Toddler with hearing loss

Did any of you moms have a toddler with hearing loss? My daughter is 2 and i asked the doctor about it so they sent her for a hearing test and she didnt pass it. They said it may be fluid behind her ears. so i had to go back to her doctor and get her looked at. Her doctor said there was no fluid behind her ears so now they need to do more testing… Have any of you other mamas been through this? What do they do next? Im waiting on a doctors call back but he has to go over her chart and set up the next steps. So i was wondeing what other mamas had to get done for there kiddos while i wait for the doctor.


Goto the ear doctor at the clinic, I forgot the correct term for the ear surgeons office.
My daughter had same problem when she was born. Didn’t pass any of her hearing tests for a few month’s after she was born. She had fluid behind her ear drums making it difficult for her to hear. At 4 months old they placed ear tubes in each ear and she was great after.
It is maybe a 15 minute procedure. They Will put your child to sleep because it would be impossible procedure
to do while they are awake. Won’t be able to swim in pool or lake for a few month’s without ear plugs due to possible infection. Baths are no problem though.
Doesn’t hurt to look into it. Hope all goes well.

Next we got referred to an ENT (ear nose and throat) doctor… They did more tests, ours was fluid behind the ear drum, they put tubes in and he started talking shortly after, like under a month. He was about 2 as well, I felt so bad the poor kid couldn’t hear lol.

Was it the pediatrician that said no fluid? I would see an ENT. We had a similar issue. She never had an ear infection, seemed to hear fine, pediatrician always said ears looks great but she didn’t talk and would ignore us. On her two year well check I asked for a referral to speech therapy and audiology (ENT). At her ENT appointment we found out that her ears were completely blocked with fluid (they did an air test) and her adenoids were enlarged. Basically she has been hearing under water. We had her adenoids removed and tubes put in a month ago and her speech has dramatically changed. She now says complete sentences like “what are you doing?” “How are you?” “Thank you” “I love you”.