Viking baby name ideas?

Baby girl name ideas that start with H? Wanting something strong! We are also Viking so maybe something that goes with that


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Viking baby name ideas?

Name her after a Norse goddess?

Vikings no longer exist, you’re just white :joy:

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Hannelore, Heike, Helga, Hester, Hermione, Helena, Hailey, Hecate, Headley, Hadley, Heidi, Hera, Heather, Hilda, Hillary, Henrietta, Hattie/Hetty, Hippolyta, Hesta,Hope, Hoda, Holly/Hollie, Huma, Hortense/Hortencia, Hyla

Viking is a job title. Maybe look up your heritage better and look at their traditional names of Scandinavian countries.

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I love the name Haven and Hope
Here a are a few, Hazel, Hannah, Hadley, Harmony!