Was I wrong for calling the cops on my sons friend?

My 15 year old son had a sleepover with a friend from school…during the night this child snuck out of my house and broke into my neighbors house…he stole a few things and damaged their window getting in…when he snuck out my 15 year old came to tell me because his friend tried to get him to go and he refused…his friend came back to my house about 10 mins later with stolen items from my neighbors house and I called the cops…my neighbor is my best friend and I was livid…the kids dad came to pick him up and chewed me out because I called the cops and his son had to go to jail…was I wrong for doing this? I felt like I did the right thing here…


Be proud that your son told you what was happening… I know I would be… And second you did the right thing by calling the cops… That kid would no longer be allowed in my home after that


You are not wrong at all. You are raising a good young man. That dad… Not so much. That behaviour needs to be nipped in the Bud right there and maybe getting arrested may have hopefully helped him change his path… one can hope anyways.


You’re definitely in the right. That dad is raising a bad child and is approving of his delinquent behavior. You should be proud your son said no, though! Means you’re raising him correctly. And the fact he trusts you enough to come talk to you is awesome. :heart: but no don’t feel bad for calling the cops you did the right thing.


No way! You did the right thing. His father should be thanking you for reaching his son a lesson because obviously he hasn’t brought him up to know what’s right and wrong.


Absolutely not!! The dad not being mad at the sun is why the sun did it! He’s not had consequences in his life!

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No. You are not wrong. His actions, his consequences. He needs to learn that daddy can’t get him out of consequences in the real world. Obviously he has done this before. I’m soooo happy your son came to you and told you what happened. Good job at raising him right Momma!!! :heart:


You did absolutely nothing wrong. I would have done the same thing. I would also ensure you praise your son for being honest with you and keep that communication very strong… That father omfg, seriously this is what is wrong with the world. Parents refusing to believe their kids are anything but angels. Refusing to be the parent instead of friend. Not punishing when they do something bad. Next step, work on having your son make better friend choices. Kudos to you mom for making a tough call


Kids are getting shot for even being near people’s houses, you did the right thing and hopefully he learns his lesson.

You did the right thing. In some states if you are aware of a crime and withhold information about it then you could be held accountable. His father had no right to be angry with you. If anything he should be apologetic for his son’s behavior. It seems like his son may have done something like this before. Great job you got this Mama.

You did the right thing. The dad is in the wrong for chewing you out but I guarantee this isn’t the first time that your sons friend has been in trouble with the law. Your son also did the right thing but I would be keeping an eye on your son because the other kid might take revenge or bully or threaten your child because he knows your son snitched on him. The dad can go to hell honestly and learn to be a better parent. He might also be mad because they might be taking items to sell them Also for money so dad might be involved in this also.

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I would do that same thing you did , u may of saved him from a life time in jail


You did what you should have done. It’s stop him from doing it now or maybe see him in jail later on for something worse.

You’ve done the right thing


You know u did the right thing.

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You were so right to do that

WTF that kids trouble. Tell your son to find a new friend. Dam straight you did the right thing and the father needs a slapping with the jandal! He’s in big trouble, his son is gonna be a criminal!

You ABSOLUTELY did the right thing!!!

You did the right thing. Much peace and love ☆

No you were absolutely right.

No way! You did the right thing! And good job with your son-refusing to participate and telling you, that says A LOT about you as parent :heart:


He broke the law their os consequences maybe the father needs to work on his parenting skills


A lesson better learned under the age of 18. Hopefully he won’t do the same and go to jail as an adult. Honestly if my kid did that, I’d hope they’d call the cops. Like if you gave me a courtesy call first, I’d tell you to call the cops but I’d appreciate the heads up.


Completely the right thing! You took the guesswork out of it for yourself and let the authorities handle it. If it had been a stranger, you would have done the same thing. The fact that the kid at your party broke the law and you reported it, is completely justified! Proud mama moment with your son’s reaction at such a tough age too!:muscle:t3:


Am I the only one who disagrees here? What she did wasn’t wrong but I definitely wouldn’t have called the cops on my sons friend. Maybe because I did this as a teen and my friends mom didn’t call the cops either but had me clean her dirty POOP filled house for two days… she decided to give me a second chance… that was her choice. This was yours :woman_shrugging:

You are not in the wrong. His father is definitely wrong for coming at you. His son was wrong and he is exactly why these kids think they can just do or take anything they want. My mother called the cops on my brothers and cousins after finding a bunch of stolen items from a flea market they had broken into the night before. The detective told my mom she was lucky she did because they were seen and they knew the stuff was at our house. They said she could have also been charged for the stolen goods because they were coming with a search warrant. My mom did what was right and one of my brothers ended up in a detention center for a few weeks. My brothers never got in trouble again.

