Tips on traveling alone with a toddler?

I am traveling with a baby alone from United States to India. It’s a long 30 hours journey. Tips please


What types of transportation are you using?

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When my daughter v was 4 months old we traveled from CA to England and then Paris. I did a ton of research on line and on Pinterest and assembled a list of tips that worked for me

How old is the baby?
This will depend on what you bring and how much you bring.
For a newborn to under 9-10 month, non mobile. Bring plenty of formula/bm in bottles or be prepared to nurse as needed. Do plan to take plenty of short trips up and down isles to stretch your legs. If alone with baby dont be afraid to accept help of neighbor if offered to hold baby momentarily to give yourself a much needed brake.
If baby is older and mobile bring PLENTY of snacks, also books/toys/ electronics to keep occupied. Also short trips up and down isles will be good for a toddler.
Regardless of babies age also remember to pack for yourself. Snacks you like, reading materials/puzzle books and electronics to keep you occupied especially when baby os sleep and you’re wide awake. Good luck and God speed.

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Snacks to help ears pop on take off cuz its obvious your flying

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