Update on my previous question

Because of everyone commenting on my extreme thirst being a diabetes symptom (back in July), I did go to my dr, from there I was admitted to the hospital. I was in DKA (my blood sugar was over 500) I had no idea I was so close to a coma, the drs were surprised I wasn’t in one. It explained why I was getting clammy and randomly throwing up and I was tired 24/7. One mom commented how she wouldn’t even trust falling asleep… honestly this page saved me so because of that I’m able to get to be with my son - hopefully much longer. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Such a scary thing to have went through and not even know it! This page definitely helps more than some may think even if everyone isnt doctors…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Update on my previous question

Look into ketogenic dieting and reverse the type 2 diabetes :heart: good luck

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Nice to see some feedback.
So glad you’re getting the help you need now :heartpulse:

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I’m happy you were able to figure out what the issue is and getting help! This is nice to see :heart:

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So glad you got the medical treatment you needed. Diabetes is scary.

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Glad that you’re feeling better.

I have had diabetes since I was 15 I am now 29 two babies later and I have been in DKA More than 50 times no lie but I have never been in a coma thank God! But just know you were not alone!

Prayers and a healthier diet. Insulin will save your life❣️( our life). Please please talk to a nutritionist …I’m glad u are ok. Diabetes is a silent killer