No you are correct!!! You are a decent responsible adult, which we need more of!!!
I would be so happy to call you a friend. That boy needs help, and the father to trying to cover his sons actions. Good job momma! And your son being honest even better :heart:

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Sadly some parents defend their kids of their wrongdoings :disappointed: you DID the right thing !

No actually shame on that Dad you should have never jumped onto you for calling the cops he should be jumping onto his kid for going and stealing and breaking into somebody’s house. Maybe if he did go to jail for a couple days he’d stop stealing and maybe he’ll learn something.

Nope. You were NOT wrong at all. I wouldn’t even allow that child back to my house anymore. I wouldn’t let my son hang with him anymore.

You are not wrong at all, both you and your son did the right thing. Praise your son for coming to you and being honest!

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You were not wrong. The kid broke the law and should pay the consequences for it. Clearly by his dad’s words to you. There would not have been significant consequences for what the kid. Maybe just maybe you might have actually helped this kid… time will tell. And let me also give a shout out to your son for doing the right thing. Clearly you are raising him right. So don’t doubt yourself.

Nope. The fact that dad got upset with you and not child makes me think that this is not the first time something like this has happened. Kid needs to learn a lesson. Kudos to your son for not joining and letting you know. You are raising a good kid.


You absolutely did the right thing, and so did your son when he told you about his friend sneaking out! Kids are hardly ever being held accountable for their actions anymore, and the parents obviously contribute to them never having to deal with consequences of those actions.

you and your son did right and the other kid if his father doesn’t step up and control his kid the child is going nowhere in life if it’s always someone else fault


OMG…no you are not wrong at all, and obviously are teaching your son well…good job on your son doing the right thing and telling you. The other boys fathers reaction explains alot about why the boy does stuff like that.

You did the right thing.

The only other thing I would add is that ( that I haven’t seen) you have to live next door to these people, and your friend knows without a doubt that you got her back.


Right thing to do. Hopefully the young man and his father will realize that you made the right decision.


I would cut the dad a little bit of slack. He was probably really embarrassed and upset and angry at his son, and took it out on you. You did the right thing, I wouldn’t worry about it.

You are absolutely in the right. Good job and great judgement on your kiddos part. It is sad that the dad couldn’t see that you were doing the correct thing.

Best thing you could have done for that young man

I’d all the cops on my own kids for doing dumb shit like that

You did the right thing. And your son is a good kid. You’ve done well as a parent and clearly the father of the other child has not.

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You weren’t wrong for calling the police.

However with the way this is written it does sound like you waited until dad came to pick his kid up to tell them what had happened.
{{I could be misreading this and if I am, then I apologize}}
If that’s the case that part was wrong.
You should have called/informed the parents immediately after calling the police.
Yes, the kid broke the law. He deserved to have the police involved. No argument. No question.
However, the parents had a right to know immediately by you, not hours after the fact.
Thier child was left in your care.
When you passed that care to police custody (for good reason) the parents had a right to be informed by you immediately.

As a mom I wouldn’t be upset if you called the police in this situation I would however be LIVID if you didn’t call me immediately afterwards though.
I think if the shoe was on the other foot you’d probably feel similarly.

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The dad was just mad, because he doesn’t want to look bad, once people find out. This makes me wonder what the kid does, when he’s at home. His dad obviously doesn’t care. I’m willing to bet this isn’t his first crime. You did the right thing!

He was under your care at the time so I’d say you did the right thing.

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Right on mom. You raised your son correctly, Be proud that he came to you! You were right, Nip that crap in the bud!! Before he blooms into a full time thief. You can bet it wasn’t his first time and daddy knows this. It starts at home, stealing little things off dad dresser/wallet or out of moms jewelry box or her purse!!

That father instead should have been apologizing to you for all the chaos his son involved you & your son in. Instead he’s angry at you?Shame on him… some people.

You were 100% right!!! All actions have consequences


So the kids father wanted you to be silent about the break-in, lie to your best friend, lie to the police who would respond to the burglary, and pretend to your child that burglary is ok if its your friend who’s doing it? he wasnt asking much was he ?

