To stay or leave my relationship

Hello so back story I got with a guy when my son was like 6months old my mom kicked my son and I out we moved in with bf and his family things happened we moved with his other family things got a little better. Our relationship was okay I guess. I loved him trying to make shit work him cheating and other stuff. Accusing me of cheating lying being a hoe a bitch slut every name under the sun. He keeps getting worse today we pull into store after I took him to job interview because he doesn’t drive. His aunt that doesn’t like me calls says he has to come over now. I had a whole list today because we were both off this morning. I ended up not getting anything done. So I got nothing done and he made me late for work. I texted his aunt to say I had shit to do today and that bf wouldn’t tell her the truth. Yet I’m the bitch and I’m wrong. He says he wants to be my sons dad because he’s not in picture but yet has nothing to do with my son. He only watches him while I work because he’s “required” to and he goes against everything I say. He lies about everything and let’s the kid do all sorts of shit he shouldn’t but yet one time he does something bad with me he never drops it.Boyfriend is a manipulative controlling narcissistic ass I know this. Why do I feel like it’s my fault I get treated like this… I’ve tried everything to make our relationship work I’m not sure what to do I have an opportunity to move somewhere with help of a friend out of state but I’m kinda scared for my son and I safety from some threats he’s made… I’m so lost😞 and my sons only 3yrs old and special needs and I feel like he won’t understand and be mad at me for trying to give him a better life.