Tubal ligation recovery?

Three months postpartum, and I’m having a tubal ligation in a few weeks. Any tips or suggestions on how to make recovery go as easily as possible. TIA

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Make a grocery trip things your older ones can fix themselves and/or open for the littles: lunchables, easy mac…lasagna…
Also ask for the 48 hour pain shot! Helped me so much!

Ask them to pump out all the air. Pain is caused from residual air. If you hurt at all you need to walk it out.

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The gas the use is the worst… it settled between my shoulder blades… other then that surgery was a breeze… no one pain pill used.

Get up and MOVE. If the gas settles you will feel worse.

I woke up in extreme pain in my stomach, make sure you ask them for pain medication straight away. I had to take ibuprofen & Tylenol for about a week. After that the pain went away.

The air they fill you with is the worst part of it. By the following day you should be fine

Sitting/sleeping more upright and walking will help get that air out

Loose fitting pants. Get up and move. Don’t lift anything to heavy.

I got my tubes tied and it made my periods unbearable. I hope u have a better outcome but it almost caused me to have a hysterectomy.

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Like everyone has said! The gas pain is horrible!! Be sure to get up and walk, I also took Gas-X to help around the clock for 2 days!