Wow,… you did the right thing.
The only thing different I would have done would have been calling his parents after calling the police department… I would be irritated to have shown up somewhere my child was supposed to be and find out the next day he had been arrested without my knowledge.

You absolutely did the right thing, this was robbery, not kids being kids! That parent should have thanked you!

You did the right thing , clearly this Dad , doesn’t seem to care about what his child is doing. I have two Grandchildren living with me and they said they would rather go to jail than come home to me , if they did something wrong! I don’t touch them but , no using my cars , I do things of that nature

You were definitely not wrong here! You did the right thing and definitely be proud of your son! You definitely did a good job raising him!

Not in the wrong and the way the dad acted sounds like he is not one for parenting and let’s the kid do whatever. Bad thing is I hope your son is ready to handle the aftermath and his other friends are better than the one and won’t fall into the getting bullied. I hate to say but that age it’s rough and kids are mean.

You done the right thing and your son did right to bye telling you the dad is the one in the wrong he needs to go to jail to

Not wrong at all don’t feel bad about it and your son was in right to tell you especially when the other kid tries to get your son to go

Thank you for doing the right thing, hopefully this child learns something from it before they go too far down the wrong path.

Make sure your child doesn’t get bullied now by all cost for calling the the cops and getting that child arrested -

That’s exactly what a responsible adult would do. His parents are probably those don’t do it again Billy parents n that is why this generation has not one bit ir respect. You did the right thing

You were absolutely in the right. Good for you.

I hope that your son learn a lesson to who should be his friend. I think you did the right thing.

You did the right thing and good on your kid for not following. He did the right thing too.

You were absolutely right. That kid won’t be hanging around your son anymore

No the kids needs to learn. His dad more then likely nows how his son is and just dose not care. So hopefully that boy leans something and never dose it again

You were not wrong, this is a huge part of what’s wrong. Not holding anyone to accountability.

NTA. Kid needed to understand consequences. He’s still a minor so he has time to get straight albeit the hard way!

His Dads behavior explains the his behavior.

Nope, not wrong. I would have done the same thing!

You were completely right. And keep that delinquent far away from your son.

You were not wrong…period!
To no fault of yours this more than likely won’t be the last time.

You did everything right. I applaud you and your son.

You were right to call the cops

Ummm no u did exactly what u needed to do…kudos to your son u r teaching well…and time to ditch friend…

Man, he did what he did. That’s on him. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

You were in the right your son dint need friends like that

You did do the right thing

No you did the right thing

You did the right thing. The difference between you and the boys dad is you are patenting your kid right and he is failing as a parent. His son broke the law.

Not wrong at all!!! You did the only right thing. Of course the dad is mad. The child likely learned to violate others homes from him. Now the child & he has to face the consequences. You know someone doesn’t know right from wrong when they blame the victim or person who reported their child’s actions instead of being angry at the child & holding them accountable.

Not only wrong vs right but by him bringing the stolen items into your home he made you & your son accessories after the fact. If you didn’t call you could be charged as well.

Nope. You did the right thing. Breaking the law has real life consequences and no one is going to be there when that child is an adult to save them so they might as well start learning this lesson now. Good on your son for refusing to participate. That dad should also be apologizing to you for having to put you in that situation to begin with.

Not wrong at all. And that parent has a long road ahead of them :pensive:. Chewed you out? They chewed out the wrong person. I can’t even believe they were upset with you. I’d be utterly embarrassed if I were them, apologizing and making it right somehow.


That’s horrible you did the right thing. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I’m sure his parents are dishonest also.

No he needed to learn a lesson

Absolutely the right thing to do

No You were not wrong because you could have been charged with possession of stolen property if you didn’t call . The father was wrong to yell at you for calling the police.

You did the right thing by all means because if you hid it then not only is that rude against your neighbor (best friend or not) but you go down by association.

Oh hell no you should’ve slapped his dad

I was a theif and the only thing that stopped me was getting arrested at 16, charged and being forced to do a youth diversion course

You definitely did the right thing don’t even question what you did. That dirty little prick deserved it…

Yes u did he needs to learn now that can lead to going to prison one day he could be shot and killed

Hell no u did the right thing

NTA. His 15 Years Old. He knows that it’s a crime to steal from other people. Sounds like the kids parents just let him get away with it and now he can finally have the help he needs to know that it’s wrong.

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You did the right thing do not feel guilty.

Absolutely did the right thing

You did the right thing ! His parenting comes into question!

You were absolutely in the righT

Nope. You did the right thing

Nah !!! You did the right thing

Nope you did the right thing