Tips on packing for a move?

We’re getting ready to move. This is the first move with two kids. I have yet to pack a single thing. And we have a TON of stuff. Any tips or tricks for making this as easy as possible?

first thing to do, is decide what to get rid of. Worn out toys and books. Old magazines, etc. If the children object, let them help make decisions. Give them a big box and tell them all the toys taken to new home have to fit in that. Anything else, take to Good Will or another charity organization. To the same with everything, not just the children’s. Decluttering should be done before the move.

Label your boxes! Not just “kitchen stuff”. Be specific and list what’s in the box. Try to group things by rooms and avoid throwing random things in boxes together or you’ll still be looking for certain things a year later.

I packed my dishes in my towels. Less boxes that way. Use a different color maker or color stickers for things you will need right away. Leave clothes on hangers run a string threw the hangers. Label what box goes in each room. Zip log bags are a must. Liquor stores have the strongest boxes call and ask them to save them