Vitamins for 2 year old?

My kid is becoming such a picky eater lately. Doesn’t want to eat much protein or veggies. I’ve tried almost every type of food, most days he’ll just want yogurt, crackers and water. I’ve tried making him smoothies as well and he doesn’t budge. He still loves his fruits though. Any vitamins I can give him that will replace veggies and protein?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Vitamins for 2 year old?

Flintstones makes jelly-bean vitamins that my almost 3 year old boy thinks are “candy”. Just 3 jelly beans per day and he’s got his vitamins!

Following because my 2 year old just started doing this a week fews ago literally only wants to eat yogurt and fruit :woman_facepalming:

Pedialyte and Pediasure.
Don’t overdue it bc you can have too much of a vitamin. So, one daily, maybe 2 some days should be good.
If you really start to worry, ask his Dr to do a flood workup on his vitamin levels.

Call pediatrician and ask.


Call ur pediatrician and ask or get pediasure

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I would do a childs multivitamin and an extra C and D3 in the winter months.

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You can’t have to much of a vitamin… You will just release it in the bathroom BUT YOU CAN have to much of a mineral and that can really hurt you. Be careful with those!

My kid has been like this since 1.5. She went from eating everything to being a picky eater. Pediasure works wonders.

my 2 3/4 year old son takes the Flintstones gummy vitamins! he thinks they’re a “special candy” that he knows is only once a day with breakfast as he’s a very stubborn eater when he wants to be!

2 year olds do this to see what they can get away with. Mine does this too. My kids get the main meal with a side of veggies and fruit. I don’t serve anything else if they’re hungry they finish it later.


Check out Mary Ruth’s. You can find them on Amazon or the website.


My daughter was so bad I had to put her on toddler milk supplements and then sustagen until she was 11. She had an issue where she didn’t feel hunger.

Mary Ruth liquid I put them in her juice she doesn’t notice

Flintstone gummies !


Talk to his doctor. When my middle child would not eat any veggies the doctor told puree them and mix into things she would eat. Bad eating habbits that we parents allow at a young age destroy health. My mom bribed me with candy and cake to sit quietly and not disturb her, when I was sad I was given sweets, when I was good I was rewarded with sweets, I have battled obesity all of my life because I want to continue what I was taught. Offer healthy foods only if they wont eat it let them go hungry they wont starve


This seasoning is so so sooo tasty, put it on pasta, popcorn, mix in mashed potatoes, rice or macaroni and cheese!

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My doctor actually said I could give my 2 year old children’s vitamins so I bought her the gummies and she loves them. I also recommend smoothies with hidden vegetables.

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I’d chat with the doctors.
If your kid doesn’t have any other underlying condition that may require surgeries then pick anything. I’m only saying this cos my kid had to be off the vitamins 2 weeks before a surgery due to blood thinning in the gummies. :slight_smile: hope this helps

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Let him help you make the smoothies. Play it up that he can make it so much more yummier. Have only healthy choices.

Gummies have yucky stuff in it. How about flinstone chewable? Look how they make gummies.

Switch to Greek yogurt which has more protein and usually a bit less sugar. I used to make my daughter fruity milk which was milk mixed with a few spoonfuls of Greek yogurt for protein and a pouch of stage 2 puréed baby food that was a fruit and vegetable mix. Let her shake it in the sippy cup and she loved it not realizing it had all the nutrients of a full meal.

My son doesn’t eat much during the times he has ritalin(ADHD) o pile up in proteins eg:- up and goes/breakfast milks,yoghurt,thick shakes with milk and ice cream,eggs,can also buy kids protein at health shops and add to shakes.
Or you can do a grazing platter (kids size) and let him nibble throughout the day.
I also did probiotic gummies with fish oil (omega 3),but unless he’s underweight don’t get to concerned,just feed him what he’ll take


Try these! My picky eater won’t even eat Flintstones vitamins but now that I found these I worry much less! I even got the women’s adult ones for myself.

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Give him liquid cod liver oil. Tell him he has to take it since he isn’t getting enough veggies and protein. After the first dose he’ll down veggies and protein like candy. :sweat_smile:


It’s said it takes 7 times introducing food to get a kid to like it. So keep serving foods to see if she changes her mind. Have dinner with other kids or families so she can see others eat lots of different foods without complaining.

Maybe she has trouble digesting? Get acidophilus capsules and empty one in her food or drink at mealtimes as that might help. In any case, it can’t harm her. She might like lukewarm peppermint or ginger teas, which are also good for digestion.

Maybe she is picky about food as a control issue. See if you can give her more control by letting her make more of her own choices, teaching and then letting her do more things by herself, and not being uptight or rigid yourself which can stress your child. You can offer a limited number of choices if you want, like a choice of three clothing items, fun activities or the order of things to do. Bath, brush teeth or pick a book to read first? Grocery store, library or bank first? This park/playground or the other one? Swimming or climbing wall?

Food to try:
My kids would eat several kinds of beans but chick peas were their favorite. Also tofu soaked in apple juice or soy sauce or use whatever liquid or sauce would appeal to her. Both have protein. Nuts are also good. Will she eat peanut butter? How about hummus?

