Tips on traveling with babies?

Getting ready to go on a 16+hr road trip with my 4 almost 5 month old. We will split it into two days. Any and all tips welcome!


Have extra clothes the arms reach for blow outs.

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We did a 21 hour trip with my first son when he was 4 months 3 times it’ll help if you sit backseat with your baby so they know mama is there and take a stop at rest spots to stretch their legs also be safe guys! Oh and toys and plenty of snuggly Teddy’s if they like em

There is such a thing as carseat shock so when you do stop make sure you keep baby out of the carseat for at least 15-20 minutes.
Frequent stops for diaper changes to avoid major issues.
We did 3 or 4 long 8-9 hours one way trips with my daughter under 6 months old and she did so incredible for every trip!!

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I drove 30 hrs with my now 5 yr old when she was 5 months and since it was me as the only adult it was hard but music, a movie if you have a portable DVD player let them stretch

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