Turns out my husband is a bully, will he ever change?

It took me some time to see but my husband is a bully. I’ve called him out on this before and just basically ignored me but he doesn’t get mad or defensive. I hate the way he treats my teenage son (from a previous relationship). He is not verbally or physically abusive but gets a power trip any time he can possibly yell at him for something. He is very quick to temper and dishes out undeserving punishments just because he can. He never wants his friends over or for him to do anything fun unless he is leaving. He wasn’t always this way, but we were recently married and he is letting his guard down. We have 2 young kids together. I can’t see him being this way to them because he clearly favors them, at least the boy, but what if. Still doesn’t make any difference because he is not good to my oldest. It’s not fair to him and I don’t know what to do. I’ve talked to my husband about this, calmly and not calmly many times and he still goes back to his ways.Can he change? Will counseling help? Will he ever accept parenting help? Is my marriage over before it really even started? I don’t want to leave him but I don’t want to mess my kids up being in this relationship. He is so spiteful I can see the separation being terrible and he would be awful to deal with. I know some families are better off separated but I don’t see that being the case here. I just want to fix this, his lifetime of bad character. I want to parent together. Does that really happen or am I crazy?

Since you’ve already brought it up before, I would say maybe therapy will help. Maybe he can figure out why he acts this way towards your son. I can assume it’s because he is from someone else, but if he wasn’t always like this then wtf? I would try therapy and see if this helps, maybe they can explain it better or in a different way that will click with him. If not, I would most likely end it and move on. He should not be treating him like that, and it’s not okay for your little ones to see it and thinks it’s okay either.