Tips on potty training a toddler with autism?

Tips on potty training a 3 year old with autism?

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My autistic son didn’t potty train until he was 7.

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You haven’t said gender… I wouldn’t try with a boy that young. A girl might manage it. (To do with development). I’d start by looking at why it’s nice to be clean and use the toilet. I invested in some terry cloth training knickers. They are plastic backed so you don’t get leaks but they feel wet. If you use regular pull-ups, it’s difficult to understand the benefits of going to the toilet when you can just go in your pull-ups. Make a diary of when they go and encourage them to use the potty or toilet about ten minutes before that time. Encourage and don’t act disappointed if they don’t manage it. Don’t praise either as otherwise they’ll associate going to the toilet with treats and praise.

My boys are not autistic but they have all not potty trained until at least 4 I just wait until they are ready there is nothing wrong with that regardless what others say waiting for them to be ready is key to less accidents and more confidence

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As with all kids, just have patience and don’t punish for accidents