty calm in my opinion.

Can’t go wrong with Iowa, in my personal opinion. Smaller towns are better than the big cities, but I live in Des Moines.

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What are you moving to Iowa for? Family, job? That’s where to start.

I haven’t lived in Iowa since I was a kid I lived in Burlington I like it as a kid .idk how it is anymore tho

Depends on what part of Michigan you are coming from. But Iowa is pretty much the same. A lot of people in Iowa are not so smart.