Tips on styling a biracial childs hair?

I need help. I am trying to find different hairstyles for my biracial 2yr old boy, that are easy to learn because I am still learning and I refuse to cut his hair because his curls are too pretty for that. Also any videos that teach you how to braid on the scalp like step by step would be much appreciated because I am trying my best and I’m struggling because his hair is so soft yet so curly. I have watched some YouTube videos but I’m still just not getting it I guess. I have left his hair down and curly, I have done box braids, pigtails with braids, and the little hairstyles where you do an x that goes up into the ponytails but I really want to learn how to do more hairstyles because I enjoy doing his hair but I am out of ideas. And based off of Google I think his curl type is between a 3B and a 3C but I might be wrong about that too. Any advice on hairstyles or products would be much appreciated. Thank you


If you’re still having trouble after watching YouTube videos, I would definitely take him into a stylist and get them to show you exactly how to. Find someone who is very familiar with his hair. Good luck mama.

I’d just take him to an experience hair salon. They can wash his hair, style it and show you how to do it at home.

Why not go to a hairstylist and talk to them about tips and tricks?

Just take him to a black owned salon and ask the people there… a black barber shop might also be able to give some tips and tricks.