Venting, cheated on,

Man I feel like I am an idiot and I feel like I am not good enough for my husband… so story time I been married to my husband for 4 years during those 4years we have been on a rough road already we have 4kids together… last year we had been fighting a lot having arguments all the time… well while my husband was out of town he cheated on me with a person we were living with (she to worked in the same company) he lied and lied and lied about everything but my intuition was telling me different at this time we only had 3 but I fell pregnant which brings us to our 4th. I ended up bring his mom into this and tried to get him to open up about it but there stories weren’t adding up mind you I was pregnant so I made my whole family move I gave my husband the choice of coming with or staying with the homewrecker. He chose me and his family.I asked her why she did what she did she tells me I don’t like the way you talk to him. I asked her are you his baby mama are you his wife she said no to both. Then why is it any of your business. She told us to move out right there but it was more directed at me that’s when he was given that choice to move. So anyways I had called his boss told him everything and why my husband is quitting… we moved I was 12 weeks pregnant when we drove to the destination state. Almost lost the baby… but didn’t… now skip forward til now so baby is now almost 6months old. My husband just recently told me after telling me he never slept with her he did sleep with her. He made me feel like I was crazy but I turned out that I was right… then after him telling me he told me he had to tell me so we can “start over” and that I was his soulmate because we went threw alot of shit… I don’t know if I am writing this to vent because he doesn’t wanna talk about this or what because right now I can’t stay out of my head oh also forgot to mention there is a possibility that he fathered a child but not a hundred percent sure due to she was a h*e she was sleeping with 6 dudes including my husband. Worst part is I know her bf that thinks the kid is his should I open that can of worms or just leave it. I am sorry about the long story