Two year old is waking up through the night in fits, help?

I have an almost two year old son, he used to sleep through the night like a charm! Always slept in his crib independently and never woke up during the night. Till recently about a month ago he started wanting to come into the bed. He would wake up during the night crying. We let him come into the bed because I figured maybe he was scared? We let it continue because we have a 5 month old. To avoid my crying 2 year from waking the baby up we just let him sleep with us. Now it has gotten to the point where we can’t even transfer him in his bed without him screaming at the top of his lungs and waking up our baby. He wakes up during the night screaming and the only thing that will pacify him back to sleep is drinking a cup of water. That sounds okay right? Well, he wakes up now multiples times during the night for water and it goes straight through his diaper and onto our bed! So it’s been a struggle. I know we should of stopped it when it happened the first time, but I’m still learning. He has definitely entered the “terrible twos” because now he just screams whenever he wants anything and throwing tantrums. He doesn’t use his words and just screams like crazy. Like I said my husband and I gave into it fo avoid waking up/disturbing out 5 month old. We have tried giving him warm baths with lavender before bed but it hasn’t helped us one bit! Please help, I’m still learning to be a good mom, but sometimes I feel like I’m failing most days…

Try and ask him why he wakes up so much. Does he have nightmares? Is he scared of something? When my daughter was little I gave her milk and I would put a small amount of rice cereal in it to help it be thicker to make her feel more “full”. It may not be realistic right now while having a baby but try to tire him out during the day. Take a walk to the park and let him run around for a while. Do scavenger hunts at home - set up things around the house and give him a basket to collect them all. Just keep him occupied. Before bed time give him a warm bath, and if possible stop the bottle drinking around 30 minutes before he goes to sleep. My daughter always had to have her bottle / cup when going to sleep, but people would recommend that to me since she get the bed wet while sleeping. I would mainly try to ask him why he acts like that, that seems extreme just to get some sleep

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Two year old is waking up through the night in fits, help?

Could be night terrors…my daughter had them. Her doctor suggested a very subbtle dose of melatonin for her before bed. It helped keep her asleep through the nignt, its natural and inexpensive.


Meet you in Dreamland pediatric sleep consultant. This lady answers questions every Thursday I think at 8. Check her out on fb she’s awesome you can also read what others have asked and how she’s replied. I used her when I was sleep training 2 of my kids. She uses any method you are comfortable with.


Aww poor guy, maybe try a filling snack before bedtime so his tummy is full. Also if he drinks water in the night, and pees, might as well do diaper changes in the night or lay him on a towel just in case.

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Well to the imagination stage. Completely normal. My son started dreaming about dinosaurs at the window to eat him around that age

Normal sleep regression happens when kids are 2. You letting your child in the bed every night can produce a sort of separation anxiety when that child is alone in their bed. I would suggest taking turns and sleeping in your child’s room with them for a spell. The sleep regression usually doesnt last long just keep on it. I also wouldn’t suggest water every time your child wakes up during the night. 2 year olds are definitely challenging.


My little boy just turned 3 and he’s been waking up screaming and crying for about a year and found out it’s night terrors

My daughter did the same thing when she was in her crib. We eventually transitioned to a toddler bed and have not had any more issues since.

4 3 2 still in bed with me in bed lol.

First off your an amazing mom because you care and love him!! My son did that about the same age. He slept threw the night at 2 months then bam! It ended up being sleep regression, and teething and separation anxiety a mixture of all those things. It was rough for us for a few months it was during last winter during covid. We went threw so many things to try to help and and understand what he wants… I would take him out to the couch and lay on the couch looking at the Xmas bulbs so frustrated and felt defeated… they like a routine and once it get twisted I think it started off from there… what we did was start a new routine, bath time warm water to help him relax then lotion up… I swar by vicks and calming lotion like that chest and feet then give him some milk about an hr before bed to fill him up. We always read 2 books then teeth and bed. For a week straight did everything and put him to bed excatly the same time every night. That routine made him know it’s time to calm down and get ready for bed. The other thing I did wrong was everytime he woke up would give him milk because he would fall asleep… but they are smart ones and know how to get there way… by doing that he know if he woke up I would be there to give him milk and knew we would go in couch til he fell asleep. That was VERY hard to do and I see it now but at the time didn’t realize I created another problem. Then after a week it was a lot smoother til it’s back to the normal… it was rough because we had to deal with teething also so it took longer… our daughter had it too but much easier and teething was too… I honestly think in my opinion that boys are extra sensitive and you don’t think they would be… with covid it’s harder for kids that age to talk and express themselves because they haven’t had the experience of being social and learning so our son turned 2 in May and he is getting better but I feel slower than our daughter because she got to go shopping at the grocery and learn and say banana ad just stuff like that fairs for animals and girls are faster I think… I know it’s frustrating and hard and you want sleep so bad but I remember my mom telling me it’s just a faze it won’t last forever just have to make it threw and you will actually miss it… she was very right on it all… I actually literally thought about how last winter how we snuggled on the couch lookin at the Xmas trees and I miss it😩 it was rough but now I see it was so special and us time… hate to tell you that sleep regression is no joke it truly happens anytime and it happens a lot with big milestones for them and being a sponge and learning their little brains don’t know how to shut it of… I wish you the best of luck and hang in there it’s just a faze and will work out when you start to relax they feel the vibes and that helps… I think we all feel the same at some point alot don’t like to ask or just plain vent because of the back lash it can cause and sometimes knowing you can vent and ur not alone is the best pick me up!! You got this💪

Make sure he isn’t diabetic.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Two year old is waking up through the night in fits, help?

Our 2 YO started doing almost the same thing when we brought home new brother. Pedi said she was doing it for attention because of the change. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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And also - not to scare you but if one cup of water is making him leak that badly, I would have his blood sugar checked. My oldest is also type 1 diabetic and we went through something similar as well. A high blood sugar can cause vivid and scary dreams as well.


He’s having night terrors. I had them when I was about that age. I’d wake up screaming and my parents would come running. You can’t touch them or even attempt to wake them from their trance. It’ll only scare him more. Unfortunately my oldest inherited it from me and would wake up screaming some nights even though he was usually a great sleeper. He will outgrow it. Don’t stress too much! I know it’s tough but it’ll pass.


Our.lil girl done this exact same thing we put a toddler bed n our room beside my bed worked like a charm she wanted to feel safe I believe

We co-slept with our children and now we co-sleep with a grandchild…it works for us but is not for everyone…they make chucks for the bed to keep it from getting wet…that’s what we use…if my child/grandchild is thirsty I give them a drink…

We’re going through a similar sleep regression… I know how tough it is, hang in there Mama :heart: your not alone. You are doing the best you can, and that’s all that matters. Your babies adore you, and they are both loved and cared for. Personally do what you think is best, and what works for your own household. I follow sleep experts on insta like Big Little Feelings, and read up on parenting toddler books. Good luck to you!!!

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Play light classical music in his room and he will sleep, well, like a baby! Try it and see!

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Sleep regressions suck but majority of the time it’s happening because of too many changes, stick to a plan even if it means a couple of sleepless nights to get him back on track, also try spending actual one on one time with him and not sharing the attention with the baby could help ease the transition back to normal

No water after a certain time. Period. You know he isn’t going to die of thirst by morning, save yourself the hassle, stick to the No.
As parents, we of course don’t want to hear our kids scream/Hollar. But kids are also good at manipulating their parents. You could try the toddler bed like someone else said, but honestly I wouldn’t. He already knows what it’s like to have his own space. Personally, I would do a couple things that are just you and him, or dad and him, something active to wear him out some, stick to the no water after a certain time in the evening. (At least an hour before bed time)
Good luck momma!

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Look up night terrors for toddlers. They usually start at 2 years old. We are going through the exact same. My little one used to a perfect sleeper. She’ll wake up screaming and thrashing, not responding to her name.

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You created the monster. Now it’s tough love, stop with water after bedtime and get a bed or something next to yours and start
there, your the boss and parent,
Have the same bedtime every night, night lights and story time


You are the parent, go back to being the parent, hard to hear it but it is the truth.
Either you drive or baby does. Baby will go back to sleeping sound if you ignore them.


Hello as a Evangelist of the’s a spiritual attacks that’s going on in the home and it leashed onto your child.Start praying as family together before bed and play softly in the child room spiritual music . I’ve done this with my 5sons when they where young and they are adults and they continued with it as well and also go on YouTube for house cleaning prayer and play it for your home.You might not believe it but we come in contact with all type of spirits when we are out at work playing socializing and etc. so it’s just a spiritual attack but it found itself to your child something that can be easily fixed if you ever need someone to talk to or advice feel free to reach out to me thank you.

Sounds like night terrors. Absolutely nothing you can do about these except to offer a drink of water and stay with them until fallen asleep. Usually this will settle around school age if not earlier.

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Sounds like my house! My daughter is 18 months in her own room in a crib, and we have a 10 week old. My daughter does it prob 3-4 times a week. It’s definitely night terrors, I still keep the monitor in and I’ve watched her in a sleep come out of it just screaming. Sometimes I thought teething but she’s got a full mouth , I’ll bring her to bed with me then, it’s frustrating but she’ll sleep, sometimes I’ll move her back to her crib but she’s getting heavy

Two year olds have a hard time explaining what happens to them at times. Something has scared him and it takes special questions to find out what is wrong with his bed.

melatonin for kids use it for a week to try to get him on a different pattern

Sometimes you have to resort to tough love. No means no. No matter how much he throws tantrums. They will get less but you can’t give in. This will help him control himself as he gets older and k own you mean it when you tell him something


My son has been screaming since he was a year old and 5 months i believe… next month he turns two years old, he still wakes up about 4x a night for milk and if I don’t give him milk he screams really loud so to avoid it I give it to him it’s a nightmare

#momlife. I’m dealing with the same thing over here girl. My lil guy turns 2 next month . I believe mine is waking up throughout the night because he’s cutting his back molars because he use to sleep all through the night. Good luck Lil mama !

He’s having night terror’s… He will out grow them. But for now try to implement a sleep routine, where you walk around the room looking behind doors under beds in closets to let him know nothing is in the room. have a night light, read a fun story and he’ll fall asleep and stay sleep a lil longer… However again these are night terror’s almost always have to be outgrown.

Also time for a big bed so when you transfer you can lay down for a second

Redo his room.
Make a HUGE DEAL about it.
“Omg. Look at that big boy bed!! :scream::scream: are those new blipy sheets!? Look at this new stuffy and blankie!”
Amp it up. If you’re excited about it he will be too.
A night light that projects on the ceiling.
When the night time wakes happen you go in there with a new diaper and a glass of water, shhhh him, tuck him back in and yell night night my love. If you have to, lay with him in his bed for a little bit


You have to ignore that screaming and just do it. He is manipulating you. Terrible twos is just the brain forming the self control part. Up to that point it Wasnt formed at all. Ever tantrum you give in, it doesnt teach his brain anything about self control. Best to do when he loses it is walk away. When He learns you meant it he will start learning.

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My daughters used to have night terrors. Around that same age. Just remember that baby is terrified and you are his safe space. As far as throwing tantrums during the day, all toddlers do it. He’ll grow out of it in a few years


Just remember, you get to make the decisions, not your toddler. Stand firm. You may have a few tough nights, but it will get better.

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Maybe he needs to go to the chiropractor and get adjusted. Same thing happened to my son’s and we took them to the chiropractor and it fixed the night terrors!


I would have one of you start sleeping in his room and slowly start leaving the room when he’s asleep. When he wakes up go back to his bed and fall asleep in his bed with him. We had to do that with our daughter when she was around the same age. Took a few months


My toddler has night terrors and this sounds similar, bit I’d suggest maybe a peds appt to rule out ear infection

My daughter did the same thing at the same age. I feel like there is some connection between potty-training and night terrors. Like in their sleep, they know they’re supposed to pee in the potty now but they can’t wake themselves up yet? Hard to explain, but almost every time my daughter woke up screaming, she had to pee. I think he will outgrow it. Just would steer clear of the water at night.