I think Jessica Seinfeld has a cookbook with recipes for sneaking vegetables in food, like putting butternut squash in mac n cheese. I used to hide all kinds of vegetables, either grated or puréed, in spaghetti sauce, used in spaghetti, lasagna or anywhere else you’d use tomato sauce. You can use avocado instead of butter in some cookie and cake recipes, though that’s a fruit, and she’s already good about eating fruit. You can purée veggies in broth with butter and cream and it tastes great. Just tell her it’s cream soup. Maybe try kale chips or shredded carrots as a snack. Or root vegetable or zucchini fries fried in oil or the air fryer. How about cauliflower crust pizza or tofu hot dogs? I liked the Yves brand veggie dogs. Some taste really awful.

If she will eat carbs, get whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and 100% whole grain bread, and sweet potatoes vs. white as they have more nutrients and fiber.

And yoghurt has protein and other nutrients as well as some probiotics so she’s probably OK with the yoghurt. Get the plain yogurt and mix in your own sweetener (fresh fruit, preserves, maple syrup, honey) and decrease the sugar other than the fresh fruit gradually as time goes on. Flavored yoghurt is so full of sugar.

And yes, invite her to plant a vegetable garden and cook with you. She might like spaghetti squash if she can rake it out with a fork. Let her pick vegetables to try on grocery trips. Though that backfired when I told my daughter she could pick any vegetables she wanted from the array at Whole Foods. She looked at me and said, “Ice cream?”

Good luck. Don’t stress. As long as she’s growing, eating something and her doctor’s satisfied with her growth, she’ll be fine. Focus on fun instead of fights over food.

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BTW, with the added hormones, pesticides and antibiotics in most of our meat and poultry in the U.S., she’s probably better off not eating meat! Try some vegetarian recipes. She’ll get amino acids from dairy foods.


My kids had gummy vitamins and Pedialyte, shakes. But not sure how good they are now. Juice, outside sunlight for vitamin d. My kids were healthy, now as teens still healthy.

They have pedisure my kids used to love it

Renzo’s vitamins are dissolvable tablet that have ZERO sugar in them

Plexus has amazing kids vitamins… Without any unnecessary sugar.

Pedia sure sidekicks

If he’s eating fruit I wouldn’t worry overmuch. Yoghurt contains protein and many of the yoghurts aimed at toddlers have added vitamins and minerals in them anyway.

How about some cheese like Colby jack sliced thin

You need to talk to doctor about that or for find more foods that he does like what about cereal

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My son’s pediatrician put him on pediasure. He has one a day. He isn’t picky, he just has phases of not eating enough, so she put him on that.

Does he like applesauce? You can try these…they have fruits and veggies in them. My nephew would not eat fruit or veggies and this was the only way my sister could get him to eat them. And for protein try peanut butter with some whole wheat crackers or ants on the log (celery with peanut butter and raisins).


Definitely check with his pediatrician before you just give him something.
My son was the same way and he still doesn’t like veggies (just carrots) or meat. It could be a texture thing, just keep looking for something he will eat and try to keep putting different foods on his plate, even if you know he won’t eat it.

Kids today are so lucky. We had to eat what was prepared and served. Or…are they so lucky???


Does he like nuts, they have a lot of protein I think.

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My son is 10 and I can’t get him to eat no kind of vegetables so I snuck him some plant based protein breakfast sausage and he had no idea. They even make chicken nuggets made with cauliflower and all sorts of vegetables

Your pediatrician can write a script .most vitamins that are over the counter today are mostly fillers .

Flintstones chewable

They have veggie fries, pasta, etc too

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Keep exposing him. Don’t give up and don’t stop serving it. The exposure alone is teaching him so much!!! It took my kiddo a year before she would finally drink her smoothies. You’re doing amazing. Keep up the great work momma!!:clap::clap::clap:


I’ve grown 4 full sized men… my pickiest eater is 6’3… stop stressing momma!

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I buy fruit and veggie pouches because my son doesn’t like the texture of fruit other than bananas. He’s getting better with veggies. Serve them and say take one bite even if it’s one bean. Now he eats baked beans and black eye peas.

My son is about to be 2. He loves fruits and vegetables and peanut butter and jelly, but that’s about all he eats. They won’t starve themselves. Let them eat what they want to eat when their hungry and if you feel the food they are eating isn’t enough or isn’t what they need in their diet, replace their juice/milk/water… whatever they are drinking throughout the day with a pediasure. They have all different flavors. I also give him a flintstone chewable vitamin. I stressed for so long over his food choices. I’m grateful he loves fruits and vegetables, but I know that’s not all he needs in his diet. His pediatrician suggested the pediasure as one replacement meal throughout the day if he doesn’t eat enough. Although she has never been concerned about him and his eating habits because he has consistently gained weight at every check up. She says as long as he’s gaining (even if it’s just a little bit) and not losing that he’s fine. And again, they won’t starve themselves. I wouldn’t worry unless you are told or can tell your child has a dietary deficiency!

I give my kid the Olly kids multivitamin, and like someone else suggested, the applesauce that has veggies in it and nuts.

Thats how my oldest is lately. Its so frustrating. LOVES his fruits. He’ll eat snacks but actual food is a struggle. I give him pediasure.

Most of the store bought vitamins are junk, especially the gummies. My 2 year old and I like Mary Ruth’s organic vitamins. They’re a liquid so very easy to hide, my little guy likes the taste of them those and wishes he could have more every day lol