Tips on moving?

Drop any moving tips or anything you wish you would have done when you moved!


I label every box where it goes and I pack one room at a time move that room unpack the boxes as I go

I am packing as we speak we are moving in 3 weeks its a nightmare lol… I am labeling every box… And hoping for the best lol

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What they said and get rid of anything you are not sure you need now less to pack lol

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Keep all clothes on hangers. Get trash bags and cut a hole in the bottom. Then slip them on the clothes and tie up the tie. SOOO much easier.


I packed my whole house in literally a 24-48 hour time span. Make sure you have an abundance of boxes, packing tape, etc. look up tips for moving on google too.

When I moved I cleaned and dusted everything before I put it In the box and put everything from the same room in the same box that way when I unpacked each box it was all together and labeled each box that way I didn’t have to open it and guess what room it was for

Paper/styrofoam plates in between glass/ breakable plates …cut a hole in a garbage back and slip it over hangers and clothes that are already hung up…cut up boxes that are already empty and use as walking path if having to make many trips in and out to save carpet if any.

I threw away so much junk when I moved last year, donated lots, as I was moving to a smaller house. I would put stuff out for garbage for each week for the 6 weeks I had before moving, throwing away anything old, broken, unusable. Labeling everything helped.

Moving is a great time to consolidate and get rid of things you don’t need. I donated ALOT of clothes.

Not move again or not have so much crap!

I found that moving across states a few times, it would have been soooo much easier selling/getting rid of furniture and anything heavy or big. Then buy new or used stuff once you get to your destination. Do some spring cleaning and organizing before you start packing to move.

Organize it as you pack it. Label everything

Organize and label everything totes make it a bit easier

Make sure your husband doesn’t accidentally throw out the box that contains your personalized recipe binder with ALL the recipes you have.

Start early and pack everything that you don’t use before hand. We’ve moved a lot and this was the easiest thing instead of trying to pack everything at once.