Was I in the wrong?

So I need some insight and advice for the situation. A little bit of a backstory as I was talking to someone for about two months who I’ve known for four years. He has one daughter and his baby mama and daughter moved out of California to Washington for a better life and then move to Arizona. Well he always goes and visits them and make sure used to send the money every month. He is very close with his baby mama and recently she told him she was pregnant and pushing her current boyfriend away and all of this stuff. Well anyways they were in town this past week and weekend, he got her one of the days during the week and he was supposed to get her on Sunday and go to Knotts berry farm. Because he lives in Orange County. Welcome Sunday morning he had told me his baby mama never texted him back on Saturday, he was trying to confirm plans for Sunday. We had talked on the phone that morning and he said if he didn’t get the baby he would come see me because I live a few hours away from him. Well all of a sudden she text him that she thinks it’ll be too hot for him to take her to Knotsberry farm, but then later goes on to say that she’s in the ER but she doesn’t want to say why and if she wants to see the baby he can talk to her parents. So I got upset and was defending him and saying that it’s crappy that she acted like that toward you because she can text him that it’s too hot to go to knots but not make other plans and then try to say oh I’m in the ER. But supposedly they are really close and really good friends and then I find out he stays with them when he goes to visit his kid in Arizona so that upset me because he’s never told me that the whole time we’ve been friends. Now I am the bad guy and I am in the wrong.