Tips on potty training a boy?

My toddler was fully potty trained before I gave birth…since I gave birth he has been regressing and I think it has everything to do with being jealous of the baby…as frustrating as this is I do not want to react negatively and make it worse…what are some things that I can do to get him back on track?


Make potty time for you and him , say outloud to the baby its brothers turn, then put baby in crib and take him , spend time telling him that he is your big boy and that you are going to need him to help you potty train the baby someday . Be positive , if he has a accident just ack matter of fact .

Chocolate, keep Hershey kisses in the freezer, when he goes potty, let him get a chocolate, I keep them in a little empty butter tub.

When his Dads home send him into the bathroom with him

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make it fun, through some fruit loops into the toilet and tell him every loop he hits he gets a star, then after a certain amount he gets a page of stickers, or toy car(from dollar store so it wont be a pricey venture) or even a special desert of his choice, these are only suggestions as i dont know what he likes ect.

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Consistency. Also make sure you are making some time for him in a way that fulfills him.