Toddlers and getting them to eat

What can I do my almost 2 year old is refusing to eat


They eat eventually just keep offering. Get some pediasure or generic brand to atleast get some calories in em.

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If you have tried all the usual threats then maybe liquidise the food in something she likes

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Just gotta discover what she likes. My baby liked fruit flavored baby food mixed with her cows milk. It was like a smoothy

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Mine did this, it was an ear infection.

Figure out why…is the type of foods, texture did they have a traumatic experience or maybe they just aren’t ready…each child goes thru something in their growing yrs…

Mu kid did that before…just keep offering food. THEY definitely will eat when they are hungry!

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We give our son a carnation good start chocolate drink usually later in the day to make sure he gets some good nutrition. We try to like wait him out lol but he’s a butt hes 3 and hates eating. I do give him the things he will sometimes eat like chicken nuggets that I make in the toaster oven or pizza once a week but I don’t want him to get in the habit of junk. He does eat a TON of bananas :woman_shrugging: his dr said he’s still in a healthy weight and not to worry but not to feed into bad eating habits like junk food. So we try and every day he gets his “chocolate milk” protein drink. Sometimes I even give him high protein fiber bars as his “candy bar” I try to sneak nutrition in lol

I work for a pre school state ran pre school and we at kids in there that will not eat a anything but by the end of the year they are eating keep serving it it can take up to 30 times of serving something before they will eat it do not cater to them cook a variety of fruits and vegetables and meals they will eat when they Are hungry. Do not stress out or make it a big deal then they know they have control and that will make it worse. Kids often use food as a means of controlling something in their life especially after an event that has happened.

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Look don’t be worrying my 29 year old daughter after weaning decided at 2 that all she would eat was Campbell meatballs and easy single cheese she was that thin you could see through her took her to the doctors and he said if that’s what she eats give it to her cos when she’s an adult she be fine now she eats everything seafood sushi stuff id vomit over

Finger foods my 2 year old loves to eat. Anything he doesn’t need a utensil to eat with he will eat.

Small meals no more than one tablespoon of three different foods , children get full off just 1 bite when a plate is full or two much going on , leave snakes out healthy ones for toddlers will eat when they get hungry it’s more important to keep them hydrated so hang in there for this stage will pass then you’re gonna need to buy groceries daily :joy:

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Like the Dr said to Me “there are days We don’t feel like eating and nobody forces Us so just keep her hydrated and she will eat when she is hungry just keep offering”. Don’t stress mama you are doing great!!!

They will eat when they are hungry set food on the table and they will come eat it when hungry in my experience.

Dont give them snacks theyll eventually get hungry and eat


No snacks or junk. They will eat when hungry. Leave things on table within reach

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I had that same problem with my youngest daughter. The pediatrician said to keep reintroducing foods, it takes 13 times being served before they decide on like or dislike. But she mostly ate yogurt. She still won’t eat meats.

My 3 yr old doesn’t finish her dinner so it sits at the table and she goes back to eat it when she’s hungry

im having a hard time getting my 15 month old to eat and drink water. i think hes teething. all he wants is milk and pushes everything else away

Take the baby into the kitchen to prepare the food.
They’ll do a lot when they’re interested.

One thing I’ve noticed is Adults over Indulge And toddlers eat when they’re hungry

Make fun shapes and stuff make it fun let her help make the food keep trying if anything get her some ensure or Pediasure and make a shake or just have her drink it for the calories she’ll be ok

My daughter 2½ is also very picky. Won’t eat eggs or meat. I give her pediasure to make sure she is getting at the vitamins and nutrition she needs. She also eats those toddler packets of fruit and veggie mix. My Doctor said kids younger than 4 rather eat meat so it’s not unusual. Wish I could be of more help. It is hard finding things they like.

Limit fluids make mealtime fun

I googled to make sure peanut butter sandwiches had enough nutrients from my youngest. Thats all she would eat for like 2 weeks

Make fruit and veggie smoothies! That’s a fun way to get some nutrition :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Snacks are meant to be small meals that hold a child over until the next meal. If your child is hungry make them a little nutritional plate like a pasta or something instagram has a lot of great snack ideas for toddlers.

Toddlers don’t eat whole meals like adults do. Most graze throughout the day. Which is perfectly NORMAL and HEALTHY. :roll_eyes: Unless your child starts losing weight or plateaus, don’t worry about it. MOST children will eat when they’re hungry. I say most because NOT all children do. Some NEED intervention. But that’s besides the point.

No milk that fills them up

Your child only needs to eat about 2 tablespoons of food at that age. That is the proper serving size for their tiny tummy. I wouldn’t worry as long as your toddler is taking a few bites of things.


My kids are picky too. I just set up a “tea party” platter with a mix of things they like. Bits of meats cheese apples grapes raisins crackers and a muffin all chopped or cut up. We drink out of plastic champagne glasses with their milk or juice and they munch a little bit as long as I eat with them. Then they play and keep going back for more. After a while its mostly gone. And they love tea party time.


When my kids didn’t eat at the meal, I cut the left overs, meat and veggies into finger size bites and put it all on a plate on the kitchen table. I told them they could eat off that if they got hungry after the meal and within an hour or 2 everything was gone. Being able to take and eat what they wanted while playing was fun for them. I am sure that some was left on the ground but I saw them give neighbors bites and those kida ate foods they were given. Tiny bites were more fun than bites from a bigger piece of food at the table during a meal.


My daughter is two and I have the same situation with her right now. Her doctor told me to just let her ask me for food or just give little snacks here and there. She will eat more when she gets older. There just growing and learning different things and what they like or not like. Just be patience it will get better in time.

It’s not unusual for a toddler to barely eat one day and then mow down the next. Mine snacked more than actually eat a meal as toddlers. Give them options and let them take the lead.


It’s normal, when they’re hungry they’ll eat. We ours vitamins and milk and just keep offering him food. Some days he’s a food machine, some days he only eats a tiny bit


My oldest who is 6 is the PICKIEST eater. We found something he loved and just gave it to him until he didn’t want it anymore. Then we moved on to the next. My almost 5 year old is the complete opposite. Eats just about everything. Nothing to worry about, as long as they are healthy and continue to grow!

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Don’t worry too much about it. It’s normal for them to skip meals and barely eat. It’s more important that you’re offering healthy food. One bite of broccoli can be better than them eating only French fries. We do a lot of hidden veggies in pasta sauce. Kids like a white diet. Finding ways to hide things in meals they already like might be the best thing we’ve done. Less stress for both parties.

My granddaughter prepared a 6 cup muffin pan with bits of interesting foods such as cut up fruits, cheese,crackers, yogurt, etc. Made it fun for her little girls. They could come and get what they wanted when they got hungry.

Hi mom, I speak from experience as well. My boys are 9 and 7. Firstly please dont stress yourself. Try different food and notice what they prefer and give them that. My big son preferred Milo. So I gave him that, then i use to mke toast, fry finger food n let it lay where he played. He would play and subconsciously nibble as he play. Its very common mom so please don’t feel u doin something wrong. Even if bby like fruits, cut n leave it where they can help themselves.

All the best and may your little one always be blessed

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My mom always said kids only control what they eat & where they go to the bathroom & don’t make either one a fight because you’ll lose- she was totally right! Unless your child has a serious medical condition they cannot hold off eating long enough to starve (same with fluids). Keep putting out food- it can take 20 tries before they decide they like something. Both my kids (14 & 11) are picky eaters but are learning & growing. It’ll be ok! I hope you have a trusted pediatrician who can allay your fears.

Offer three meals a day and a snack. Make sure you are not allowing him to drink so much that he is full from that. All kids go through this he will eat and he is hungry. If you know there is nothing medically going on such as failure to thrive but it is still concerning you a lot get him some Pediasure

If you’re really worried about them not getting enough nutritionally, mine loved ovaltine chocolate milk at that age. He liked to help make it and I knew he was getting vitamins and good stuff.

Keep offering food they will eat when they are hungry NEVER force them to eat and a win is any amount. They won’t starve . if they drink and you are worried try ensure or like drinks but limit sugary drinks that have no nutritional value. Mom of 8 boys here they all go through it andvthey all out grow it

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My daughter was picky around that age I had her “help” me make meals and it started working I gave her a pot and spoon to mix and we did taste tests

As long as they stay hydrated they are ok to be picky. Working with children I have some that did pediasure some drink fruit or veggie smoothies or you can try the teaspoon for each of the food groups. Even if they weren’t picky some kids at two that’s all about of that much they will eat anyway.

Give them toddler pedia sure meal replacement shakes while trying to find things they do like I have 3 kids 2 under 10 and an adult and all of them went through this stage and outgrew it

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He/she will eat when they’re hungry. As long as your toddler is drinking fluids he/she will be ok. They will go through growth spurts and eat a lot and not so much when they are not growing

My 2yo grandson only wants to eat what he thinks he can’t have. Or wants to feed himself. So I put the food that I want him to have where he can just reach it. (Apple slices on the edge of the counter)

I’ve been told by my wic nutritionist that toddlers won’t let themselves go hungry. My 2 year old rays like a bird. Somedays she will eat anything and everything, other days not so much. She’s growing properly and her doctor is pleased with her growth so I’m not worried

Don’t push it too much. Its a phase. Offer meals and healthy snacks throughout the day. My daughter eats 1 good meal a day, will only eat a few bites out of the other 2 meals. Plus fruits and healthy snacks in-between. She will be 2 in October. Our dr always says to offer one food a meal that you know they’ll eat (but not junk of course)… she has been our pediatrician since my oldest was a baby (hes 11 now) and that last piece of advice was a life saver!

They dont starve themselves. Thats what my dr said. Just go about your day, eat your food. Toddler will become interested again. Just ride the wave hunni and try not to get to stressed as it will become a game.


That is quite normal! When my daughter was 2 she hardly ever ate. I would give her a snack if she was hungry. I only had one but shes almost 11 but lol I still know I’m a mom.

A vitamin ,start letting them help make the food, or use 100%pure honey drizzle it ,it’s healthy and natural but the baby won’t go Hungry allow the freedom too grow into the foods of choice …

Try finger foods. Small soft pieces of your food , not baby food! Baby food is pretty gross lol! Give them flavorful good , home cooked food! Some kids like dips like ketchup, ranch, peanut butter. Try fun plates or bowls with their favorite characters! Messy foods like pastas or rice just let them use their fingers and have fun with it while eating. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

My kids aren’t big eaters most of the time but i offer food if they refuse ita ok. I make sure they get a vitamin everyday.

Small portions numerous times a day. Not meals like adults

Not uncommon, let your baby eat what they want when they want it🤷🏻‍♀️ don’t just try force them to eat when they’re not hungry my 3 kids barely eat one day and can eat out a grocery store the next! They know when they’re hungry❤️

Let them help prepare their meal… Give them choices of 2 or 3 items than more to next group of choices

My mom told me that if they’ll eat hot dogs and popsicles they’re good lol

Kids will eat when they ate hungry or let them eat off your plate. Do not push them, you will just get aggravated

Stop feeding them junk. They’ll get hungry and eat what’s in front of them.

I did vitamins as well and when she was ready to eat, she ate.

Its phase/stages every kiddo goes thru. I just offer snacks more often, sometimes them seeing you eat something will make them want it and can do pedia drinks if concerned.

They will eat when they’re hungry. They won’t starve themselves.

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Add ketchup. Sounds nuts but that got my son to eat anything

They will eat when hungry.


Mine has a feeding tube for this issue. 🤷

Take all snack food away from him

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They’ll eat when they’re hungry

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Just make sure they take their vitamins

Eat infront of them😂they will eat your food.

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Just keep offering stuff . Get them involved with cooking.

They’ll eat when they are hungry

He will eat when he is hungry. I wouldn’t worry.

Don’t worry they eat when their hungry

They will eat when they get hungry. I feel all of us have gone thru this.

Let them eat off your plate

We started requiring all the kids to take one bite of everything. They don’t have to eat all of the plate, just one bite. It was a fight at first, but now, the kids eat almost everything. A lot if times, after the first bite they discovered they like what i made.

Following, though mine just turned 4

Put ranch on everything lmao

My two year old doesn’t have a problem with food, but he recently regressed and has decided he wants to be fed rather than feed himself. My older two did it as well. It passed eventually

My kids doctor said let them eat what they will eat but not junk. My daughter eats a whole lot of peanut butter and jellys. And she is healthy. My son never wanted to eat. He ate when he was hungry. And they both are just fine. My oldest eats anything

Just offer him the same food as everyone else at the table. Don’t acknowledge the fact that he’s not eating. When the meal is over (not before), allow him to get down, but keep his plate for later. When you offer it to him, later, you may have to endure a lot of crying and perhaps a few gallant fits on his/her part, but just keep your cool. Eventually he/she will get hungry enough to eat something…but you have to win the battle.

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he will get hungry eventually

I’ve always just put food in front of them. If they eat great. If they don’t I didn’t stress it. Kids won’t starve themselves. Don’t react to them not eating. Don’t beg. Don’t be a short order cook & make them whatever they want. It’s your choice to make meal time a struggle or not. All 3 of mine tried not eating, demanding certain foods. It never lasted long. My youngest is the worst of my 3. He’s 6 & refuses to eat at time. I just say “ok” don’t even make him a plate. He tries to cause drama. I just say this is dinner, if you’re hungry you’ll eat. Otherwise you can play until the next meal. Usually he chooses to eat.

Put some finger food out cheese grapes,all cut up small petit filou all small stuff to pick at x

I gave mine the ensure Pedialyte drinks. He loved them. I would still serve him a plate when we all ate. He started eating more and more as weeks went by.

I wouldn’t push it. Leave them some finger foods on a table where they can reach and let them eat what they want. They won’t starve themselves.

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Had the same problem doctor told me they won’t starve themselves. Make food available. No junk.

My son who is almost 6 is the WORST eater I think on the planet. His doctor knows and we have been to a nutritionist 3 times… she told me kids won’t starve themselves, as long as they are getting something they will survive… talk with your doctor about supplementing with some vitamins so your child doesn’t miss any key vitamins and minerals they need