Tips on potty training an autistis toddler?

My son will be 3 in 2 weeks and we haven’t started yet to potty train. He is autistic and doesn’t speak and has a hard time understanding things.

Following… My son is 3 and non verbal autistic. Trying to get him potty trained as well

following - as my son is also autistic and same with the understanding

My son’s 12 and still in diapers. He’s non verbal. When yall figure it out let me know lol. Insurance pays for the diapers if they’re over 3 tho

I wouldn’t recommend even trying yet if he doesn’t understand. You run the risk of traumatizing his experience and it will be more difficult in the future. If your concern is with childcare- since a lot of places won’t take 3 year olds that aren’t potty trained, look into public schools. If you have an official autism diagnosis, you should be able to get him an IEP and into headstart or a preK-3 program.