Twin early did you have your babies?

Twin moms how early did u have your babies? An how long they have to stay in the hospital?


I had twin boys. Preterm labor at 32 weeks which they were able to stop but did receive steroid shots. Then real labor at 34 weeks. They were only in NICU 6 days :blush:

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Mcda twin girls, emergency c section at 35 weeks coz I went into labour & they were sideways.
7 days in hospital (Nicu for 5 days & room with me for 2 days)

I had my twin girls at 37+5 days i had t stay in 2 night including the night of giving birth x

indentical mirror image boys born 35.5 in Nicu 3.5 weeks They have oral dyspraxia so it took a long time to get them to learn to feed

36 weeks and we stayed 3 days I had a C-section one twin had to stay in NICU for a few days due to sleep apnea they was 7# 7oz and 7# 9oz

Boy/girl at 32 weeks. 28 days NICU. I was released and shopping 2 days after c section.