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Check and see if he has a water infection or anything and rule that out

Don’t give him melatonin it’s not recommended for kids under the age of 3

Many years ago my daughter was like this and yes I gave in and took her into our bed. She settled in her cot till I went to bed then screamed blue murder till I gave in. She then slept…I didnt.
Dr advised leaving her to cry …tried it but she learned to make herself sick and screamed literally all night.
I’m not a believer in medicating youngsters but it got so bad I began to understand why mothers murder their babies.
It took 3 weeks on chlorale hydrate from the Dr to settle her into a routine. I hated it. She was out cold and I was scared she would be sick and not be able to turn over or cough…I still got no sleep. I didnt make the same mistake with my second.
I accept that the situation was totally my fault but we were both nurses on shifts and one of us was always up early…was easier to give in to her.

When is his nap time? My daughter used to do this at 2. The only days she didn’t do this were the days that she had a later nap. So around 3 I’d lay her down and then at night she never woke up screaming and she still went to bed at her normal time.

Sarah, good comments, ect.

Giving into it is only instilling he behavior ! Deal with the five month old and don’t give in to the two year old

My Dr. Said right when kids turn two they can start having night terrors since their memories are working better

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Tough love. Lay on his floor next to his bed if you have to but put him right back to bed and tell him he needs to go to sleep. No water. No your bed. Give him a hug and a kiss and tell him you’ll lay by him until he goes to sleep. Move the baby to a quieter room if you can.

About this age, my son had night terrors.

Idk I have to let my 2 year old stay up until 2am, melatonin, and let her fall asleep in my bed then take her to her room. Sometimes I leave her in the bed with her dad and I. Sometimes she sleeps in her brother’s bed I kinda leave her in there until she wakes up

My daughter started with night terrors air that age. What works for us is taking her to the bathroom and tucking her back into bed. We never attempt to wake her up. And we have to race in her room before it goes too far.

The fact that he is asking for water multiple time is concerned. Mention that to his pediatrician and ask to check his A1C.

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get one of those globes that cast lights on the cieling in the shape of his favorite toon

Doctor check up just with him wanting so much water. It’s better to err on the side of caution

Kennedy Escobar…… something to look out for maybe?

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I would limit screen time before bed. If you stay home maybe try nap time in his bed. When my toddler throws fits. We have started telling him to take a deep breath and count to four until he can talk to us. I am planning on getting a spray bottle and spraying room for monsters if it when he starts getting scared. Good luck hunnie

Sleep regression- growth spurt have baby goto sleep with a full belly nice warm bowl of oatmeal sippy cup with water.

Hey our son went through something similar! It does pass. I had to eventually sleep with him part of the night or stay in the room part of the time. I also bought a night light clock to help ease his anxiety anyways If you want a more detailed recount of events I’ll have to wait till they’re sleeping.

So we just want through this with my 2 year old and turns out he was having growth pains. Went on through a few weeks but eventually he calmed down and has been sleeping at night again! We thought it was night terrors til we got him in the doctor and that was what was explained! He suggested a little but of Tylenol before bed to help and it worked like a charm!

At 2 years old they will go through a sleep regression as well as having a new sibling is a lot.

I use the baby white noise on YouTube have since my son was 2 months and only way he’ll sleep he gets up at night due to night terrors. But best of luck

Try a weighted blanket.

Its not really what you asked, but consider using a white noise machine for the baby so the screams are less likely to wake them. We have one for our toddler (3 in less than a month), and one for our 16 month old. 2 yr old wakes up every night crying, and 16 month old never wakes up. On the rare occasion the 16 month old wakes, the 2 yr old is never disturbed either. It might give you a little more leeway to try some methods out if you know the little one is less likely to wake up. Ours were like $15-20 each from Amazon, so they don’t have to be expensive.

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Night terrors, and also giving into your LO has taught them you will come to the rescue when they want attention. Look up the period of purple crying, self soothing. Otherwise you will be doing this routine for a while

Regressing is normal when there is a new baby. Consistency is key.