Tips on traveling with baby?

I need baby plane/travelling tips!!! I’m planning on taking my son (who will be 8.5 months when we go) on a 2 hour flight home to see my mom and grandparents, and we’ll be travelling just the two of us. I’m not a nervous flyer, but I am an anxious, no one look at me type person lmao, so I need as much help as I can get !! my current plan is in the comments


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make sure he is comfortable, he has eaten & has whatever toy/toys that are his favorite, My granddaughter has been traveling via planes since she was about 3 months old & they never had a problem with her at all, I will also say have a bottle for your son to drink just as the plane takes off, It will help with the take off & his ears…sometimes the pressure does bother them

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Try to hold off feeding until take off for the suction, then hopefully nap.


Something to suck on for :flight_departure: and :flight_arrival: maybe a few favorite toys for the time you’re in the air :slightly_smiling_face: 2 hours isn’t bad it’ll be over in no time! Maybe he’ll even sleep that’s what my kids did :white_heart:

If your son uses a binky, bring a few. It helps with takeoff and landing.

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Relax or your son will sense your nervousness and be antsy. I recommend you try to give him a pacifier or bottle on take off to help pop his ears. Take plenty of oral gel if he’s teething. Otherwise you’ll have to rub his gums with whiskey. Take something for the baby to play with that doesn’t take concentration. He may get motion sickness. Some people can’t read in a moving vehicle. Take a change of clothes for yourself too, in case you get thrown up on. That happens on a first flight sometimes. Take the toy he sleeps with at night. You may get lucky and he’ll snooze the entire flight.

Give baby something to suck on durning take off and landings it helps with the air pressure and popping in the ears .make sure the favorite toy and handy .

I definitely did what I could to make sure my son didn’t nap or sleep on our way to the airport and kept him busy while we waited for the plane so he could sleep. Also keep a pacifier or bottle handy for take off and landing

i’ve been traveling with my son since he was a few weeks old. he’s now 11 weeks and he’s gone to texas 3x and also california. i download a movie on netflix so he has something to look at and i pick his bottles and usually feed him on the plane. sometimes he sleeps other times not so much. the trick is honestly just rolling with the punches. babies bring attention so no matter what people will look at you, just don’t pay them any mind :blush: