Toddlers and social anxiety

Hey momma’s how did you deal with your toddler getting diagnosed with social anxiety and attachment issues, my husband has social anxiety as well really bad so I knew one of my kids was bound to have it. Because I’m barely holding on with trying to get him to do what his Pediatrician told us to do and I could use some good knowledge and reassurance


I’d just suggest taking him places to do things he enjoys and encourage him to wave to one new person. Then offer a reward. Once he’s more comfortable you can make it x amount of people, and then encourage talking to one person and so on. Do you know any children around his age that are more softer spoken and calm for him to play around and eventually with? When he’s uncomfortable always reassure him he’s okay and someone trusted is there for him.

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You should have him therapy. The peds while prob. A great doctor isn’t trained for handling big mental health issues. If you get off on the wrong foot now it can make their whole life even more difficult. Also at 2yo some social anxiety is normal. And after the last couple years I’d say it’s be weird if the baby wasn’t struggling coming out of isolation.

I have abandonment issues, and both my kids have separation anxiety bad, it’s a daily struggle going to the mailbox and them 30 feet away screaming like I’m not going to come back. But you have to take it one day at a time, get down on their level and explain I’m going to the store, and daddy is going to stay home and play with you, I’m coming back I could never leave my babies.

A lot of mental illness, such as anxiety and depression in young children are learned behaviors. They see someone close to them, like a parent exhibiting certain emotions and the child picks up on that and starts to show those same emotions or actions. Everything a child does is learned from someone around them. I believe the best thing to do is not only work with your child but also work with the father. Once dad starts healing his mind he can show different examples of emotions which will ultimately help the child understand that its not that scary after all. Especially if the child is a boy, he will look up to dad more because dad is also a boy.