Vaginal pressure during pregnancy?

Is anyone 31 weeks pregnant with pressure on and off down below? Please help?


It’s normal. It’s your body getting prepared.

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I’m almost 33 weeks and yes pressure

It could be “lightning crotch” or round ligamwnt pain or spd.


Yes especially with pregnancies 2-5 it got worse with each pregnancy


ALL THE TIME! I’m over it. Disturbs my sleep and makes me nauseous. I’m 31 weeks btw.

Yup. And baby girl dropped today at 29 weeks…

27 weeks with baby number 4 and already having pressure and “lightening crotch” since I was 24/25 weeks.

Very normal at this point. Nothing to worry about unless accompanied by other symptoms.

All part of being pregnant

I had it while pregnant the baby was too long for my upper body.

Unfortunately it’s normal. I hated it so bad. It was the worst with my 4th baby. It felt like all my issues were going to fall out of my vagina. Try yo relax as much as possible. Hopefully you start to feel better.

Totally normal. I always thought those baby’s were coming early but they needed to be induced each time.

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It is but It’s not always “normal.” However, you know your body more than anyone else if something feels off go with your instinct. I felt this severely and went to the er only to get ignored and dismissed (since I was a first time mom) they ignored it and went into preterm labor at 27 weeks.

My daughters head was so low I always had the pressure. I used to walk with my hands cradled under my belly to help relieve the pressure. Some babies just go reallllllll low. Totally normal.

Oh boy I had vaginal pressure with my last pregnancy from 25wks on and delivered at 34wks. I had twins though and it was baby A that was causing all the pressure

Yes and only gets worse lol :joy: some days I feel like he’s gonna actually make the great escape :joy::joy:

Sit on a rolled up towel! With my last pregnancy, it was so bad, I almost fainted at the store. A rolled up towel helped me so much!

Yes. This is my second pregnancy and the farther along I get the heavier the pressure gets. This did not happen in my first pregnancy so it was concerning at first.

I had a feeling of someone trying to shove a bowling ball up my lady bits. And it sucked so bad. They make braces for it but it still sucks.

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Yes totally normal! I’m 37 weeks and have had this feeling since 24 weeks! It’s so painful! This is my 2nd too. Never had with first. I feel as tho I can feel babies head really low at times and have to walk around holding my belly. Worse when I have being very active with my 3 year old during the day. Keep drinking water and getting rest of you can as this helps x

That’s the “thunder down under” your baby is dropping into position, getting ready for birth. Not quite yet but positioning itself. It’s natural to get pressure on and off especially if you’re that far along.

Yep doesn’t hurt to check for uti also sometimes you forget that part because of “normal” pressure lightning crotch etc.

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Very normal. I used a belly band in my third pregnancy, and this helped quite a bit to reduce the pressure and pain

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I went into preterm labor at 32 weeks and from them till I gave birth at 35 weeks i had immense pressure

Currently almost 31wks too, I go to bed with a hot water bottle between my legs and it helps soooo much.


Currently 30wks pregnant and since 28wks I’ve had the pressure. Same time as the baby went head down.

Yes I told the doctor she’s coming out and he laughed. She didn’t come out for another 2 months

I’m currently 29 weeks and I’ve been having pressure down there for about 2 weeks now!! It’s normal but I’m ready for it to be over with!!!

Very normal, usually it happens after baby has flipped and turned head down.

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Your baby could be head down. I’m 30 weeks pregnant currently and the pelvic pressure is insane, it’s even hard to lift my legs. But I found that her kicks are in my ribs so she’s head down.

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It really depends. Pressure in the 3rd trimester is normal but it could also be signs of preterm labor. Only you can determine which is which. And if your concerned then I would at least call your ob.

usually just indicative of where baby is sitting, yours probably has recently “Dropped”

Yes and it only gets worse

So normal and so under estimated that shit hurts !!

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Please watch This because it’s not always “normal” as people tend to tell other woman. I had this with my son and he was sitting so low he was going to be coming within 2 days tops at 32 weeks. I was told it was normal and ignored the signs.!

Yep I had pressure like crazy. I was also contracting for months because I was literally back to back. I had my first son 6/3/19 and my second son 5/20/20 :sweat_smile:

The baby is in position. Shouldn’t worry but if you are then talk to your Dr.

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Yep second pregnancy was so bad!!!

I’m 27 weeks n I always have pressure in my vag it’s so annoying

Yup. Normal from what I understand. Hang in there.

Why don’t u just Ask your dr

I did so much from her being so low. It’s normal.

Yes!! Thunder crotch sux!!!

Yup…normal…it sucks though…

This is my 4th full term pregnancy and the first time I’ve dealt with this exact feeling! My midwife said it may be because the muscles are weaker now due to multiple, subsequent pregnancies… Could be because babe is getting bigger and heavier.

Pregnancy belt has been a hugeee relief! :heart:

Normal! I’m 30 weeks with my 5th. Sometimes the baby will move or turn and it will seem as if my stomach grows or shrinks a couple inches, also normal and doesn’t exactly mean the baby has “dropped” yet either.

