Toxic in law causing problems

I need advice (toxic in law)
well my toxic in law lives with us for he needs caring only problem he is Very messy and is so rude to me ALWAYS. he mocks my kids all the time and is always belittling me and tries to brake my family apart. I’ve told my husband I can’t have him here destroying our home. None of his other family members want nothing to with him for the same reason. I contacted a social worker for my husband is rarely home to care for his dads needs, which leaves me here to deal with him along with my 4month old, 1 year old, and 12 year old for he soon will start his online school soon and I need to be his coach. His dad don’t respect me at all. Everyone has suggested to put him in nursing home but do to money my husband don’t want too. I’m so overwhelmed and now I want to leave him bit he turns it into threats as well as his dad to hit me and that he will take away my kids. I dont know what to do anymore to the point where I get negative thoughts on maybe I’m better off gone but then my children keep me strong and going. I’ve quit my job to attend my kids and home (including abusive in law) please I need help.

That’s a difficult situation, I’m sorry. If you have the opportunity to stay with a friend or family member, take yourself and your kids there to stay with them. Don’t tell him where you’ve gone. It’s really not fair to put that on you as it’s his dad, & he should know how he is considering no one else talks to him for this reason… but it also sounds like he’s like his dad. Sorry if I’m wrong. But yeah if it’s going to turn abusive you need to leave because once it starts it won’t stop, no matter what the excuses are. He should be on your side and concerned with how you feel but he isn’t and I’m sorry for that.