Was my pregnancy test normal?

I found out I was pregnant 2 days ago. Going off my last period I am almost 10 weeks. My cycle is very irregular, so I just thought I had skipped another period. Anyway, my test showed up positive as soon as it started processing and the line was really dark, darker than the control line. I took 2 more test today, just for comfort, and I noticed one of my test lines wasn’t as dark as my other tests. Granted it was still dark, just not as dark. Now I have convinced myself I’m having a miscarriage. So, is it normal for the color of the lines to not be as prominent? Am I just making myself crazy? My first appointment isn’t for another almost 2 weeks. Thanks.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Was my pregnancy test normal?

It’s coming normal. Congratulations!

It don’t matter how light or how dark, if there’s a line then you pregnant…


Different times of the day perhaps, maybe Different test? If you feel threatened by a miscarriage, please seek e.r

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Directions on most usually say “it is a positive test even if one of the lines is faint” or something along those lines. If you’re really worried, go get seen! :relaxed:

Im 10 weeks also… all those tests are going to be different. If your that worried go to e.r and get ultrasound I’ve had 2 because of hypermesis gravidum. They will check for heartbeat

Yes, it can also depend on the time of day.

You are fine. Just pregnant.

The shade of the line varies on brand & manufacturing. Not safety of your pregnancy-your good.


Save yourself the fear and just use digital tests! It’s either yes or no! There is no inbetween


You’re making yourself crazy. You’re pregnant


Go and see your doctor ASAP or go to hospital these things can’t really wait

Very normal. Depending on your liquid intake your urine could be stronger or diluted. Also after a while the hormones start to level out more which can cause fainter lines. About 12 weeks is when morning sickness subsides for the same reason. The test themselves could also just not show as much. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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It could depend on the time of day you took it. Or how much you had to drink one day versus the other. Please don’t stress about it. I am sure your little one is doing just fine!


your urine couldve diluted or if you drank a lot of fluids or water prior to testing it can cause a faint line. No matter the lightness or darkness of the line, it still indicates that you have HCG in your system which definitely means you are preggo. I would test again in 2-3 days and see how it looks then, if it is still light and causing you stress and worry, i’d contact a Dr to put your mind and body at ease.

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Depends on the time of day you take the test. The hormone level is higher first thing in the morning. So always try to test with the first urination.


Your levels are higher in the morning pee because you just woke up and all, and can be lower during the day and so it won’t make the test as dark.

Absolutely normal as HCG is higher in concentrate the longer it’s been since you last emptied your bladder :relaxed: don’t worry at all… not even 1 bit! Absolutely perfectly normal :sparkling_heart:


Yes, this is normal. Stop taking tests and try to relax. Congrats!


Your hormone levels are different at different times of the day. It’s normal.

You’re making yourself crazy. The darkness of the line doesn’t matter

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Always do the test in the morning, drinking lots of fluid before doing one can make the line not as dark too

Depending on how high your hcg is, it could be the hook effect. Which is when hcg is so high, it causes the test to be negative. The only time my lines have gotten lighter was during early miscarriages (before 5 weeks) so try not to stress too much :two_hearts: congratulations!

Go to your health department it’s free and will tell you 100% yes or no

I took multiple tests and the lines changed with everyone. Some were dark some weren’t. I had my son 2 weeks ago

It’s normal. Just take a breath and try not to stress.

These lines are not an exact science. Please stop testing and stressing. You got a positive result regardless of the colour. Congratulations on your pregnancy :heartpulse:


Sometimes tests arw faulty or your urine was diluted. The best time to do a test is right when you wake up. The hormone levels thats are twated for are uigh during that time because it is less dilutes

I don’t think the darkness of the line matters.

If you’re worried, go get an early scan, they aren’t expensive and will put your mind at ease :heart:

I wouldn’t worry about the line unless you’re experiencing bleeding?

It’s very normal. Just relax. All is well.


Congrats on your little :peanuts::footprints::baby_bottle:

Could be time of day, or how much you drank, or the hook effect if it’s too high.

Go to the dr if your worried

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Unless you start bleeding your not having a miscarriage. Its normal to spot while pregnant too.

Momma you’re so lucky to have no morning sickness! I was miserable from week 5 until week 15. :weary:

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Read the box! If you have a positive test no matter how faint or dark the lines are it’s still a positive. It even says in the box that the darkness of one line means nothing if it’s positive it’s positive

Hcg level changes through out the day. Best time to take a test is very first morning urine as that has the highest level of HCG. I wouldn’t stress yourself out at this time. Plus stress isn’t good for the body. This is normal.

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If it says your positive in that area…then your pregnant