Tips on traveling with a newborn?

You all I have lost my mind. I’m due at the beginning of May and have agreed on a beach trip at the end of June. It’s a 9.5-hour drive for us (without the frequent stops I know we’ll be making). Has anyone else done something like this with a newborn and have any tips on things to for sure bring for baby versus things that aren’t really necessary?? or just any advice in general. I am planning on breastfeeding, but I did have to formula feed my second, so I know that could be a possibility also. I have older kids, but we never made trips this far with them as newborns. This will be all of our kid’s first time to the beach, which is part of the reason I’m set on going. Thanks!


Get out of the car often it’s not good for them to ride in their car seat that long


Commenting because I too need this advice.

We travel with our breastfed newborn on 6 hour trips and I feed and change him while my husband gets gas and take the bigger kids to the bathroom. He usually sleeps the whole time so we try to do it later in the day/into the night or very early so we don’t mess up his schedule. Also better traffic at those times

Perfect age to travel with! We always google parks when traveling. Kids play, I feed!

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I’ve heard a newborn should never be in a car seat for more than 2 hours :woman_shrugging:t2:


I traveled 8.5 hours with my son when he was a month old. I would stop every two hours to let my dogs out and to feed the nugget… if leave him out of his seat for about 45 min if not more at a time he did really good and I didn’t have any issues:) good luck:)


I have done it, multiple times…

We flew with a 2 months old, 4 hours in the first plane, 9 hours in second plus lay over.
I also drove 16 plus hours with a 2 months old and then with a 6 months old (second child) …
Honestly, newborn stage is the best stage to do long trips. From my personal experience is when they usually sleep through it due to the white noise. Also they are not so aware of noises so they sleep uninterrupted when other people/older kids talk/yell around them.

Toys are not helpful at this stage so I would advise that all the prepping you do is for you and the rest, ways to make things comfortable and convenient.
For me, having a breastfeeding friendly shirt made all the difference, also a good baby carrier helps.

So, we did this with my 7 week old. What was an easy 8 hour drive turned into an excruciating 14 hour nightmare. You will have to stop constantly to feed, plus your older ones won’t use the bathroom when you asked, so extra stops for that. If you can, send husband with older ones in the car, while you and newborn fly to wherever you’re going. That way all the stuff makes it to the beach and you and baby are less stressed.

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Make sure and stop often , also bring essentials remember your baby will be sleeping a lot on the trip. Don’t forget the stroller, floaties and bathing suits for the baby. Also Oregon coast just lost a 4 year old to the sea so please watch your kids like a freaking hawk.

Gas cooker and a large flask. Water stays hot for at least 12 hours if not longer.

I make an 9 hour trip when my son was 3 weeks old. Frequent stops is really the most important thing, they shouldn’t be in the car seat for more than 2 hours without breaks. We would just pull over for about 20 mins for so, get up and walk around and I’d feed in the car just before we headed out again. Its good for adults to get up and walk around after 2 hours anyways because you could end up with blood clots or DVT. And I sat in the backseat with my son.

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no matter how well you plan! dont stress. cvs and walgreens everywhere ! pack long sleeves and long pants sun hat for the little one. They say not to use sun screen on nbs.Tons of liquid and fruit for the car. My kids always wanted to leave at 4am. that sounds horrible but great idea. Babys freshly changed and had first feeding, and traffic is light.By 830 everyong is still in a good mood for breakfast . They nap till lunch. Just have plan b for rain.good luck

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I traveled with a 4 week old 11 hrs. I pumped one bottle for him to start then let my older kids feed him that bottle. After that, we stopped to nurse and change him. He slept most of the way. It wasnt a bad trip at all. Ive traveled with all my kids when they were under 2 months old. Just know that your trip will be longer and find something to interest the other kids along the way. We made a point to not do drive thru so everyone got extra time out of the car. I never let the baby sleep while we werent driving so they would sleep while we were. I also drive as much as possible in evening and at night.

I would bring as much as you can to simplify & organize while preparing for the worst. Pack Lysol wipes, paper towels, trash bags, anything you can think of.

