Was anyone induced at 35 weeks?

Question to all the beautiful momma’s out there! So I have preeclampsia have any of you had preeclampsia and has a doctor told you okay we are going to do a c-section or induction at 35 weeks so the preeclampsia does not continue to progress/get worse?

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my sister went through that. she had to deliver at 36 weeks bc of it, it was getting worse and after 3 days the doctor refused to let it go on any longer.

my niece is 4 & she’s perfect, she spent like 10 days in NICU & that was mostly to be extra sure she was fine.

Yep I had it, I was in hospital a week prior to be monitored, blood tests twice day than got worse so induced me at 35w, it’s scary times, but go with what they tell you, my organs started show signs of shutting down, goodluck mumma to be

I was induced at 34 weeks. My water broke & 31&6. My son was 5.5 & no nicu time.

I was induced at 36 weeks because he thought something was wrong with my placenta and the baby was loosing weight