Was I in the wrong?

So I made a TikTok about my husband exShe was never a wife and only together a few months. I met him 5 years after they broke up they shared zero children or property. And we recently got married after dating for 3 years and 2 sons we have discovered she’s now using his surname and the titles mrs ——It’s so weird Man! So I made a TikTok calling her crazy asf to me that’s not normal Now I’ve been asked by my sister in law to remove it due to her just being in a weird places?! Like ummm no it’s weird she’s cut her hair like mine with bangs and colored it blonde (I’m a natural) She’s Asian with super dark hair originally (I wish my hair looked good that color it doesn’t). My sister is law has a hard on for her I swear she always mention her and defending her strange behavior They were not friends during the relationship and actually hated one another but now my sister in law hangs out with her and has sleep overs It’s so weird she makes it so awkward for me to have a relationship with her