If u end up needing warm bottles check out

My kids have gone on trips as young as a few weeks old. It’s no big deal really. Make sure baby will have a safe sleeping space. Bring all the supplies you think you’ll need and double it. ESPECIALLY clothes. Plan for frequent breaks when driving and try to leave your “schedule” open to accommodate feedings. Baby can NOT be on the beach all day. It’s too hot. Have fun! :slight_smile:

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In the UK medical advice states we should stop every 2 hours and let them have at least 45 mins out of the carseat each stop

This advice has been given after several infant deaths across the UK

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If you can, drive through the night that way older kids sleep and you will only have to worry about the little one. I’d try to pump some beforehand for bottles in case baby needs to eat and you’re not at a place you can stop. I’d also recommend sitting in back so that you can keep an eye on him/her and make sure their head isn’t in a weird angle, which can restrict breathing.


I went from socal to montana 2 weeks after my youngest was born, they sleep a lot so you’ll be fine. Just stop and get lots of cuddles :slight_smile:

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Sit in the back with the baby. I always refused because I didn’t want them to get used to me being back there and wanted to be up front with my husband, but it’s a one off for this trip and they do SO much better when you’re back with them. If you’re breast feeding then pump before you go if you can and keep it in a little cooler.

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I made that long of a drive with a newborn and it really wasn’t too bad! We just stopped about every 3 hrs for a bottle, diaper change, and break from the car seat. Otherwise he should sleep most of the time.

A newborn at the beach?? You cant use sunscreen on a newborn and they cant be in the sun! They also cant control body temperature! Just some things to think about!


Drove 15 hrs with a 3week old… go at the babies pace. Stop when you need to and if it’s to much, stop for the night and try again in the morning

We did an 11 hour trip when my oldest was about 3 months. She was still about the size of a newborn (she was only 6lbs at birth and gained slowly). It was fine. We made frequent stops. But she was a chill baby. I sat in the back with her and played with her when she wasn’t asleep.

It’s now recommended that newborns should not be in a carseat for more than 2 hours in a 24 hour period due to the strain on a baby’s still developing spine and restricted air flow to the baby’s lungs.

We went to the gulf when my youngest was 3wks old. Take some kind of shade with you, light blanket, sunhat for baby…if ur staying there for a while just take enough diapers etc to get u down and buy everything else when u get there. I too breastfed at the time so not carrying bottles was awesome lol …we make a 6-7hr trip with 9 kids. Stop and get baby out of the carseat for a little while.

I drove 3 hours to see my Great Aunt (she doesn’t drive anymore) when my son was 2.5 and daughter 4 weeks.
Ready feed bottles where a godsend! Also a small portable bouncer that she lounged in. Lots of small amount of snacks in ziplocs, individual juices and applesause pouches.
We had a blast and so many memories where made!

At 3 weeks we drove 8 hours and from there traveled around for 2 months. It was fantastic. He slept the whole time. We stopped every 2 hours to change diaper, feed and walk the dog. It took longer but it was very enjoyable. You got this!

Fly lol. I’ve flown and driven solo with a new born nursling and my other kids. It’s more overwhelming to think about than to actually do. Just think of it as a normal day. Feed baby and yourself when hungry and stop when you need to. Just relax, it is what it is and then you’ll be at the beach :blush::heart:

It’s pretty easy to travel with such a young one. Take frequent breaks unless they are sleeping.

I would just say to stay ahead of the game if possible. Stop and feed/change diaper often, before the baby is crying hungry. Good luck! You’re braver than me :rofl:

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Sit in the back with the baby for frequent feeds. And stop a few times so the baby can stretch he/she might sleep most of the car ride

I did a 8 hour trip with me daughter and son both when they were both about 3 weeks old. Bring a pack n play they are a lifesavers for trips! Since the baby will be so young just prepare yourself to not spend a ton of time at the beach. At 3 weeks they’re too little for sunscreen. Which I’m sure you are already aware…
They have these canopies you can use for the beach or just for being in the yard that has a lot of shade, a nice place to have snacks, lunch… they’re awesome. Also, just keep in mind you’ll be stopping every two hours for at least an hour. My son I breastfed and my daughter I breastfed and supplemented with formula after. Since it will be nice out. Get out of the car, have a picnic or walk around on one of your stops. If you don’t have a carrier that supports breastfeeding I suggest get one. They are a lifesaver and you can join in on your feeding break walk or playing games on the beach.

My tip for traveling with a newborn: don’t… Or a toddler or a teenager they are all horrible


Did a 7hour drive when my daughter was 2weeks old. I fed her expressed breast milk in a bottle, at her 4am feed, put her in the car then stopped when her next feed was due. Only needed to stop once, and she slept the rest of the time thankfully.

