UTI home remedies?

Ok mamas I need advice! I’m out of options I feel helpless my daughter whom is 6yo. now has been having UTI’s/Blood in her urine since 2yo… She has been in and out of the hospital … treated for it but it always comes back within a few months… sometimes weeks. I hate seeing her in pain it is like they won’t help her :disappointed: not taking it serious… what should I do?


Has her pediatrician referred her to a urologist? That’s where I’d start if not.


Only children soap. both bath and Laundry.

Different doctor. Clean the tub before you give her a bath, if you want to give her a bubble bath, use shampoo to make the bubbles and rinse off with clean water after. Cut down on caffeine if any.


My daughter started pre-k and got two and our doctor sent us to Children’s Hospital. I would demand to be sent to a specialist. Have they done any testing on her? I hope that you get some answers because this can cause her problems her whole life.

Have her checked for kidney reflux.

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The white cranberry peach is really good and not as strong (personal opinion) my youngest prefers it to the red. No bubbles in the tub


If you give her bubble baths, try to cut back to no more than once a week (recommended by my daughter’s pediatrician,) give her some cran-apple juice and lots of water.
See a urologist as soon as you can.

I would be very careful and make sure it isn’t a kidney problem. I had repeat UTIs since I was very little and I eventually had to have surgery to correct it. It’s called urinary reflux. they would have to give her an unpleasant test to find out if that’s what it is but if nothing else works you might need surgery.


Take her to a pedantic urologist

No baths… no powders … have they checked her kidneys? Have them check the kidneys there’s a reason she’s gettin them so often… Try no sugar cranberry juice …

Show her tricks to fully empty bladder while awaiting dr appt referral for urologist

Make sure she wipes front to back. Use cotton panties. Have her drink plenty of water. Also get a second opinion

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Start with non scented plain Dove soap only water to drink no juice no pop no caffeine at all hypoallergenic laundry soap make sure she showers everyday no bath when she goes pee make sure she is opening her legs wide enough this to can cause infection have her pediatrician set her up with a urology appointment and don’t let her stay at nobody else’s house until you know what is wrong

My daughter started getting UTIs when she was a baby. She would end up in the hospital with them. After finally seeing a Urologist he said her urethra needed stretched. When she would pee the urine would flow backwards and stay in her then she would get a uti. She had surgery when she was 6. Never got another one. Also, her urologist said getting a uti has nothing to do with what you drink. He did say no bubble baths.

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Plenty of water an cranberry juice. Wear white cotton panties. After bath/ shower dry her with a dry towel

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I was born with kidney reflux. And because of that I get constant UTIs if I don’t watch what I have.

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Pediatric urologist, and don’t back down if her regular pediatrician blows it off again, don’t accept a blow off anymore from none of them, sometimes you got to in their face about it. Because your her momma, you know that something is wrong, believe that.


Id change doctors and hospitals if l we’re you or stay at your hospital all day and night until something is done :heart_eyes:


100% cranberry juice don’t do that ocean spray stuff as it contains little to no cranberry but tons of sugar, only wash her privates with water no soap in any form, let her use unscented wet wipes and ‘front to back’, cut back on sugar as bacteria feeds on that stuff in general, definitely have her kidneys checked by a specialist. Epsom salt bath can help relief pain.

Referral to a good urologist right away. Drink lots of water and low fat foods

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No more baths. Have her use wet wipes. Make sure she is wiping properly.

Have they checked her kidneys? My oldest daughter had a lot of similar issues, found out by accident that she has 4 kidneys.