Toy storage in kids closet ideas?

Anyone have ideas on toy storage in their kiddos closet? My daughter will be 2 in March and she has a toy box, but looking to get a little more organized with her items so she can easily find/access them so the toy box can be used for stuffed animals. Bonus points for cost and if it can be attached to the wall- because my 2 year old is a Houdini.


I got a big “bean bag” for stuffed animals. Doubles as a chair! Use the toy box for other toys :slightly_smiling_face: could also do a over the door shoe organizer. I’ve seen those used for many things!

My daughter had her kitchen in the double wide closet. I had a Karen call on me for child abuse, and they asked my daughter, if she ever has been in a closet. What a hoot, when she asked if she wanted her to bake some cookies, and went for the closet, ,case dropped

IKEA Kallax storage with plastic or fabric bins labeled with words & pictures. Versatile, goes with any decor, will grow with her as you swap out what goes in each bin. Can add additional units for expanded storage or display space outside the closet. You can also get plastic ones at WalMart but they can crack and break.

We do the long cube cases or this. Both have been amazing in the playroom.