This is kind of irrelevant cuz I’ve never travel with a newborn but I have drove long-distance and for the driver and the passenger I always did have like a nice cold water area that I can like put a face cloth in and bring it out and put like cold water on your face just to rejuvenate a little bit for the next few hours of driving and of course I always make a bunch of coffee and set it up my coffee station in the trunk when I pull over but that’s neither here nor there

•Travel at night/sleep times
•Dont pack everything- if you can buy it there do that (more room in vehicle)
•Frequent stops (2-4hrs)
•Give yourself double the travel time
•Expect everything to go wrong so when it goes well it’s a confidence boost!

I’ve travel from SD to NJ (21 hr drive no stops) with all of my kids at different ages last time I went they were 9, 7, 4 and 1 years old. Yes there were melt downs and plenty of stops BUT I know it would happen and it went better than expected we made it there in 26 hours!

The younger the easier it is honestly. I took both my newborns on 8hr trips to my parents and usually only had to stop halfway for a feeding/change. Now that they’re 3 and 1.5 its much harder :rofl:

Don’t rush. I did a 15 hour drive (18 with stops) with a one month old 4 and 6 year old. Make sure you have tons of diapers for the trip, but a separate diaper bag handy for stops that way you don’t have to dig everything out each time. Everyone pees at the stops, doesn’t matter if they have to or not (this will cut down on stopping every other hour when the next kid has to pee). Also change the baby and adults use bathrooms too. I always made everyone get out when we had to stop for gas and that cut down on other random stops too. I didn’t have a camera, but it could be handy to have a camera so you can see the baby unless you plan on sitting in the back with the baby. Put the oldest child next to the baby that way you can ask how the baby is doing and if they need anything or if the baby starts crying you can see if you need to stop or if maybe they just scratched themselves

Stop the car often, the baby will need to be taken out of the carseat every couple of hours. Diaper changes, nurse, walk around.
Bring shade, babies CANNOT wear sunscreen until 6 mo this old. (I live in Phoenix, valley of the sun is our nickname, I’ve had several doctors repeat this info to me) babies skin will burn so much faster than ours, so do not let that baby in the sun.
Remember to take it easy on yourself, you will still be recovering from giving birth.

Get your baby a rashguard to wear while you’re there.

They shouldn’t be in a carseat too long. Positional asphyxiation is a very real danger

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I did a 16 hour drive with my 1 week old. We stopped a lot for changes and feeding, but I also hunched over the carseat to feed him while we were driving too.

We moved 12hrs away (19hrs with all the stops my ex had to make) when my 4yr old was only 2wks old. He slept the entire time. I had to even wake him up to feed and change him every 2hrs

Not worth it! You will figure it out, but it’s more work and stress than it’s worth.

We went on a two day drive with my son when he was a newborn. We stopped when he was hungry or needed changed. I sat in the back with him to make sure if he wasn’t asleep that I would play music for him because that’s what he likes.

thanks everyone for the advise!! I know I will have a lot more stress on my shoulders (and my husband’s lol) but I’m determined to make the best of it because I know my older kids will make awesome memories with their extended family. Luckily our condo is on the beach so baby and I can take frequent breaks from the beach without making everyone leave too. Here’s to planning for the worst and hoping for the best lol


I took my son on a 9 hour car ride when he was a month old. I was so nervous. But he slept almost the entire time. His sleep was a little screwed up the next day but we got back on track. When he was 8 months we took a 18 hour car ride and that was long a miserable he was mad the whole second half of the trip. Once he woke up and we stopped to feed him and change him he was so crabby.

Please, do not leave your baby in the carseat more than 2 hours without a 45 minute break.

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One of my kids slept as soon as they got in a seat and one screamed the whole time. It depends on your baby what you will be doing. We stopped every few hours and if someone is driving with you one person can sit in the back with baby. The be sure to pack sunscreen and an umbrella and blanket and whatever else to put baby on. You won’t want to hold him the whole time.

Newborns are so easy to travel with they sleep the whole time, dont travel in peak heat, make sure you get bub out of the car seat frequently, just take the necessary items, all the “extras” really arent needed, lots of shade, i had a battery operated fan for the pram and car seat

Newborns eat, sleep and shit. Extended road trips are perfect right now. Frequent feeding/diaper changing stops and that’s it :woman_shrugging:t4::+1:t3:

Pack n play, a flat sheet for the beach. SUNSCREEN. Lots of water

I went to Panama which is 10 hours away with my 4 week old last year.
Stop for every feeding and diaper change, find a park or rest station and hold the baby for a while. We did 30 mins out of the carseat at every stop. Let someone else do the driving where you can sit next to the newborn so that you can keep an eye on him or her. It will be fine.

