Toddler refuses food

My son is 2 and every time he gets a slight cold he refuses all food. He keeps asking for milk and that’s all he wants. Any suggestions? It’s day 2 like this


Try yogurt and soft foods his throat might hurt!

Or while he’s sick maybe use pediasure


My son didn’t eat anything for 5-6 days when he had HFM. Don’t force it. Just keep him hydrated. When he is hungry he will eat.


My pediatrician says you shouldn’t give dairy products it will only make them more congested


My son just turned two in feb and hes the same way

As long as the child is staying hydrated I wouldn’t really should too much concern but I would switch to something on Dairy try Pedialyte or Gatorade


Sucks though bc if he’s congested and got mucus dairy and orange juice is t good to have bc it’ll produce more

No dairy we give my son water and propel to keep him hydrated

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Try avoid any foods with dairy in it. The dairy makes a slim film over the throat which cause more infection and more congestion in the throat, lungs and sinuses.

Try chicken soup or any other soup he might eat

Pedialyte and popsicles :slightly_smiling_face:

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As long as he’s drinking milk he’s fine

No dairy, it produces more mucus in the body. Push fluids like Pedialyte and Gatorade. Feed a cold, starve a fever. So as long as he isn’t having any flu like symptoms, he needs to eat. Try a lot of fruits and toast (maybe with a lil cinnamon and sugar :wink:) pretty much any of his favorite foods; just anything you know he will eat. Also orange juice, Vitamin C will help boost his immune system.

My daughter is 5 and still refuses food when shes sick. As long as they are staying hydrated. I suggest pedialyte and popsicles.

Just keep him hydrated he’ll be fine

The only dairy I would give is yogurt. Milk can make phlem worse

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At least milk is protein…good luck momma

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Try a bland diet? Crackers, bananas, plain rice, applesauce. If he refuses, try to keep him drinking fluids. As long as he is going potty/wetting diapers he will be okay.

How often does he get a cold?

My son is three and is the same. It’s normal if they don’t have an appetite just keep offering and they will eat when ready. Avoid dairy all together during a cold as it produces more mucus.

I asked about the no dairy thing on the after hours line at my children’s pediatrician. I was told it is an old wives tale. I don’t limit my children’s dairy because of a cold. My oldest is 9 and he does just fine.

My son was like that, just wanted milk…thought it was ok, untill he was puking…milk and snot don’t mix! Js

He’s sick!! Just hydrate him. He’ll be fine

Milk clogs them up WORSE when they have a cold. Cut out the milk…we do Pedialyte, Gatorade, & water…the occasional Sprite.

Give him milk… he’ll get back on track when he feels better…

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Try other fluids, but if he won’t take them milk is fine.

Idk but we were always told milk adds to congestion unless things have changed

No dairy. Just keep him hydrated as long as he is still peeing he should be fine. Of course also make him as comfortable as possible.

Try mixing Jello with warm water. Let sit to become thick, this will coat throat and tummy. Give him something different to consume. I wouldn’t push too much on the food, just offer different light things to eat. Crackers, toast etc. Get Pedialyte to ensure hydration.

Milk makes mucus thicker. I would try to give only water or watered down juice when kids are sick. Try some apple sauce, rice, fries cooked in the oven, apples…but he should eat a little. Even some cooled down chicken noodle soup. Jello is a good one too. Crackers, toast.

My son is the same. I keep toddler formula for when he does this so I know he is getting something

Feed a cold…starve a fever

It’s more important to keep him hydrated than forcing him to eat…he will eat when he is feeling better…his throat might hurt when he swallows food or something to that effect

My son is also 2 and is the same way. I just make sure to keep him hydrated and offer food or snacks often and when he is hungry or feeling well enough he eats.

Be the parent, say no and stick to it. He’ll drink something else when he gets thirsty enough.

My daughter was the same way, I brought it up to her pediatrician and this is a doctor I’ve known for 30 years and trust. She told me it was just fine she was getting what she needed from milk, and not to worry or try to force her to eat or drink something else. If she’s hungry she will eat, and she told me she would rather see her drinking milk than juice. She would go through phases where she would eat really good and then awhile where she wouldn’t. I started to experiment with different drink options and flavors to find some things she liked to drink, I’ve never given any of the kids straight juice, I usually do 1/4 juice and 3/4 water. Once I found some things she liked, she would start asking for it as opposed to milk 24/7, and slowly but surely she started to eat more, and started to really try to find some things she really enjoyed eating which got her to eat more. She’s almost 3 now and there are days she still doesn’t eat much and other days she eats a ton. She still gets Milk but usually only once a day, shortly after she turned 2, I threw out her favorite cups, that she only associated with milk, she would only drink milk out of them and she would drink other things out of other kinds of cups, and it ended up being easier than I thought, she refused to drink milk out of the new cups at first but it didn’t take long!
He’s 2 don’t let anyone tell you you need to force him to eat or drink something else ect… as long as he’s taking in something and still wetting diapers or going potty. He will be just fine. I’d only be worried if he wasn’t eating or drinking anything at all period.

Brake open some all purpose vitamins and make him some milk shakes. Never knew a child yet that would turn dawn a milk shake.

Give him the milk if he won’t eat

Give him watered down juice, sprite, make sure he’s hydrated. Vix vapor fun on their feet.

I’m 28 and hate eating when I’m sick too. I only do it because I have to but I also know this he doesn’t. No dairy and offer soup, maybe some smoothies of some kind without dairy. Give him time to heal up and he will go back to eating in no time. Also Gatorade/Powerade and Pedialyte.