Tips on traveling with kids?

We have a 15 month old & are leaving for Florida this week which is an 11 hour drive. What are some tips to drive such a long way with her? We plan to leave at 1 AM so hoping she’ll sleep through the night! Kinda nervous but I know she’ll love the beach!


Stop often. Let her run around at least once an hour.


I drove down from New York and we left right at my 7 month olds bed time at the time and it was the best since he slept…if u do go during the day just make sure every break u let them out to stretch as well and be changed.


Plenty of snacks and toys

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She’s mostly sleep until she normal wakes up, I would get a sun block thingy to put over the side windows, So the sun doesn’t bother her. ( if she doesn’t already have them) Snacks, drinks, hand held toys , Music box, and break stops :slightly_smiling_face:

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Leave at bed time. Frequent stops when she’s awake

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snacks!! maybe an I pad can put kid movies on?

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Lol we did a 22 hr trip from the keys to Indiana with our three boys 10,4,2 and it was awful! Leaving late so she sleeps is a great idea and just try and have some snacks and maybe movie/show she likes available to watch. Good luck!

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I just went to the to the beach with my twins (1 year old) and they did amazing but they also loves going bye bye they love there carseats thank gosh lol but they was awesome I was a proud mommy and it was a 10 hour drive …we made a lot of stop to get them out and stretch and stuff but they did amazing good luck!!!

Haha, good luck and God bless my friend

As many activities as you can think of, snacks and stop often to let those little legs stretch if it’s normally an 11 hour drive plan on 15 to 18 hours…

Went to Oklahoma with my 2.5 year old &1month old. Everytime we stopped for gas we let him tear around for 30 minutes and it helped. He slept almost the whole way. (We also left at night 11pm.

We’ve driven many of places with our kids at ages. Y’all need to make sure you’re rested enough to drive…
books movies toys crayons and stop as needed. Have snacks and drinks in a small cooler

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I drove from Maryland to Florida it took 16 hours. We had a DVD player with some movies. Snacks. Toys.

Toy bag in easy reach so you can keep switching them out. Lots of snacks, sing alongs, and if someone can ride in the back with her they can read books. I find frequent stops can be a hit or miss because they typically don’t want to get back in :woman_facepalming:

I agree stops are a must …we stopped about every 1-2 hours depending on if they was asleep …but they had a hard time when the car was stopped thinking it was time to get out (like in a traffic jam) but snacks and stops are important. …and don’t forget the bathing suit (like i did I was so excited I forgot their bathing suits and had to go buy more after I just bought some a few days before hand)

I take plenty of snacks and drinks and thier favorite toys and I went and bought a portable DVD player for my car so they can watch thier favorite show

Put the kid on an airplane pick up up when you get there


Snacks. Frequent stops while shes awake. Movies, or a tablet with wifi hotspot. Drive mostly through the night but also remember baby can be sore after a long trip to so expect to let her stretch out on breaks.

We did it with 2 pre schoolers and a 1 year old in 1959. The trip went fine. My first experience with disposable diapers!

Don’t give all the toys at once. That way they won’t get bored with them quickly. Only 1-2 at a time.

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Kids songs you sing in the car, CDs or Bluetooth or whatever, in addition to what other moms have advised.

With our 8 month old that hates the car seat, screams for hours on end. The only thing that works for him is the iPad playing CocoMelon nursery rhymes. We had to drive 16 hrs the other day and we had minimal meltdowns until the very end. I might be classified as a bad parent for putting him in front of an electronic device but you haven’t ridden with my kid.


We just got to Florida from Illinois and we had a 16 month old in the car just make sure she is comfy and somewhere in the middle of the way there u or ur husband should go back there and play with her. Other than that she should be fine.

I drove from NH to FL & VT to TX with minimal stops with my oldest when she was 1.5 & 2.5 & she did amazing! That was 13 yrs ago… No phone for her to play on etc… She was a rockstar! Hopefully you have the same luck!

You can get phone holders that attach to the windows we did a few hours drive with his favourite programs on and take some stops on the way x

We took my daughter down to my dads,in vegas for her 1st birthday. She did fine

Drive as much as you can while they sleep. Have a cooler in the back to hold drinks. Have snacks. A DVD after and toys at east access. Clear middle seat to be able to jump back in the back if needed. Stop as needed. Nice to have some little side trips ( time out of the car moving for more then 5min at a time.) I didnt and had to spend aprox 1hr with kid walking around Walmart. Good luck. Plan for extra drive time.

lots of snacks…i would put diaper rash cream on just in case you miss her being wet, it will help avoid a rash, also sunscreen and eztra sippy cups eith water, juice or whatever

Make planned stops at rest areas,

I drive as much as I can while they are asleep, when they are awake I stop every couple hrs or more if there changing involved , healthy car snack and something to watch keep my baby bust she just usually cat naps while shes in the awake time

my dad used to take me down to KY when I was that age and he would just go in the middle of the night, slept right through every trip and was waking up as we were getting there. I plan on doing the same when I get the chance to take my daughter down :heart: