Unique gift ideas for boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I just got back together after separating due to a lot of stress with work etc. Also, I have 3 girls and he was there for 3 years of their lives and my youngest called him daddy. Our lives calmed down and things started looking up for both of us and we both felt like we could talk again. He says he sincerely misses us and needs us back in his life. I am so in love with him and I have been since I saw him play with my daughter for the first time. He melted my heart and I want to show him that I’m in this 100% as well as he. I want to get him a unique gift! Any ideas?! He’s outdoorsy and athletic, likes nice clothes etc


My suggestion is to show him the door!!!

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How about something with an image of you and/or the girls on it? You can get socks like this, for example, though probably not thick hiking socks. You can buy transfer paper at a craft store, use it in your printer & iron the image on anything made of fabric. A great pair of hiking boots or a stylish reversible jacket would be nice if you can afford it. More expensive, a tent big enough for all of you or a canoe or rowboat you can all enjoy. Or reservations at a cabin in the woods you can all sleep in at night & hike/explore/swim/cook over a fire during the day.