Unsupportive partner with his family?

I’ve recently seen a message on my partners phone from his brother stating that my partner doesn’t get to do any of “his” stuff but I still get to do mine. I read or watch “my shows” when the children are asleep on me or in bed for the night. My partner likes to play xbox and some games if they’re online can’t be paused have a long load up time or have a complicated story line.

We have a 2 under 2. I tell my partner to play xbox constantly or put what he wants on the TV but he doesn’t. We both look after the children, he cooks and I do the washing and the washing up. There’s normally kids tv on during the day in the background for my 1year old not that he always watches it.

Am I unreasonable in watching TV when the kids are asleep and hes in bed because I’ve let him have a lie in?

His brother is also meant to be coming down next week, my partner has done nothing to correct him or tell him differently just agreed with him. I stick up for my partner with my family all the time but he clearly doesn’t do the same for me. I now don’t want to see his brother when he comes down and have told him I won’t be seeing him so he can be nice to my face when hes slagging me off behind my back, not only to my partner but also his daughter whose currently staying with us all because my partner and I were in the middle of an argument and I think I’m currently suffering from Postnatal Depression.

His brother also apparently told him not to move out of a 1bedroom flat as it was in his name despite the fact we had our second child on the way, due to the fact that my partner had “some control and leverage”

Am I unreasonable in saying I don’t want to see him? And being hurt my partner can’t or won’t stick up for me?