Was I in the wrong for telling my friend I did not want to watch her son?

My friend is ALWAYS asking me to watch her kids. She has the extra help (her mom, aunt, uncle, bd, bd’s family). I on the other hand don’t have the extra help. It’s literally just me with a 2 year old and 4 month old. I told her no to watching her son because i simply just don’t feel like dealing with anyone else’s kid. Mind you he is a handful. Now I’m the bad guy for saying no . Oh to add I don’t ask her to keep my kids or anyone for that matter.


Girl. You’re being used clearly. A real friend wouldn’t be like that AT ALL. If anyone is the bad guy here it’s her for her selfish and inconsiderate ways ESPECIALLY if she has more help than you. It’s hard having 2 really young ones I did it alone as well. It. Is. Tiring.


You’re not wrong! you’re not obligated to watch anyone else’s child. You have a handful already with a 2 year old and a 4 month old. That’s too much to ask . It’s not like your kids are a little older and it makes it easier to watch another kid.


Definitely not the bad guy, you have to take care of you and yours first. If you’re stressed or overwhelmed due to babysitting then you’re having that stress for your kids and that’s not good. If that decision makes you happy then stick to it❤️


She’s just mad you finally said no. You were being taken advantage of. I don’t blame you.


She’s mad bc she’s using you. I wouldn’t ever watch her kid again. Tell her to have someone else do it from now on if this is how she’s going to he when you say no. Watch how fast she’ll stop talking to you all together.


Sounds like your friend isnt really your friend


Not wrong at all. You’d be wrong to yourself to say yes


To bad everyone has the right to say no. Just remember that when you might need a sitter.

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No those are called boundaries


No way your not in the wrong. A friend wouldn’t get mad if you said no. She is not a friend.


No. Your friend is using you and is now pissed that you are not being her doormat. BTW… shes not your friend.


Never feel guilty for saying no when it’s protecting your boundaries.


I wouldn’t watch someine elses children if mine were so small


You are in the right!! Don’t feel bad…setting boundaries is good…don’t watch her kid anymore…

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You are not in the wrong at all. Definitely not the bad guy.

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Dont let people make you feel guilty for saying no

I’d be like I want min wage an hr if you insist on guilting me into it - if she ever convinces it to do it in future. That’s hound stop her. Oh and pay up front and have a back up number for bd if more than 15 late.

Your not wrong she’s an a-hole. I wouldn’t even ask one of my friends to baby sit when they already have a toddler and baby to deal with alone.

Girl F her if she can get mad that you don’t want to watch HER child, then she was Never a real friend.

Nope. Sounds like your “friend” is arrogant btch. Id drop that like a hot coal.

Nope tell her to fuck off

Now you know who your real friends are not!! Keep saying.no!!!

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Good for you for setting some boundaries and saying no. Sounds more like she’s only friends with you for one reason - to be her babysitter.