Tips on traveling with kids?

What are some tips and tricks for road tripping 20 hours to disney world and then 7-10 days at Disney world. We will be going for my sons 6th or 7th birthday and Will most likely have a baby by then also. Things I should bring, buy, activities for the road, snacks, pack for everything. I have been watching youtube videos, using pinterest and google. This is our first major vacation so I really dont want to forget anything.


We just did it and we started our trip at night…we stayed a night at at comfort inn in blyethwood south carolina… spent the day around there got some sleep and left early to finish off the drive. Went smoothly.

Good luck.

Comfortable shoes. Lots of walking and standing in line.

Portable DVD player or a tablet with Netflix(tons of titles available for online download). Look for parks and malls along your travel route, an hour detour will be worth it when the kids are worn out. The trip home will be 100x worse because there is little to nothing to look forward to. I saw a tip on Pinterest where each kiddo gets a clip and if they don’t exceed a certain number of warnings they get to keep their clip, each passenger with a clip at the next stop gets a treat. I advise stocking up on snacks and drinks in a cooler if one will fit, that way you’re not spending more money and time than necessary.

Most likely have a baby? Are pregnant and planning on making this trip close to your due date?

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Stop every 2-4 hours to change babies diaper. And pre baggie snacks and get a small cooler for drinks pack a pillow and blanket for the older son. Pack ALOT of diapers. Pack more clothes then you think you need. Sun balm. A hat for your son. If you have a stroller pack that to its ALOT of walking. You could always pack some formula for the car to its eaiser to bottle feed a baby while driving then it is to pull over to breastfeed. (Ive done both). Everything in disney is really expensive so if you need it bring it. But check disneys stroller regulations they just changed them. And there are no wagons allowed. And only a few double strollers are allowed. But most of all have fun!

I would suggest doing it before u have the baby, its hot, long lines , your 7 year old will have a blast but for a baby its not fun, my opinion, i took my 3t and at the time 1 year old, and it was too hot , long lines, they have little patience, the princesses and characters only come out for couple of minutes every time, understandable cuz its hot, but for the kids is frustrating .heard best time to go is during the week, monday or tuesday in september like the second week or so…school starts and there should be less people, faster lines,or february when is not so hot.Good shoes to walk, drink plenty of fluids.

Don’t go in summer it can be 120 out we where there in March it was in 80 very nice weather

Taking a baby to Disney is a horrible idea… just something to consider…

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Go to the $ store and buy a small crate. Fill it with healthy snacks and busy toys, books, crayons etc. Put it away to surprise him that day. He can bring it to the hotel and add his little souvenirs and such.

Take your time traveling, be prepared to stop every hour for bathroom breaks. Little kids and babies need to run off steam. Enjoy your trip seeing the sights along the way. Whatever you forget you can buy along the way.

I found it really hard to have my daughter who was then potty trained to squat and go on our 14 hour through the middle of no where drive back to Nevada… being a potty seat or expect an accident lol but then again you have a boy! They go anywhere​:joy::joy:

Bring a family friend to help you care for baby. Its extremely hot, little to no shade, & crazy long lines. Baby WILL be fussy & tired & sick of everything. They’re also in the process of banning strollers & large bags even ice so you’ll have to figure out how to breastfeed and even get water for formula. Not to mention they smoke at Disney everywhere!! I was shocked to see & smell it. I heard they’re trying to ban it finally on the news a few weeks ago but idk if they did yet. Last thing you want is someones great aunt blowing her pall malls in your newborns face in line.

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Stay at a Disney Resort so you can schedule fast passes 60 days in advance. Also, you can take advantage of the extra magic hours(getting into certain parks early and staying later).

I took my 6week old to Disney and it was fine! We went in December so not super hot. I put him in a wrap and also had a sit n stand stroller for my almost 4 yr old and the baby when I needed a break from carrying him. They’re so portable at that age. I had my in laws with me so plenty of people to trade off the baby so we could all do rides. I had plenty of formula with me and brought bottles with the water already in it. I had to wash them once so I just did it in the bathroom sink. I don’t really have a desire to do Disney again but it was fun once!

Mm…went to Disney with a 3 and 1.5 year old. WILL NOT BE DOING THAT AGAIN. We’ll go again when ALL the kids (including current pregnancy) are older (like 8 and up)

We went with my 2 boys (6&7 at the time and my daughter was 2) it was a 17hr drive. Bring snacks, portable DVD players and my kids had coloring books and such. It really wasn’t a bad trip. Disney is super pricey, I’d bring your own drinks and snacks. If you’re going with a baby try to avoid the really hot times. It’s a lot of walking. Sunscreen and lots of extra outfits for sure. Make sure to plan for extra stops for diaper changes and leg stretching.

And definitely do the fast passes. Otherwise you are looking at hour long wait times for rides and such

why would you bring a newborn? ain’t no vacation momma…*