Unique topic: man playing with girls heart

So I have a friend that has told me this story and I feel bad she isnt doing well physically or mentally. I am trying to help her in any way that i can. So the story is: she started seeing this guy about 12 years older than her that was actually married but she thought that he got divorced or seperated since he was not wear his wedding band. He stopped wearing his bad about 8 months ago then they started seeing each other 5 months ago. She ended up leaving her boyfriend she didn’t hate but also didn’t love anymore because the man she was seeing from work said he would like to see where this will go and told her how much he enjoyed her and that they got along well. Then he had an opportunity to get out of his current job and shift to another location with the same company. He said doing this would help with the relationship so they could see each other more and they did for a month then all the sudden he was like i cannot see you anymore my wife and i went to the bank to sort out finances and she said she will take me for everything. Since this happened this girl has been so heartbroken and doesnt want to do anything she barely eats and has told me she has thought about harming self. I talk to he all the time and stop by. she still goes to work and other activites. help please


I know this isn’t what she wants to hear, but she’s better off moving on! It sounds like he was using both her (your friend) and his wife to get the best of both worlds! If he really wanted to end his marriage, he would. He’d get a lawyer and try to negotiate dividing up assets. It wouldn’t be easy cause the wife will be hurt and probably want to fight for as much as she can. But if he really wanted to be with your friend then it would be worth going through the fights and even loss of some things.
The fact that it was easy for him to breakup with your friend and go back to his wife probably means the marriage was never truly over. Which means he probably never intended to get a divorce. He was lying to your friend to keep her around. It’s better she finds out now before years go by and she wastes all that time on a jerk that doesn’t deserve her. All you can do is be there for her. Keep checking on her and maybe do something together that will make her feel good. Like going to a salon or a night of dancing or something. It’ll take a while for her to move on but she will be ok. Good luck.