Tips on running shoes?

So I wanna have baby number 2, but before I do, I need to lose weight. So I wanna start running but not sure what brand shoes to buy. It seems like no matter what, I get the rip on the sides because I have wide feet. Any suggestions would be great. And also, do you think 30mins a day will be enough to lose weight or should I run more?


Sketchers ! They have such an amazing selection for wide feet. I have wide flat feet and found sketchers to be absolutely comfortable

I only buy under armour because they are already wider shoes. I would recommend 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weight lifting a day

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I am not sure about shoes but adding in some weights would also be good.

You need to raise your heart rate to 140 for 20 mins a day. Eat healthy. Run 3-4 days a week and do some other kind of physycal activities the other days. Swimming is very good too. As for running shoes, I like Reebok. They are light and durable.

Nike shocks. They are wide.

My favorite running shoe is Asics… more specifically the Kayano’s. Lots of people like Brooks, Asics, and Hoka too. Start out with 30 minutes a day - walk/run. Then work your way to to running without having to walk. Also remember, weight loss is about 70-80% diet, and 20-30% exercise.

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I dont know about running but I followed the code red lifestyle to lose my weight. Lost almost 100 lbs in 6 months and was able to get pregnant with baby #2. 26 days left in my pregnancy and fully plan on returning to the lifestly after baby is born!

Walking actually burns more fat than running! But about the shoes, try a place like Gazelle sports who will give you the right shoes for your feet.

Special order Shoes with wide availability.
U can dedicate 30 minutes to running while pregnant too.

I would recommend going to an actual running shoe store and they will find the perfect running shoe for you! I personally always loved asic, but they will help figure out what shoe would be best for your foot.

My dr has me starting with walking for 30 minutes a day. Then build up to running. Especially if you haven’t been running in a long time.

I would go to a shoe store and ask for a fitting. Many of those stores can order the correct width for you in the shoe you want.

I’m currently wearing sketchers D’lites and love how comfortable they are. I don’t remember if they are more for running or walking, but they come in wide width and last a long time.

New balance. They have wide and extra wide shoes.

I got mine at a local running store. They had a machine that measured how you walked and a treadmill with cameras that showed foot placement and impact areas. That allowed the sales clerk to pull specific shoes out that helped my impact zones the most. Then I would walk and run on the treadmill with each pair to determine if there was any difference in the videos taken.

Honestly start drinking lots of water cut out all sugar drink sounds dumb I know but I did this and snacked on nuts, berries,granola etc in between meals… I did that plus my job and I lost the last 20lbs of weight I needed and boom I’m expecting again… I just buy under amor brand or FILA running shoes

Weight lifting is one of the quickest ways to lose weight

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Hey mama :wave:t2: I started off walking 2 miles in the morning and gradually building myself up to running. Once you get in the habit of excerising, you usually tend to wanna stay at it. I now run in the mornings about 5 miles and walk in the evening about 2 miles. I bring my daughter and dog to get out too. Get a 3 wheel running stroller for the baby, if you wanna take him/her. It’s safer when jogging. If you’re having issues with shoes ripping, try getting a your size but with the W for wide. Asic running shoes are what I’ve always used and don’t make my feet or ankles hurt. Hope this helps a bit! :purple_heart:


Men’s Skechers. Men’s shoes offer more support and are better for women with wide feet like myself.

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New Balance makes wide and extra wides. They can fit you in a store, too. Google HIIT training because that is the fastest way to lose weight through cardio. The workouts are shorter but the intensity is higher than 30min of running. Weightlifting would help you burn more calories throughout the day while your body repairs the muscle. Diet is the biggest change you need. You don’t have to go on a “diet.” A calorie tracking app can help you make better food choices and not feel deprived.

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Sketchers. I have wide feet as well and I love mine. I do alot of walking at work and they have memory foam which is great

Just cut down on sweets and soda ice cream and try eating more salads and fruits

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My nikes lasted so long when I was running cross country and track in high school I would just look for wide when buying. They have a great return policy too!

I think you should talk to your doctor to see if you’re ready to run and also to talk about support. Some things aren’t for fb groups to decide

It depends on your foot and your gait. Go to a running shop and get properly fitted. My husband worked in sport shoes for years and we are both runners. You need to go get properly fitted, especially if you intend to keep up with it after getting pregnant.

Get physical first and start walking then speed up fast walk then try running unless your used to running.

Love my ASICS I go through adidas soles super quick

Asics are the longest lasting running shoe I’ve ever had. As long as you don’t over eat after you exercise you should see results.

Start at 30 minutes and then work your way up when you feel comfortable doing so. I use sketchers for running (I have wide feet too)

I lost weight before getting pregnant with my second (currently pregnant) and honestly I didn’t run at all. I just walked!

Love my Nikes!

I started w/30 mins and then kept adding time until I could easily do an hour.

Also, running is great! But diet is sooo important. I tracked calories and that really helped me lose weight!

Aasics are good running shoes too. They come in wide widths if u need.

I get men’s shoes cos my feet are so wide. Everyone is different tho I love Nike and New Balance, but my BFF loves sketchers. Sketchers make my feet hurt as do Asics and Fila but Nike and New balance make my BFF feet hurt. A lot of trial and error until you know which is best for you.

I think you should go to a reputable sports store, they have experts in that field. You should start out slow and work your way up to a distance you are comfortable with. Good luck and God speed. :hugs::hugs:

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Love my Saucony’s.
Do you have a Gazelle’s Sports near you or other really good sports store? They should have trained people there to look at how you run/walk. If your feet turn in, or out, or how high arches are etc, then recommend the best brand for you.

I recommend asics
30 min should be good as long as you really try to work hard for those 30 min

Try planks. They awaken your metabolism. I have lost 9 lbs in less than a month with a moderate diet. This app changed my life.