Veggie based dinner ideas

Hey ladies what are your favorite veggie based dinners? I’m trying to incorporate one vegetarian meal a week and all it has been recently is beans and rice. I need some ideas of warm and cold meals to make! I’m open to all suggestions that are not cheesy (my bf thinks cheese is the most disgusting food on the planet lol). I appreciate all suggestions!

Veggie stir fry.
Asian salad.
Fried rice.
Pasta Puttanesca.
Meatless spaghetti.
Veggie pot pie.
Cowboy caviar.
Minestrone soup.
Look up quinoa recipes.
If you don’t mind a little meat, but something loaded with vegetables - Cowboy Soup.

Mushrooms stuffed with artichoke dip, I also add broccoli and bake.
Cauliflower crust pizza
Mexican corn
Fruit kabobs