Yes. The baby slept the whole time, but we stopped at a hotel and spent the night half way because it’s kinder to everyone. Newborns can suffocate sleeping in carseats for extended periods of time, depending on the angle. No sunscreen until 6 months, so you must have shade. But you also must cover the baby completely, as sun reflects off sand and water (this goes for pools too). However, watch the baby doesn’t overheat, especially if being held close on a very hot day. They have beach tents if you’re really concerned. Don’t let the carseat get sandy. Those running strollers with the big tires that attach to carseat have worked well for me. They have travel bassinets now too. If you’re all-day-at-the-beach people, you can use one of those for sleeping, and also take it to the beach. If it has a cover, you hang a towel over it and just check every 20 mins or so. My babies are really good sleepers, especially in beach air and warmth, so I’ve never had a newborn that didn’t sleep the entire time at the beach.

Don’t stress! We traveled a lot before having kids and we still travel a ton! Newborns are the easiest to travel with hands down! One of the things I learned about taking a newborn to the beach is they are sticky :joy: pack cornstarch baby powder and coat them in it. The sand will rub right off! Also make sure you have a cabana or get a UV sunshade for when you are on the beach. One of the best things you can give to your children is new experiences! This is our beach babe loving life!


i would just say make frequent stops play with the baby, good time for the other kids to runaround also, it’s not your first baby you will be fine, enjoy this time together :heart:

Make sure you do plan on stopping a whole lot extra. And find a washer and dryer where your going. You WILL over pack, but if you can cut down on clothes that will help. I travel a lot, they are way easier at that age because all they really do is eat, sleep, and potty.

Try to make sure everyone potties at every stop (or atleast tries). Change the baby. Feed baby and offer snacks to the others. Let everyone stretch at each stop as well, including baby. Get them out of the car seat. You will be fine. Have fun!

We drove to Canada (12 hours one way) with a 7 week old. She slept most of the time and was happy being in the stroller and pack n play. It was the easiest trip I’ve ever taken! We drove 18 hours one way when she was 4 months old and again, it was a super easy trip. We didn’t need to pack much more than the stroller, pack n play, bottles, clothes, a couple small toys, etc.

Take flat sheets instead of towels for the beach, carry extra water extra diapers and extra wipes- travel laundry detergent and quarters. Have fun, don’t stress about a time table and take lots of pictures.


It can be dangerous for an infant to be in a car seat too long, they can have breathing problems laying at that angle for extended periods of time. Make sure you take frequent stops and get the baby out of the seat when you stop.

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I drove 10hrs with a 2wk old breastfed newborn. 1st of all, it was awful!!! We took turns driving and stopped every 2hrs. Baby slept most of the way but it was harder on my bc I was post-csection. He did not like being in his seat for that long either. Frequent stops! Get up and walk around, pack lots of outfits for him, extra under garmets for you. We use a bunch of the light recieving blankets. Those are a god send when traveling. Dont over dress the baby so he/she doesnt get too warm.

You need to drink extra fluids- stay away from carbonated drinks, coffee and get plenty of rest to encourage keeping your breast milk at a good level!

We did a 10 hour drive last summer with a 7 day old baby. Got evacuated from a hurricane and mandated to leave. She did great, slept most of the time. Stopped for her feedings and changes.

I did with my three week old best advice one of u sleep when the infant sleeps and the other drives and take turns and make sure u change diapers as frequent as u can they will get a little red other wise . We were blessed with a very happy baby and we travel with my husband he works in tx and we live in Arkansas so even pregnant we traveled so I like to believe that by time she got here she’s was good with being in a truck

Babies that age sleep alot - especially in cars) so you should not have a problem. Make sure to pack a playpen and umbrella for the beach.

Newbies are easy. Feed sleep change diaper. I carried bottles of water with me & left them in sunlight to warm them up so I could have warm formula. Just double & triple check to make sure you have everything you need for you & baby.

You need to make SEVERAL stops because its dangerous for a newborn to be in a carseat for two long

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Plan to bring someone with you who will keep the baby inside in air conditioning and away from the harsh sun rays-newborns do not tolerate extremes in temps and their skin is very sensitive to sun!