I had pressure horribly…heating pad became my best friend.

Currently going through the same thing. Its bot bad lying down or sitting but standing and walking its terrible. Im 30 weeks. My Dr said its normal unless it becomes unbearable.

I’ve had it since 26weeks, am now 32 weeks and it’s so uncomfortable. Swear it feels like baby can just fall out, feels that low and heavy right down there lol.

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Idk im all for mom support but I see alot of questions about serious matters on here. I would definitely consult a doctor over random opinions. Every pregnancy is different and what happened to you may not be the case for someone else.

yep. 32 weeks if i walk more than 10 mins or so I get intense pressure down there. my midwife said it’s normal since baby is getting bigger and is in position for birth.

Definitely normal could mean baby is low and getting ready :blush:

Yes I’m 30 weeks and just barely walking around causes alot of pressure

They now have maternity belts that help relieve that pressure.

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Unless it becomes unbearable it is normal

I had it with all 3 of my kids. It’s normal

Ouch I member those days

I have been dealing with this same thing for weeks now, my Dr assures me it’s all a normal part of ‘baby getting ready to come’… this whole pregnancy has been different than my others. If you feel like you need to get checked then go do so, or try to remember at your next appointment.

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This happened to me at 31 weeks but I actually went into preterm labor. If you feel like you need to be checked don’t hesitate love

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As long as baby is still moving, your not having contractions and/or an uncomfortable amount of pain; then you should be fine. I felt it off and on for a long time during my pregnancy with my second child. However with my first child (who came early) it was the first symptom i felt when i went into labor (besides the baby already being in upside down position and lowered movements quite a bit).

Everyone’s pregnancies are different seek proper medical advice. Social media really not the place to look for advice on medical issues
I hope this person is ok.

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Kat Knight any ideas??

That’s normal, it’s called lightning crotch lol but if you feel some type of way about it talk to your ob,congrats and good luck :heart:

It’s not going to get any better😂

Oh my gosh yes. It was almost 7 years ago but it is unforgettable. It got worse toward the end of my pregnancy. I sat on a yoga ball at home or on my knees to keep the pressure off of my vagina. Good luck momma! :purple_heart:

I had it at less then that and it was uncomfortable but normal. Doctor said my baby was sitting low down there.

Is anyone else puzzled over the content on this page? I mean come on, go see a doctor!


Ask your Doctor not strangers


I’m 28 weeks and have pressure they told me it was normal it’s from the baby, yours might be from the baby setting into the heads down position

It’s normal … Your baby might be getting in head down position that’s when I noticed it

Definitely normal :blush: Hang in there, mama!

Very normal. The dr will want to start checking you between 34 and 37 weeks but may sooner if you let them know about the pressure. Should be fine as long as you aren’t contracting. I had it after about 20weeks with all 3 of mine

Its normal…iv had it since about 28/29 weeks…im now 34 weeks with my 6th baby. If its with stomach cramping and/or bleeding or leaking then get checked out

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Totally normal… had it with all 3 kiddos

And why have you not asked you DR about this???

It would be abnormal if you didn’t.

Since 26 weeks here … they like to test their boundaries… early…lol

Normal :sob: I’m on my 3rd pregnancy 26 weeks and it’s bugging me too.

Yes!! Omg im going through that now. 31 weeks and for the last 2 weeks so much pressure. I told my doc at my last visit and she said that since I had 2 kids prior its sometimes just gravity because this child is low low. I hate it

Yes totally normal. My second son was so low the last month that his head alone had me at 5cm that i begged for my ob to ease the pressure and pain. Eventually got induced cuz i had a mental break down at my last appointment due to the intense pressure lol. He wasnt gonna make it out on his own any time soon at the rate i was going.

I’m 35 weeks with my third baby and I’ve personally never experienced vaginal pressure with any of my pregnancies. Only time I’ve ever felt pressure is during delivery.

Sitting on a yoga ball really helps with the pressure

“Lightening crotch” lol

Oh mate, normal as…
I felt like I’d been kicked some days the pressure was so immense.
If in doubt though, seek it out :call_me_hand:

I just gave birth to twins two months ago and I had so much pressure down there and super early on, on top of it…!

Yess this is very normal in pregnancy especially in your in last 10 weeks

Yes I remember so uncomfortable

Google vaginal swelling during pregnancy. It’s happens in about 1/4 of pregnancies by memory. Unfortunately just an uncomfortable side effect for some people. Most professionals will just recommend a cold pack to reduce swelling. Keep an eye out for varicose veins too. Every pregnancy is different so you could have had previous pregnancies without these symptoms but are now finding this one is different. Bub’s like to throw all sorts of little whimsical things at us haha

I thought this was for holidays? If I’m wrong let me know so I can unfollow. This isn’t appropriate. Maybe ask your doctor these questions.

Mama’s uncut is responsible for this page…so that pretty much says it all.

Support belts are made to help w this.