It’s not good to take them that far and have them in a car seat that long before their 3 months


Just do it you are SERIOUSLY overthinking this :roll_eyes:

Not sure why people are freaking out. Baby should have shade so try one of these or something of the like. Keep it open for venting but so the baby has shade. As other have said, stop every couple of hours to feed and let baby stretch. The baby won’t really need anything at the beach, the most I ever did with an infant at the beach was walk in up to my thighs holding her while she had a sun hat on and a thin muslin one layer blanket draped over her. Other than that you’ll be hanging out in the sand a lot just sitting with him or her! Not much fun for mom, but hopefully your older kids can enjoy themselves! We live in Michigan so toting several babies/kids to and from the beach is normal for us!

I know it isn’t my place to say this but this trip may have to be delayed. The baby and you should be home resting. I would just consider my small fragile child. July maybe better. One month postpartum, you’re asking for trouble.


I know you don’t want to hear it, but newborns + beach is a horrible idea. Especially with how hot it will be. I’m afraid you’ll probably be miserable the entire time worrying and trying to take care of the baby that no one will have a good time.

Please DO NOT EVER take your baby out of the carseat whole driving. That’s complete neligence and shame on any mother that would do so or condone anyone else doing it. It’s a tiny person in a moving vehicle, if you can’t stop and do what needs to be done, you shouldn’t be driving anywhere with a child. Their safety is more important than you getting anywhere on time.

That being said, fans, ample shade, multiple stops with a blanket so the baby can stretch out. Baby safe sunscreen? Lord I don’t envy you :grimacing:

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When my son was a newborn I had a battery operated fan I bout at Burlington coat factory with foam blades made specifically for a baby and it clipped to the stroller. Life saver when it was warmer and he was in a stroller. I’d say you have to be very careful with heat and protecting your baby from sun. They don’t regulate temperatures.

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You need your a.c.wrkg.if it’s too hot wn you TK your baby out he will sweat n catch wait or go greyhound…car is not good idea.babys health n safety comes frst.MOM🌹

If it was me, I’d cancel the trip. Just make sure if you go, to get the baby out every other hour to stretch, feed, change, etc… do not unhook the baby to do all that while the car is moving. Very unsafe and very illegal even though it’s tempting.

Babies aren’t meant to be in car seats that long. Can cause asphyxiation. Would suggest stopping ever 2-3 hours at least for feeding, changing, and a position change for baby.


Pay close attention to baby in car seat. If their little head falls over for too long they can stop breathing. I suggest you ride in back with baby to pay close attention. Zdx orry but a friends baby died this way. Just trying to help

I took an 8hour trip with my 3dqy old son. I asked my doctor if he would recommend and(I would suggest you do the same) and he told me the only thing is I would have to stop every couple of hours to feed him and change him. Which I did and it wasn’t a problem! The only thing is I went to Louisiana and he got used to the atmosphere down there and when we came home to Missouri my poor baby was stopped up for a while😩 I would just suggest talking to your doctor about it!

We went to Indiana(6 hour drive) with our daughter when she was 3mo(not a newborn ik) but I was nursing at the time and we just stopped so I could nurse/take her out of carseat/change her. Seems like a lot of people are saying dont go but honestly you’ll be fine if you just stop and take the baby out of the seat every few hours.


I drove 18 hours with a newborn exclusively breast fed. Let’s just say I never slept the whole 18 hours cuz I had a baby on my boob the whole way lmfao

Way too inconvenient, no need in stressing yourself and the baby out. I’ve learned its totally ok to just say no lol. If a bday party interrupts naps- we ain’t goin! Let alone a long car trip stuck in one position.


We did a trip to Florida from Pennsylvania when my son was 1.5 months old! Wasn’t bad at all because he slept a lot! We just stopped to nurse him when he was hungry and when we would stop for food or bathroom breaks we’d get him out to give him a break from his car seat!

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I would cancel, a one month old baby shouldn’t be on the beach like that anyways. People would understand your reasoning.

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Yes I did. I sat in back with the baby and had a nursing tank and bra on. And super light blanket to nurse while driving if absolutely had to. Which I did couple times .


Depart at 4:30 am, kiddos will sleep…

They sleep a lot during the first few months but my concern would be the ability of breathing being strapped into a car seat that long at that age and exposing a new born to the multiple new bacteria that you will all come across. I would discuss with your doctor best options and advice. That would be your best bet.